NJWEA 2015 Conference Biosolids Session

A Brief History of the State of Sludge in Cape May County, New Jersey

Bill Cathcart

The REAL Philadelphia Story – Committing to Aggressive Industrial Discharge Control

Bill Toffey

Remember Ocean Dumping? And how we ended the program?

Frank Senske

Sludge Management Plans 1970 to 1991 – Idealism vs Realism

Helen Pettit

Two Bridges Sewerage Authority: Incineration Story from Start to Finish

Ernie DeGraw

From Ocean to Land: A Nostalgic Look Back

Al Jacobs

The Adventure To Becoming the State’s “Greenest” Water Resource Recovery Facility

Dennis Palmer

Sewage Sludge Management: A look back and at what’s around the corner

Tony Pilawski

Standing at a Crossroads: Biosolids Management Decisions in the Face of an Uncertain Future

Matt Van Horne

The Future of Waste Management: Innovation and Resiliency are Necessary for New Jersey

Chris Harris & Joe Pantelone

Starting with the Interstate Sanitation Commission: What Have We Learned in Forty Years?

John Donovan