New Jersey Water Environment Association 2016

Current Regulatory Topics in New Jersey

Tony Pilawski, Section Chief, Bureau of Pretreatment and Residuals, NJDEP

Impact of Orthophosphates on Achievable Dry Cake Solids Concentrations and Polymer Consumption

Gerhard Forstner, President, CNP—Technology Water and Biosolids Corp.

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Optimizing the Performance of Anaerobic Digestion

Bob Forbes, Senior Technologist, CH2M

Regionalized Service for Accepting Organic Wastes, Septage and Sludges

Michael Mecca, Liquid Waste Acceptance Administrator, Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission and Carlos Torres, Liquid Waste Acceptance Lead Inspector, Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission

From Incinerators to Digesters – The Case for GCUA, David Hilbmann, Manager of Operations, Gloucester County Utilities Authority

Danielle Farrell, Project Engineer, Remington & Vernick

Digestibility Assessment of Potential Feedstocks for Co-Digestion in Anaerobic Digesters —the GCUA Evaluation

Metin Duran, Professor, Villanova University

Thermal Hydrolysis for Expanded Solids Handling Capacity—The HRSD Atlantic Treatment Plant Case

Stephanie Spalding, Project Manager, HDR

How to Maximize Polymer Value for Improved Solids Dewatering

Yong Kim, PhD, Technical Director, UGSI Chemical Feed

Leveraging the Framework of the Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System for Design of a Wastewater Project

Norman Bradley, PE, Senior Associate, Hazen & Sawyer

Forms of Procurement for Innovative Biosolids Technologies Development

Ryan Lemli, Regional Sales Manager, Veolia Water

Thermal Conversion of Biosolids to Energy and Biochar

Steve Wirtel, PE, Executive Vice President, KORE Infrastructure