MABA 2016 Summer Technical Symposium


Revolutionary Innovations in Biosolids Processing and Utilization

Bill Toffey, Mid Atlantic Biosolids Association

Acid Phase Reactor Startup and Commissioning

Maia Tatinclaux and Duane Hunt, City of Baltimore

The Beauty of Independence

Kelly Brown, BDP Industries

Six Aerobic Digestion Case Studies

Bryen Woo, Ovivo

Monsal Biological Hydrolysis

Nicholas Bonkoski, GE Power, Water Technologies

Biosolids at Back River WWTP

Mike Gallagher – City of Baltimore

Biosolids for Reclamation of Degraded Landscape as a High Value Use

Mike Nicholson, WeCare Organics

Composting Back River Biosolids

John Myers – Consultant

Biosolids Regulations: The 25 Year History of Sound Science

Dr. Rufus Chaney

The Charge for Future Biosolids Regulations

Robert Bastian, EPA

Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Region Regulatory Update

Lisa Ochsenhirt, AquaLaw

Air Prex Phosphorus Removal

Gerhard Fostner, CNP AirPrex

Implementation and Operation of the BioSet Advanced Alkaline Stabilization Process

Tony Barbagallo, Casella Organics

Thermal Drying at Back River

Joe Hurt, Manager, Synagro Baltimore Pelletech

Assessing the Effects of Amending Urban Soils with Various Biosolids Blends and the Response of Turfgrass Establishment

Mike Badzmierowski, Virginia Tech

Process Configurations for Implementing Thermal Hydrolysis to Reach Your Solids Handling Objectives

Stephanie Spalding, HDR

Proven Post Digestion Hydrolysis Process Provides Multiple Benefits

Bill Mullin, Lystek

Sustainable Innovations in Biosolids Management

Fred Mussari, BCR Environmental

PWTech Volute Press Dewatering

Alex Davey, Envirep

Rethinking Anaerobic Digestion to Complement 21st Century Drivers

Dr. Bill Barber, AECOM

Achieving 95%+ Phosphorus Extraction and Recovery from Biosolids Using the Quick Wash Process

Mike Schmid, Renewable Nutrients


SLG Solids Pretreatment

Dr. Mohammad Abu-Orf,Hazen and Sawyer