Biosolids Newsclips 6-7-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Synagro Sewage Sludge Treatment Plant is Back Before Township
Plainfield Township, NY (5/28/18) - Plainfield Township officials are working toward making a decision by August 31, 2018, on whether to approve the construction of Synagro’s Slate Belt Heat Recovery Center.

Bio-Energy Project to Save More Than $3M for Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Laurel, MD (5/18/18) - Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) Commissioners approved the first phase of a $250 million project to build and design the Piscataway Bio-Energy Projected at the Piscataway Water Resource Recovery Facility. The first phase is to allow WSSC to begin design and early construction of the facility. “The new facility will reduce the amount of biosolids left over from the treatment process and the remaining solids will be a Class A material.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Febreze Freshens Up Alabama Town After Poop Train Rolls On
Parrish, AL (5/17/18) - With the train carts filled with biosolids gone from Parrish, a van carrying Febreze air fresheners passed out free samples to people in the town.
Febreze Presents: Breathe Happy, Parrish

Students to Make Presentation on Biosolids in Stevenson Tuesday Night
Stevenson, AL (5/21/18) - A group of middle school students that have conducted research on biosolids plan to present their findings of the pros and cons of land application at their schools auditorium. Local residents have been fighting to get biosolids out of their community and the students point to their research as an additional source showing the hazards of biosolids.

Omaha Produces a Lot of Sewage Sludge. Should it be Composted? An Entrepreneur Thinks So
Omaha, NE (5/23/18) - The City of Omaha is currently producing a compost fertilizer using yard waste from the city and is paying to have its biosolids stored and applied on local farms. Andy Harpenau, founder of Soil Dynamics in Gretna, said the city should consider mixing sludge with yard waste to make a product that he says would be better than the city-made Oma-Gro compost. It is an opportune time for this topic to be discussed considering the City of Omaha is now looking at what to ask for under its next waste collection contract. This contract will determine how yard waste and garbage will be collected for the next decade.
Entrepreneur Proposes Sludge-Yard Waste Compost for Omaha

Cambridge, Mass., Mixes Food Waste With Sewage Sludge
Cambridge, MA (5/23/18) - The city of Cambridge mixes a portion of food scraps pulled from its Curbside Composting program with sewage sludge at the Greater Lawrence Sanitary District wastewater treatment plant. The combination of food and sludge is anaerobically digested to produce methane and the resulting material is dried and made into a pellet fertilizer. Some residents feel the city is being dishonest by not composting all of the food scraps and using them in producing a fertilizer they claim to be toxic.

Plans Move Forward for Alton's Resource Recover Center, Now Named 'Alton Organic Energy'
Alton, IL (5/25/18) - City of Alton is moving forward with its renamed facility Alton Organic Energy that they plan to develop into a regional operation. “It is projected that Alton Organic Energy will accept and digest approximately 550 tons per day of substrates. The gas that is produced at the facility will offset the use of about 7,700 gallons of diesel fuel every day. The facility will serve as a model for future waste-to-energy projects looking to utilize municipal biosolids, animal manure, and other cellulosic wastes as a substrate for energy generation.”

Residents Opposed to Mason 'Septic Lagoon' Despite State Paving Way for Approval
Union, WA (6/1/18) - “Bio Recycling is awaiting a permit approval from Mason County and the Department of Ecology to move forward with plans to build a double-lined lagoon to store treated biosolids, amid outcry from community members.” Ecology and Mason County released a response to the comments in mid-May, noting that many of the concerns raised through public comment have been addressed or are irrelevant. Bio Recycling produces a Class B biosolid that is sprayed on their 293-acre site year-round. The lagoon will help store treated wastewater and septage for winter months.

Is Blue Cypress Lake phosphorus pollution from Pressley Ranch's biosolids?
Blue Cypress Lake, FL (6/1/18) - Several environmentalists claim that a lake close to a ranch is being polluted by runoff caused by land applied biosolids. The watershed has seen an increase in biosolids applications since application was banned in other nearby river basins. There is no direct link showing that biosolids are causing the increase in phosphorus.
Blue Cypress Lake, Indian River Lagoon Being Impaired by Human Waste | Guest Column

Two Harbors Looks to Future of Wastewater Treatment Facility
Two Harbors, MN (6/1/18) - Two Harbors City Council held a public hearing recently, to present information on the wastewater treatment facility plan. The plan, presented by Brian Guldan, environmental project engineer at Bolton and Menk, and Luke Heikkila, Two Harbors water and wastewater plant superintendent, focuses on changes to biosolids handling and ways to address the plants ability to limit nitrogen. This article presents the 5 options planners are considering.

Biosolids Pose Risk
Waxahachie, TX (6/2/18) - Craig Monk suggests the use of biosolids is motivated by corporate greed.

State Regulators OK $6 Million Stevens Point Water and Sewer Office Project
Madison, WI (6/5/18) - State regulators have given Stevens Point approval to build new office and storage space that will begin a series of changes for the city’s water and sewer departments. The new constructions will give the plant the capacity to convert an existing building to the sewer utility’s biosolids operations, where sewage, now 97 percent liquid and land spread, will be dried to nearly 99 percent solid and given away.

News From Abroad

Irish Water Applies to Upgrade Ringsend Treatment Plant
Dublin, Ireland (6/6/18) - Irish Water is upgrading the Ringsend waste water treatment plant in Dublin. The upgrades will include introducing an aerobic granular sludge technology to produce a biosolids that can be land applied.

Albury Council Selects Synergy Resource Management to Dispose of Biosolids from Kremur Street wastewater Treatment Plant
Albury, New South Wales, Australia (5/29/18) - Albury Council selected Synergy Resource Management’s plans to build a fully enclosed shed at the Waterview facility where it proposes to store, dry and further stabilise their biosolid product before being re-used at several undisclosed farming sites in the region.

Severn Trent’s £60M Plant Becoming Operational
Midlands and mid-Wales, England (5/30/18) - Severn Trent’s new thermal hydrolysis plant is starting to become operational. The plant treats wastewater for eight million people across the Midlands and mid-Wales, with 100 tonnes of sludge being processed on a daily basis. The facility produces both power for use in the works and gas for injection into the national grid and a treated sludge that can be dried and then applied to agricultural fields as fertilizer.

What Farmers Need To Do To Use Sewage Sludge Safely
United Kingdom (6/1/18) - This article shares useful links and general guidelines that farmers interested in land applying biosolids should know.

Letter: Problem with Biosolids is Pharmaceutical Drugs, Heavy Metals and More
Kamloops, BC, Canada (5/20/18) - This letter to the editor argues pollutants are the biggest issues with biosolids, not odor.

We Have No Idea How Much Microplastic is in Australia's Soil (But it Could Be a Lot)
Australia (5/21/18) - “Norwegian research estimates that in Europe and North America, between 110,000 and 730,000 tonnes of microplastic are transferred to agricultural soils each year.” This article looks at what is known, and some questions that need to be answered.

Barnhartvale Residents Warned About Next Spread of Biosolids
Barnhartvale, BC, Canada (5/22/18) - “City of Kamloops contractor Sylvis will be spreading biosolids in Barnhartvale near the end of the month and the city is warning residents about odour from the final application.” This is the last scheduled land application in the region, as of now. The Ministry of Environment is reviewing the organics matter recycling regulation governing the use of biosolids in B.C., with proposed changes expected this summer.
No New Biosolids Will Be Trucked in, Barnhartvale Residents Told
Biosolids Company Seeking Permit

Biosolids Newsclips 5-18-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Santabarbara Introduces Sewage Sludge Facility Legislation
Fultonville, NY (5/11/18) - New York State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara continues to push for increased regulations on sewage sludge facilities. Santabarbara introduced new legislation, that if passed, will require the state Department of Environmental Conservation — in cooperation with the Department of Health — to immediately undertake a review of potential environmental and health risks associated with biosolid sewage sludge processing facilities.
The bill would also require “DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos to prepare and deliver a report to the New York State Legislature that includes the latest data, research and studies along with its findings and recommendations. The bill calls for a one-year moratorium to complete the report with additional one year extensions as needed.”

New from Beyond the MABA Region

St. Petersburg City Council Learns Nothing Solid About Biosolids
St. Petersburg, FL (5/4/18) - The city of St. Petersburg has planned to convert wastewater byproducts into methane gas at the Southwest Water Reclamation Facility. That biogas would then be integrated into the natural gas distribution system for TECO Peoples Gas. The utility planned to set up infrastructure so the city could then use this byproduct to power its sanitation trucks and the Southwest sewage plant. Since this original plan with a completion date set for April 2019, many uncertainties have been discovered with the feasibility of the project and the saving they predicted.

Rep. Tommy Hanes Says He’s Drafting a New Bill on the Usage, Transportation of Biosolids from Out-of-State
Jackson County, AL (5/4/18) - Congressmen in Alabama are fighting to get the use of biosolids on an election ballot. State Representative Tommy Hanes, R- Scottsboro, proposed a bill that would let the voters decide on biosolids use the passed through the house, and Senate committee meeting, but the bill was moved and was never voted on. “Representative Hanes said his new goal is for the state to vote on the usage of biosolids and if other states are able to transport their waste to Alabama. He says this new bill will be drafted for legislative session next year. If it passes through, it would be two years before the bill would be placed on the ballot.”

Why You’re Not Likely to Read News Reports of a Minnesota Poop Train Stranded in Alabama
Minnesota (5/7/18) - According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency there are no reported freighters transporting biosolids out of the state. Instead  61 percent of biosolids are incinerated, 21 percent are used as farm fertilizer and 18 percent are landfilled. “While there are a few agreements for using poop as fertilizer across state lines, such as in Wisconsin, the majority of biosolids generated in Minnesota are are managed or reused here, says Sherry Bock, biosolids program coordinator for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Is Your Food Grown In Sewage Sludge? Here’s How To Avoid It
Alternative Daily (5/8/18) - This anti-beneficial biosolids use piece raises the common concerns involving land application of biosolids.

Is It Really Safe to Eat Food Grown in Urban Gardens?
TreeHugger (5/14/18) - An aspiring urban gardner interviews Cornell University professor Murray McBride, Robert Hale from Yale University and University of Washington professor Sally Brown to find out what is in biosolids and to determine if there is any need to be worried about using it as a fertilizer.

A Recycling Effort that Shouldn’t Go to Waste
Des Plaines, IL (5/16/18) - Since summer of 2017, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago has been selling its exceptional quality compost to the general public for $10 a cubic yard plus tax at the Harlem Avenue Solids Management Area in Forest View and Calumet Solids Management Area in Chicago. This week, the Kirie Water Reclamation Plant in Des Plaines will give away compost as part of a larger open house the MWRD will have at six plants.

EMB to Farmers: Check Septic Sludge Before Using
Santiago, Isabela, Philippines (5/12/18) - “According to EMB regional director Cesar Siador, reports showed that sludge being sold or dumped by septic tank drainers or collectors are being used by several farmers as organic fertilizers.” Siador advised the material be checked by the Department of Agriculture to ensure it is of sufficient quality.

Project Groundswell to be Discontinued
Queenstowns Lakes, New Zealand (5/3/18) - Plans to develop a solar sludge drying facility have been discontinued after agreement was reached between Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) and the plant’s developer, Fulton Hogan. The agreement to develop the facility was initially signed in 2012, “with commercial negotiations between QLDC and Fulton Hogan beginning after consents were issued in 2014. However, as more detailed information became available it was clear that the initial proposal wasn’t cost effective for either party and late last month both parties agreed to terminate the agreement… Waste from Wanaka and Queenstown’s sewerage treatment plants (Project Pure and Project Shotover) will continue to be transported to the Kings Bend Quarry in Winton where it is mixed with lime and used as a stabiliser.”
Sewage Sludge Going to Winton

Mamit Lake Landowner Says Dam is Fine, but LNIB Can't Get to Rock on His Property
Mamit Lake, BC, Canada (5/7/18) - A landowner states that authorities and the Lower Nicola Indian Band can access a dam, previously thought to need maintenance, but do not have permissions to access rock that was dumped on his property that is now sought to be used as rip-rap for the dam. The landowner, Gordon Garthwaite, says his resistance is due to the band’s support for a moratorium on the spreading of biosolids, something he says he has done on his property for decades. "We even have letters from the Indian band, back in the 1990s, saying that biosolids are the best thing for the land. Then they put up a roadblock because they were in bed with Friends of the Nicola Valley. We can't get any biosolids anymore. So I said, 'If we're not getting any biosolids then you're not getting on our property to get that rock,'" said Garthwaite.
Workers Prevented from Accessing Mamit Lake Dam by Angry Landowner

Council Does Not Go Through the Motions as Pitches from Wallace, Singh Fail
Kamloops, BC, Canada (5/16/18) - A motion to include public consultation and third-party testing in biosolids land application was defeated in a Kamloops City Council meeting.
Singh Wants Public Dialogue, Third-Party Testing Tied to Biosolids Use

Biosolids Dilemma Leads to Formation of City, Neighbourhood Groups
Kamloops, BC, Canada (5/6/18) - The City of Kamloops held its first stakeholder committee meeting which was comprised of city staff and council, along with representation from the TNRD, Tk’emlups te Secwepemc, Interior Health, First Nations Health Authority, Kamloops Stockmen’s Association and the Fraser Basin Council. Wightman said a long-term plan will include a range of applications. The committee aims to find a long term solution to biosolids management. In addition, the city is working with Stantec Consulting to develop a long-term management strategy. The public can go online and subscribe to receive updates from the committee about how planning is progressing and what the committee is doing. A group of residents in Barnhartvale have taken matters into their own hands. They have assembled a 490-signature petition and are taking it to ranches that use biosolids to plead the landowners stop the practice.

Biosolids Newsclips 5-3-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Farm Trying To Use Treated Sewage Sludge as Fertilizer
East Penn Township, PA (4/26/18) - “East Penn Township hired a law firm to appeal a decision by the Department of Environmental Protection, approving Maryland-based company Synagro to use the sludge, also known as biosolids, on Neverdone Farm.”

Proposed Moratorium Targets Lystek Facility in Glen
Glen, NY (4/26/18) - “Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, D-Rotterdam, said he intends to introduce legislation that would halt construction of any new sewer sludge facilities like the ones operated by Canadian firm Lystek. He has also written a letter to New York state Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos advocating for the moratorium.”
Lystek Withdraws Interest in Glen Canal View Business Park
NY Lawmaker Issues Call For Statewide Moratorium On Sludge Facilities
Plans for Montgomery County Sewage Sludge Facility Go Down the Toilet

Public Record Remains Open on Allen Harim Permits
Millsboro, DE (4/20/18) - “Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control will accept public comment on waste material permit requests from Denali Water Solutions and Clark Environmental Services until Thursday, May 3. At previous public hearings individuals expressed opposition to the permit requests and wanted to get more information from representatives from the two companies. Earlier coverage of this story can be found in the April 20 Newsclips and in the articles “Companies Seek Permit Changes to Haul Nonhazardous Waste from Allen Harim in Millsboro“ and “Citizens Come out Against Allen Harim Permits”.

Waterworld Weekly Newscast, April 23, 2018
Waterworld Weekly (4/23/18) - This newscast touches on the EPAs recent announcement to create rules on the use of blending in wastewater treatment plants, the use of graphene in water treatment and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission recent announcement to update their Southeast Treatment Plant. Part of the upgrade is new biosolids digesters.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Alabama Mayor: ‘Poop Train’ Finally Empty; Sludge Gone
Parrish, AL (4/19/18) - All the train carts that were sitting in the town of Parrish containing sludge have been emptied according to Parrish Mayor, Heather Hall. New York’s long-term strategy “One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City” has set a goal of sending zero waste to landfills by 2030. New York is being forced to find new ways to dispose of their sewage sludge as nearby landfills put a limit on the amount of sludge they accept and as the cost of transporting and disposing sludge increases.
‘Poop Train’ Full of NYC Sewage Raises Stink in Alabama Town
Alabama Deserves Better than Being America’s Toilet
The Week Down in Alabama, and It Smells so Good
GROSS: Thousands of Tons of New York Human Waste Stuck in Alabama with No Plan for Removal

Council Eyes Cost-Savings in Biosolids Dryer, Bus Grant
St. Joseph City, MO (4/25/18) - The St. Joseph City Water Protection facility is looking to bring a biosolid dryer to their facility by 2019. By producing a pellet fertilizer the facility will cut down on equipment cost for land applying biosolids.

Over a Year Later, Eureka Wastewater Plant Project Complete
Eureka, CA (4/26/18) - The Eureka city council is expected to approve a feasibility study into possibly changing how biogas generated at the Eureka Wastewater treatment process plant is used. “Right now, the biogas is used to generate about 42 percent of the plants electricity and keeps the digesters at a steady temperature… but the study will look into possibly scrapping that power and heat generation and use the biogas to turn the class B biosolids — which are generated through the digesters but are stored and trucked out to the area at a high annual cost to the city — into class A biosolids which can be used locally.”

Milorganite Mystery: Homegrown Fertilizer's New Scent Has Officials Sleuthing to Identify Source of Change
Milwaukee, WI (4/30/18) - Employees are residents living near the facility where Milwaukee’s Milorganite fertilizer is produced have noticed a change in its odor. A sample of Milorganite was sent to a lab where Volatile Analysis identified specific chemicals causing various odors. In an attempt to identify what is causing the change in odor they have sent out monitoring crews to collected wastewater samples from sewers downstream of several companies that will be tested for aromatic chemicals. In response to odor complaints, the district will restart a sludge odor control system at a cost of $337,750.

Biosolids Newsclips 4-20-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Farmer Defends Use of Biosolids at DEP Meeting in Dauphin County; Many Neighbors Remain Unsettled
Dauphin County, PA (4/11/18) - Citizens are speaking out about odors coming from a farm that land applied biosolids. The farmer plans to continue using biosolids fertilizer, an action which is supported by the Right to Farm Act.

Companies Seek Permit Changes to Haul Nonhazardous Waste from Allen Harim in Millsboro
Millsboro, DE (4/11/18) - Clark’s Environmental Services and Denali Water Solutions are permitted to haul wastewater for Allen Harim's hatchery. The poultry producer is waiting for approval to house a new deboning operation in Millsboro which would require additional wastewater hauling until the producer gets its spray irrigation system permitted for wastewater disposal. Both Clark’s Environmental and Denali are requesting permit changes to allow them to temporarily haul wastewater and sludge from Allen Harim’s new Millsboro operation.
Citizens come out against Allen Harim permit

Lystek Myths vs. Facts
Glen, NY (4/8/18) - Kurt Meyer, the president of Lystek International Ltd., wrote an editorial to highlight fact versus fiction surrounding discussions about the development of an Organic Materials Recovery Center at the Glen Canal View Industrial Business Park. A small group of individuals opposing the idea of the project appear to have stepped-up, claiming to speak for the community of Glen, but they only constitute a small percentage of the population.
Opposition to Lystek Grows

N&H TOPLINE: Remnants of Antibiotics Persist in Treated Farm Waste
Buffalo, NY (4/13/18) - Two new studies led by Dr. Diana Aga, the Henry M. Woodburn professor of chemistry in the University at Buffalo College of Arts & Sciences, found that both advanced anaerobic digestion and reverse osmosis filtration leave behind measurable levels of antibiotic residues, which can include the drugs themselves as well as the molecules into which the drugs break down. This study tested animal manure, but the same is true for human waste. “Aga pointed to composting as one area to explore. Her team is studying how advanced anaerobic digestion can be used in conjunction with composting of solid materials to remove antibiotics and their breakdown products from manure. The preliminary results of the research, which have not yet been published, are promising, Aga said.”

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Can Dirt Save the Earth
Southern California (4/18/18) - Carbon farming is a growing practice in California. Land applying compost is seen as a form of carbon farming that pulls carbon from the atmosphere while helping cut down on fertilizer and herbicide use by ranchers making the practice a win-win. Although the practice is celebrated by farmers and environmentalists in various sectors, it’s unclear whether this practice will serve to be even a drop in the bucket when looking at ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

New York Poop Train Won't Derail Parrish Coal Fest
Parrish, AL (4/6/18) - Odors cause by rail carts were not expected to disturb the Parrish Coal Festival. Coverage of this story is still in full swing as you can see below.
Choo ... Poo? Trainloads Of Human Waste Stink Up Alabama Town
‘David and Goliath Situation’: How New York City Poop Became a Rural Alabama Town’s Problem
Here's Why Southerners Are Tired of Taking New York's Poop
Stalled poop train stinks up Alabama town
How New York City’s Shit Ended Up Stuck On a Train in Alabama
Train with NYC's human waste stranded in Alabama
Why Is a Train Filled with Human Poop Stuck Outside This Alabama Tow

Another Place Plastics Are Turning Up: Organic Fertilizer From Food Waste
International (4/6/18) - “Tiny particles of plastic are showing up all over the world, floating in the ocean, buried in soil, in food and even in beer. Now there’s new research that’s found microplastics in fertilizer — organic fertilizer from food waste, in fact.” This is in addition to microplastics showing up in biosolids destined for land application.

Council Committee Eyes Zero-Waste Option for City’s Aging Sewage Sludge Incinerator
Edmonds, WA (4/11/18) - For decades, the City of Edmonds has been processing and incinerating their sewage. Rising repair and part replacement costs, in addition to increased environmental regulations have the city of Edmonton looking to a new sludge management solution. After considering several options, city staff believe that drying the sludge and using a pyrolysis process to create a biochar that could be used at city parks or sold as a soil conditioner or amendment is their best option. The council’s next step will be to approve of a $236,000 contract with Ameresco to conduct an engineering analysis and preliminary design for a system to replace the sludge incinerator, including a closer look at the pyrolysis option.

Ohio EPA to Hold Hearing on Biosolids Lagoon
Wooster, OH (4/11/18) - “The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency will hold an informational meeting and hearing to discuss the permit-to-install application for the Wiles Storage Pond, April 17 at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster.” The following is the old and the new coverage on this story
Wayne County Residents Oppose Waste Lagoon
Township Residents Concerned About Farm Operations
Wayne Co. Residents Share Disdain for Wiles Lagoon with Ohio EPA

BCR Announces Major Rebranding Rollout in Coming Months
Jacksonville, FL (4/11/18) - BCR recently announced it will be rolling out a major repositioning and brand refresh this spring. This parallels their expansion to provide biosolids treatment technologies across North America. “The new branding comes to life in a new BCR Overview video that explains who BCR is, and details the biosolids treatment technology solutions through customer case stories.”
Wastewater Treatment Industry Veteran Dana M. Hicks Joins BCR as Vice President of Sale

ECUA: Test Showing Salmonella In Compost Was Incorrect
Pensacola, FL (4/12/18) - “Days after compost from the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority tested positive for Salmonella, follow up testing indicated the positive test result was incorrect.” The ECUA originally notified Florida Department of Environmental Protection who advised ECUA to contact customers who received the material to inform them of potential exposure, to resample the material to confirm the results, and to retrieve delivered compost where feasible. Re-tests did not show any indication of Salmonella.

Faster, Cheaper Wastewater Treatment Through Improved Oxidation Reactions
Riverside, CA (4/12/18) - Yadong Yin, a professor of chemistry at University of California Riverside’s College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, and colleagues have identified what they call a “co-catalyst” to improve the speed and efficiency of the removal of pollutants using AOPs. The addition and action of the co-catalyst, powdered metal sulfide, reduces the amount of hydrogen peroxide and ferrous catalyst needed and helps prevent the formation of the sludge. The results are published in this paper titled “Metal Sulfides as Excellent Co-catalysts for H2O2 Decomposition in Advanced Oxidation Processes”.

News from Abroad

Tirupur May Get Power from Sludge with Aid from Gates Foundation
Tiruppur, Kongu Nadu, India (4/16/18) - According to sources, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has approached the Tiruppur Corporation to set up a power plant to generate electricity out of sewage sludge. The foundation is surveying households to calculate the amount of raw materials they should expect to receive and will prepare a detailed project report to submit to the corporation.

Bristol Energy is Turning One Million People's POO Into Gas That Could Be Used to Heat Your Home
Bristol, United Kingdom (4/16/18) - Bristol Energy is working with GENeco on a project to convert sewage in bristol into methane gas using anaerobic digestion.

BDI to engineer scale-up of phosphorus recycling plant in Germany
Hamburg, Germany (4/6/18) - BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH has been contracted for a scale-up project funded by the German environmental ministry to recover phosphorus from sewage sludge with Remondis and Hamburg Wasser. After a 2 year pilot phase using the Remondis TetraPhos technology, BDI has been given the responsibility to scale-up, preparing documents for the engineering authorities and detailed engineering. The plant is expected to be operational by 2020, recovering 6,500 tons of pure phosphorous acid from 20,000 tons of sludge per year.

According to this study, co-processing leads to higher heavy metal emissions
Effects of Co-Processing Sewage Sludge in the Cement Kiln on PAHs, Heavy Metals Emissions and the Surrounding Environment
Beijing, China (4/8/18) - Samples of the flue gas from a stack, ambient air and soil around a cement plant co-processing sewage sludge were collected and tested for Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heavy metals. Results found that “co-processing sewage sludge results in the increase in PAHs and heavy metals emissions, especially high molecular weight PAHs and low-volatile heavy metals such as Cd and Pb in the particle phase, while it does not change their compositions and distribution patterns significantly.”. The full study can be found here.

CAMBI Wins Big in Australia to Treat Sydney’s Sludge
Sydney, Australia (4/10/18) - More on CAMBI’s contract with Utility Sydney Water to install its thermal hydrolysis process to treat sludge from two water recycling plants.

Biosolids Newsclips 4-6-18

"Petrichor." This is your "word-of-the-day," which i just learned myself this morning when I joined an early morning running group that includes an organic chemist. We were assembled at an unseasonably cold 37 degrees as a light rain started; a distinctive fragrance wafted by, and my running buddy says, "that is petrichor!" Like "biosolids," petrichor is a relatively new word, coined in 1964 by Australian chemists out of ancient Greek "petro" for rock and "ichor" for ethereal blood of the Gods. Petrichor is that distinctive scent that precedes a rain storm, arising from the release from clay minerals of a volatile oil when humidity suddenly rises and rain drops disperse aerosols. Unlike the release of the dimethyldisulfide from fresh biosolids, to which humans seem genetically predisposed to find repugnant, the petrichor emitted from clay elicits positive emotions in humans and animals. I know, it is not fair! On to the news!

Read More

Biosolids Newsclips 3-29-18

Dear Biosolids Friends,

I urge you to visit the Virginia Biosolids Council website for two pieces of good news.  First is the 2017 Annual Report of the success of its Code of Good Practice, which has reduced by 80 percent the complaints filed with the state over biosolids recycling operations.  Second is an excellent new outreach brochure: Healthy Crops. Knowledgeable Neighbors. And, if you haven't checked out the positive stories from biosolids users (including one site, Beck-n-Rich Farm near my in-laws home in Rockbridge County, VA), I urge you to do so, as they serve as examples of what we all need to be doing to explain our work, including those of us here at MABA. Good work, VBC!

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Biosolids Newsclips 3-16-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Enforcement and Compliance History Online
National (3/9/18) - Biosolids data collected throughout 2017 will be publicly available through the USEPA Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) website around the end of March. You can review your data there to ensure its accuracy and contact Courtney Tuxbury at to seek corrections. 

Residents Voice Displeasure Over Biosolid Use to Jackson Township Supervisors
Dauphin County, PA (3/7/18) - Residents recently attended a meeting at the Fisherville Fire Hall to ask township supervisors to do something about the use of biosolids on a local farm. With the exception of “minor violations involving the terms of the permit” the DEP has not found issues with the farm.

Waste-to-Energy Project Proposed in City
Schenectady, NY (3/12/18) - The city of Schenectady is looking to work with Florida-based Biowaste Pyrolysis Solutions to host a demonstration project converting the city’s sludge into energy through their pyrolysis system. The company would operate out of the Schenectady’s former composting facility and hopes to save the city money on sludge management and potentially provide discounted energy.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Sewage Sludge Train Cars in Birmingham to be Moved After 'Death Smell' ComplaintsBirmingham, AL (3/6/18) - Rail containers transporting solids from NY and NJ are causing controversy in the community where the containers are being unloaded to trucks. The first location where the trucks unloaded was unincorporated Jefferson. After complaints, Jefferson County zoning authorities determined that the loading operation at the rail yard violated the county's zoning ordinance. Next, the containers were transported to the town of Parrish, where soon after, the Parrish Town Council held a special meeting and determined that Big Sky landfill, the group coordinating the transportation, did not have a business license to operate in the city. Now the solids are in Birmingham where there are issues being raised. The Big Sky landfill's general operating permit is currently up for renewal with Alabama Department of Environmental Management. Transportation is not overseen by ADEM.
Train Cars Carrying Human-Waste Appear in North Birmingham
Alabama Communities Raising a Stink Over Sewage Train
BIG STINK: Alabama Communities Complain of Sewage Train Stench
Alabamians Are Sick of New York’s Crap
New York Stops Sewage Trains to Alabama Landfill
New York Stops Sending Its Poo To Alabama After Residents Complain
Parrish Mayor Threatens Legal Action Over Big Sky Bio Waste

Editorial: Innovative Approach to Costly Sludge Problem Worth Considering
Greenfield, MA (3/7/18) - This article follows previous Newsclips coverage about an anaerobic digester being constructed in Northern Massachusetts - Slaying Sludge: Greenfield DPW Head Proposes Regional Digester.

Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District Confident it Has Authority to Expand Biosolids Intake
Fairfield-Suisun, CA (3/2/18) - Lystek managers at the Fairfield-Suisun facility will be looking to bring industrial organics and pre- and post-processed food waste to their facility in the next few years. Although the Sewer district General Manager, Greg Baatrup, said he believes the district has the authority it needs to allow those wastes to come in, he wants to eliminate any ambiguity by amending the enabling act. The sewer district has faced delays in moving legislation forward to change language in the enabling act.

Wiles Lagoon Stirs debate in Wayne County
Wooster, OH (3/1/18) - Quasar energy has submitted an application to the Ohio EPA for a permit to build a lagoon on property it has leased. The “Wiles Storage Pond” would be located on a farm operated by farmer Jason Wiles and would hold both anaerobically digested biosolids and up to 300,000 gallons of hog manure annually from the landowner’s hog farm, according to the permit application.

BCR Announces Joshua Scott to Permanent CEO Role as the Company Scales the Availability of Its Biosolid Treatment Technology
Jacksonville FL (3/6/18) - BCR recently announced that “Joshua R. Scott has been named CEO on a permanent basis. Previously serving as President and Interim CEO since July of 2017, and COO since joining the company in late 2016… the company also announced that it is scaling the availability of its biosolids treatment technologies throughout North America.”

Allegan City to Test Water for PFAS Contamination
Allegan, MI (3/9/18) - The City of Allegan has approved spending $2,975 for testing of its three drinking water wells for PFAS compounds. In another part of Michigan, the DEQ is investigating whether farms that spread sludge as a fertilizer on fields may also test positive for having PFAS compounds.

Spokane City Council Votes To Study Burning Biosolids
Spokane, WA (3/13/18) - The Spokane City Council has approved a study with HDR Engineering to look at whether burning the biosolids in the regional incinerator would be an appropriate biosolids management option. This comes after the council has heard about complaints from residents relating with odor issues and seeing other communities around the country raise concern about the land application of biosolids.

News from Abroad

Full Steam Ahead for Ladysmith’s New $1.8M Biosolids Facility
Ladysmith, BC, Canada (3/7/18) - The success story of Ladysmith’s Biosolids Facility.

nostrop Energy and Recycling Facility
Leeds, England (3/2/18) - Yorkshire Water is currently constructing a new anaerobic digestion energy and recycling facility within the Knostrop Waste Water Treatment works. The new construction will replace the existing sludge and biosolids incineration and will enable more efficient and effective sludge treatment and energy production.

Kamloops Stakeholder Group to Cultivate New Ideas for Biosolids
Kamloops, BC, Canada (3/3/18) - “Staff at Kamloops city hall are endorsing the creation of a stakeholder group to help direct the handling of biosolids.” The stakeholder group would be made up of city councillors as well as officials from the provincial government, local First Nations and other organizations.
City of Kamloops Eyes Creation of Biosolids Stakeholder Group
Kamloops Hoping for Long-term Solutions to Biosolid Waste
What to Do with All that Poop? Kamloops Approves Working Group to Figure it Out

Biosolids Newsclips 3-2-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Tyrone Consultant Says Digester Need Supported
Tyrone, PA (2/27/2018) - The borough of Tyrone recently heard that there would be strong interest from groups involved in biosolids disposal to bring their biosolids to Tyrone if the borough built a digester. Altoona is also considering constructing a digester and is exploring potential sources for material that could be digested.

Lystek Opponents Eye Vacant Seat on Glen Planning Board
Glen, NY (2/15/18) - An open seat in Glen’s planning board has added to the uncertainty of Lystek’s permit for a facility at the Glen Canal View Business Park. In addition, an activist group known as CALL, Citizens Against Local Landfills, reunited after 20 years of relative inactivity to fight Lystek’s permit.
Lystek Holds Info Session

News from Beyond the MABA Region

City awards contract for bio-solid waste transportation to Iowa firm
Cadillac, MI (3/1/18) - The Cadillac City Council unanimously approved a contract with Midwest Injection for transporting and land applying biosolids from the Cadillac Wastewater Treatment Plant to near by farm fields. According to Cadillac Director of Utilities, Jeffrey Dietlin, “The Cadillac Wastewater Treatment plant is one of five facilities in the state that produce bio-solid waste that is of high enough quality to be spread on crops as fertilizer.”

Slaying Sludge: Greenfield DPW Head Proposes Regional Digester
Greenfield, MA (2/26/18) - The town of Greenfield is looking to build a regional sludge digester, and the idea has already garnered letters of support by other towns, such as, Montague, Deerfield, Sunderland, Northfield and Hadley. Their next step is likely to start working on a feasibility study with regional partners.

Lead and Zinc Stabilization of Soil Using Sewage Sludge Biochar: Optimization through Response Surface Methodology
Journal, CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water (2/26/18) - This study investigates the effect of biochar produced from municipal sewage sludge on the stabilization of potentially toxic elements (PTEs), including lead (Pb), and zinc (Zn) in a mining polluted soil. Follow the link in the title to view the abstract.

Sewage Sludge Import Operation Moves to Walker County After Backlash
Walker County, AL (2/20/18) - Rail cars filled with biosolids being shipped from New York and New Jersey to Big Sky Landfill have been stopped in their tracks before reaching the landfill. Big Sky had been using a small rail spur in Jefferson County to transfer the containers of sludge from the train cars to trucks and drive them to the landfill. However, after numerous complaints from nearby residents, Jefferson County determined the operation violated the county's zoning laws and now Big Sky is needing to find an alternative place to transfer the carts from train to truck.
Mayor Works to Get Sewage Sludge Containers Gone
Some Parrish Residents Want Sewage Sludge Moved Out of Town
Parrish Tells Sewer Sludge Hauler to Get Out of Town
'It's a Horrible Smell:' Parrish Town Council to Meet Over Big Sky's Biosolid Storage

Council Increases Rates at City's Biosolids Facility
Fort Wayne, IN (2/20/2018) - Fort Wayne City Council approved an increase in rates for residents and businesses using the city's Biosolids Handling Facility.
New Biosolids Contract Will Save Fort Wayne Big Money

‘Biodigester’ Farm in Bath Twp. Raises Stink Among Neighbors
Bath Township, OH (2/24/18) - Neighbors around Pitstick Farms are filing complaints about odors caused by the land application of biosolids on Pitstick’s agricultural land. The Ohio EPA investigated the complaint and found no issues.

News from Abroad

Smithton Sewage De-Sludging Benefits Farms and Sea Water Quality
Smithton, Tasmania, Australia (2/21/18) - Smithton Sewage Treatment Plant is spreading biosolids on paddocks around Smithton as part of their de-sludging process. Although there were concerns that recent heavy rains washed the biosolids into the Smithton water supply, TasWater confirmed this was not happening.

Waste Water Treatment Design Tool Available on The Water Network
Zurich, Switzerland (2/27/18) - AquaSPE AG from Zurich Switzerland recently announced access to an open source Wastewater Treatment Plant design tool and WWTP knowledge sharing community on The Water Network. The tool generates preliminary engineering design documents for conventional Activated Sludge WWTPs that includes an equipment list, process flow and site plan within hours instead of weeks.

Biosolids Newsclips 2-16-18

New from Within the MABA Region

Glen Resident Challenge Biosolids Representatives
Glen, NY (1/22/18) - Lystek International gave a presentation on their company and answered questions about the company’s proposal to build a biosolids plant in the Glen Canal View Business Park during a planning board meeting held recently. Lystek also submitted a full application for their proposed biosolids plant. More on that story can be found at “Lystek Submits Full Application to Glen Planning Board for Facility”.
Lystek Truck Traffic Would Be a Danger
Sewage Sludge Processing Plant a Bad Deal for Glen
Lystek schedules public information meeting on biosolids plant
Area Residents Voice More Concerns About Lystek at Glen Meeting
Activist Group Reforms to Fight Biosolids Activity

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Lystek Wins Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) for Sustainable Biosolids Management in California
Sacramento, CA (1/17/18) - The California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) presented Lystek International Ltd. with a Governor’s Environmental and Economic Award (GEELA) at a special award ceremony held at EPA’s headquarters in Sacramento, California. “The GEELA is California’s highest environmental honor. It is given to individuals, organizations, and businesses that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made notable, voluntary contributions in conserving California’s precious resources, protecting and enhancing the environment, building public-private partnerships and strengthening the state’s economy.”

How Bi-County Landfill Could Turn Wood Waste into Gas Energy
Bi-County, TN (1/19/18) - Bi-County is looking for ways to reduce their costs from leachate and sludge management at their landfill. Among the list of potential solutions is constructing a gasification plant at the site that would produce a biochar that could be used as a fertilizer or burned in incinerator.

'Sewage Sludge' Causing Big Stink in Federal Courthouse Showdown
Adamsville, AL (1/19/18) - One of Alabama's largest landfills, Big Sky Environmental, is at the center of a controversy after they accepted biosolids from New York and New Jersey. Sumiton Timber Company sued the Jefferson County Commission after they denied their request for rezoning that would have allowed them to keep dumping waste at Big Sky Environmental's current location.

CEQA Documents for the Biosolids Master Plan
Orange County, CA (2/14/18) - The public and responsible agencies have 45 days to review and comment on the Biosolids Master Plan Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Report for Orange County. The proposed program lays out the upgrades to and construction of new biosolids handling facilities to be implemented over a 20-year planning period.

Mayor’s Corner: Fee Hikes Chip Away at Utility Needs
Long Beach, WA (1/23/18) - Long Beach utility is looking to change their biosolids management plans to follow new mandates from the Department of Ecology (DOE) requiring they change their land application process. After looking into several different short-term and long-term management solution and holding several public meetings, Long Beach will turn their biosolids into a compost that could be used by homeowners, contractors, businesses and schools. The utility is working with the city of Ilwaco and Seaview Sewer District on a plan to share one facility that would process all their biosolids.

Waste Water Biosolid Application Permitted on County Farmland
Columbus, IN (1/23/18) - A permit to land apply biosolids in the counties of Bartholomew, Brown, Decatur, Jackson, Johnson and Jennings was recently renewed.

Biosolids Permit Under Review for Water Reclamation Plant: Public Notice Review
Aberdeen, SD (2/2/18) - The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources is reviewing a renewal application for Aberdeen’s Water Reclamation Plant. “The biosolids management permit allows the land application of biosolids produced at the Water Reclamation Plant. The permit specifies the quantity of biosolids that can be applied.”

City Wins Top State Award for Wastewater Treatment System | News | The Press and Standar
Walterboro, SC (1/24/18) - The City of Walterboro was presented with the Wastewater System of the Year award at the South Carolina Rural Water Association (SCRWA) 2017 Annual Conference. The city has acquired funding for a plant upgrade that will provide additional biosolids storage by converting an existing Flow Equalization (EQ) Basin to a new Aerobic Digestion Basin. A new bio-solids dewatering building has been constructed and will house two screw presses.

Sewage Plant Project Would End Landfill Green Waste Composting
Wailuku-Kahului, HI (1/26/18) - We continue to follow the story out of Wailuku-Kahulu from January’s Newsclips “ Draft EIS Complete for Proposed Energy Conversion Project”. The project calls for the installation of an anaerobic digester to produce methane gas from energy crops grown on former Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. lands. The methane would be used to power the sewage treatment plant with waste heat used to dry biosolids. The project is receiving mixed reactions from residents and public officials.
AD Facility Proposal in Hawaii Could Put Local Compost Operation Out of Business
Anaergia, Maui EKO Open Green Waste Dialogu

Michigan Approves New Rules for Biosolids
Adrian, MI (1/28/18) - The Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA) has approved guidance for local waste water treatment plant operators who spread Class A EQ biosolids. The new guidelines will help resolve issues of dust and runoff and was completed by Michigan DEQ and are expected to provide a clear best-practice method for applying biosolids. The new guidelines will be available on the MWEA website.

St. Lucie County Takes New Tack in Fighting Sunbreak Farms, Spread of Human Waste on Crops
St. Lucie County, FL (2/7/18) - The St. Lucie county commission is at odds with Sunbreak Farms, who is looking to annually fertilize crops with about 80,000 tons of compost mixed with biosolids. The county commission recently decided to change their legal strategy by challenging a water-quality permit Sunbreak needs from the South Florida Water Management District rather than Sunbreak Farms' permit with the state Department of Environmental Protection.

Biosolids workshop scheduled for Feb. 28
West Adams, CO (2/13/18) - “Colorado's West Adams Conservation District and the Brighton field office of the National Resources Conservation District will present an informational workshop about biosolids for boards, public officials and landowners.

Composting of Sewage Sludge with a Simple Aeration Method and its Utilization as a Soil Fertilizer
Springer (2/2/18) - A recently published study on examining sewage sludge composting using a simple aeration method.

Lancaster Wastewater Plant in Need of Millions of Dollars of Updates
Lancaster, OH (2/4/18) - The Water/Water Pollution Control Superintendent, Mike Nixon, is looking to spend between $5 million and $10 million on updates and replacing equipment at the Lawrence Street Water Pollution Control Facility. Their first step is to bring a firm in to evaluate the facility to evaluate the equipment and make recommendations on what's due for replacement and what's not.

New from Abroad

Tomatoes or Tomatos: Changing Biosolids Perceptions in the US
International Water Summit, Abu Dhabi (1/31/18) - Patrick Dube, WEF’s Biosolids Program Manager was interviewed by IWS TV at the International Water Summer. Listen to Dube share how WEF is focusing on promoting biosolids. He touches on microconstituents, biosolids products, how the wastewater industry is re-imaging wastewater treatment facilities as water resource recovery facilities and what other countries can learn from what the USA is doing focused on wastewater.

Marron Valley, Summerland Sites Put to the Curb
Marron Valley, BC, Canada (2/1/18) - The Regional District Okanagan-Similkameen directors voted not to re-engage the idea of locating a regional facility in Marron Valley or Summerland. The staff have been in search of a site, since 2006, to construct a facility that would compost yard waste, food waste (residential and commercial), and biosolids all in one location.

Detecting Emerging Pollutants in Leafy and Root Vegetables
Seville, Spain (2/12/18) - “Researchers from the University of Seville have developed a method for the determination of pollutants in leafy and root vegetables using ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE), dispersive solid-phase extraction (d-SPE), and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS).” These developments are accurate enough to detect household and industrial chemicals, such as per-fluoroalkyl compounds, nonionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, and plasticizers.

Land-based pollution with microplastics an underestimated threat
Berlin, Germany (2/5/18) - Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), in partnership with Freie Universität Berlin are working together to review previous individual studies on the topic of microplastics in relation to the effect of microplastics on terrestrial ecosystems. The article suggests that land application of biosolids contributes to the several thousand tons of microplastics entering terrestrial areas.

BARC develops technology to convert sewage into bio-fertilizer
Mumbai, India (2/8/18) - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) has successfully developed a technology to treat municipal sewage and convert the sludge into bio-fertiliser. The process involves crushing the dried sludge, exposing it to a 10-kGy radiation dose and spraying the sludge with Bio-NPK (Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium) microorganisms to a bio-fertilizer.

Synagro Achieves Financial Close for Residual Treatment Facility in Victoria, British Columbia
Victoria, BC, Canada (2/6/18) - Synago announced that “the Hartland Resource Management Group (HRMG) has executed a contract to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the residuals treatment facility for the Capital Regional District (CRD).” Upon commencement of operations at the facility, Synagro will be the service provider for the project and will partner with the CRD for a 20-year operations-and-maintenance term to produce a thermally dried biosolids product.

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Computational Biosolids
Swansea, UK (1/19/18) - "The College of Engineering at Swansea University is seeking applications from researchers with expertise in Computational Biosolids for summer of 2018. The individual who fills this position will be expected to fulfill the roles of establishing a research program as well as serving as a mentor and teacher for students in the university. More details about the application process and position description can be found in the link in the Title." But read further:  "The application areas of interest include arterial wall, aortic and mitral valves, heart wall, clinical applications and any other complimentary area that is relevant to the computational biomedical engineering group within the Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering." 

Biosolids Newsclips 1-18-18

Dear Biosolids Friends,

Thank you for the more than a dozen presentation suggestions we received for our Summer Technical Symposium. The Program Committee is already at work going through them to create a great program in July. And before then, I will see some of you at the NYWEA 90th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, February 5 to 7 at the New York Marriott Marquis. Register here.  And, MABA is co-hosting with the NJWEA Biosolids Committee 11 presentations on Thursday, May 10, at the Bally's during the 103rd NJWEA conference. Again, this year, MABA members are invited to register at no charge for that one day session (and, yes, there is a free lunch, with a visit to the Exhibition Hall, one of the best in the country).

Read More

Biosolids Newsclips 1-8-18

Dear Biosolids Friends,

Happy New Year... Most of us are confronting amazing COLD. A few of us have battled the flu (take care of yourself, Cheryl). And a few of us have had some amazing biosolids challenges (buck up, Jeff!)

I have reissued the Call for Presentations for the July 17th and 18th 2018 Summer Technical Symposium at the Back River Plant in Baltimore (thanks to the several of you who detected the typos in the dates; fake news can slip past even the most sincere of efforts for editing).  Again, the deadline for submitting presentation ideas is January 11. We have the Chesapeake watershed theme for Day 1, and the theme optimizing biosolids operations for Day 2.

A short while ago, I sent out a listing of the biosolids presentations for the NYWEA 90th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, November 5 to 7 at the Marriott Marquis in midtown Manhattan. Register here.

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Biosolids Newsclips 12-22-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Glen Board Approves Zoning Changes; Lystek Focus of Public Hearing
Glen, NY (12/11/17) - The town of Glen is considering approving a proposed project to allow Lystek to build in their industrial park. At a recent town hearing Glen Town Board unanimously voted to approve a resolution amending zoning regulations that are related to the proposed facility.
Biosolids Processor Eyes Montgomery County Site

Shingara Bros. to Continue Taking Biosolids at MCMA’s Sewer Plant
Mount Carmel, PA (12/15/17) - Mount Carmel Municipal Authority (MCMA) will contract with Dan Shingara Enterprises Inc. to remove and dispose of biosolids from the MCMA’s sewer plant.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Hertford Fined $4K for Sludge Mishap
Hertford, NC (12/14/17) The NC Department of Environmental Quality fined the town of Hertford after a contractor spread biosolids on the wrong farm field.

You Know What Concord Needs? A Gigantic Vat of Bacteria to Eat Its Sewage
Concord, NH (12/4/17) - Chip Chesley, director of the General Services Department of Concord city government, oversees the wastewater treatment plant for Concord and hopes to see the city install a digester to help process their biosolids. This is a great article giving an overview of biosolids management in Concord, NH.

On the Left: Good sewage; Bad Sewage
Fairfield-Suisun, CA (12/12/17) -- A short story of Lysteks expansion, from working in Canada to its current project in Fairfield, CA.

Baraboo Plans to Upgrade Waste Treatment Facility
Baraboo, WI (12/11/17) - Baraboo’s Common Council’s Public Safety Committee voted to hire Staab Construction to upgrade equipment used to process biosolids. The project will cost about $3.2 million with funding coming from the Clean Water Fund loan, the village of West Baraboo, the town of Baraboo, and Devil’s Lake State Park.

Grand Rapids Breaks Ground on $38 Million Biodigester Sludge Treatment Center
Grand Rapids, MI (12/15/17) - “Grand Rapids broke ground on the $38 million dollar biodigester sludge treatment system that could help Grand Rapids reach sustainability goals.”

Wastewater Treatment Technology Makes North America Debut
Rockford, IL (12/16/17) - The Nereda® Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS) Technology is a biological wastewater system that was created through a public-private partnership with Delft University, Dutch Water Authorities and Royal HaskoningDHV in the Netherlands. The technology has just entered the market in North America due to a partnership between Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc. and Royal HaskoningDHV, where it will be marketed under the band AquaNereda® Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology. The technology is making its debut at the Rock River Water Reclamation District (RRWRD) in Rockford, Illinois.

Malcolm Fabiyi, Ph.D., Joins Drylet as Chief Operations Officer
San Francisco, CA (12/19/17) - Drylet, a wastewater remediation technology company, has welcomed Dr. Malcolm Fabiyi as their Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Operations. “Prior to joining Drylet, Dr. Fabiyi was Global Market Director at Praxair, Inc., a Fortune 500 company where he led technology development and commercialization efforts across a range of market segments — including water and wastewater, pulp and paper, hydrometallurgy and textiles.”

News from Abroad

Preferred Proponent Selected for Residuals Treatment Facility Includes Synagro
Vancouver, BC, Canada (12/19/17) - Synagro has announced today that it is part of the Hartland Resource Management Group (HRMG) consortium selected to design, build, finance, operate and maintain a residuals treatment facility for the Capital Regional District (CRD). The facility will be located at the Hartland Landfill in the District of Saanich where it will process the residuals from the new McLoughlin Point wastewater treatment plant, producing a Class A biosolids product.

NSERC Grant Fosters Collaborative Partnership with Dr. Gordon Price of Dalhousie University
Dalhousie University, Canada (12/7/17) - “Through the award of a NSERC Engage Grant, the company will collaborate with Dr. Gordon Price, an Associate Professor at Dalhousie University and a leader in academic research in new technologies for waste bio-conversion and stabilization.” The NSERC Engage Grant is designed to give companies an opportunity to collaborate with Universities to develop new research projects.

Biosolids Newsclips 12-8-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Why a Proposed Sludge Treatment Plant May Have Hit a Bump in the Road
Plainfield Township, PA (12/1/17) - Synagro’s proposed heat recovery center at the Grand Central Sanitary Landfill in Plainfield Township has come across another hurdle. The facility would not follow a township zoning ordinance that requires buildings be built on property that has frontage on a public street or private street.

Numerous Environmental Violations at Mountaire in Millsboro
Millsboro, DE (11/18/17) - Mountaire Farm recently received a notice of violations by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Division of Water. Among the violations listed in the notice was a violation from when Mountaire land applied biosolids throughout the summer of 2017 without notifying or submitting a cropping plan to DNREC. 

WOYM: Sewage Sludge by Any Other Name Would Smell as ... Sweet Profits for Region's Farmers
Roanoke, VA (11/19/17) - Western Virginia Water Authority’s wastewater treatment plant treats an average of 37 million gallons of wastewater daily. The facility offers their biosolids to local farmers for free and currently has a three year waiting list for farms looking to receive the solids. 

Biochar Plant Gets a Reaction
Fort Edward, NY (11/22/17) - John Dowd, a partner with Smart Terra Care, wants to build a biochar factory at a site in Fort Edward. The plant would take biomass waste from paper plants and biosolids waste from wastewater treatment plants to create a biochar that could be used as a fertilizer. 

News from Beyond the MABA Region

DETERMINATION OF NONSIGNIFICANCE (DNS) AND NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Description of Proposal: 2015 Biosolids General Permit Revision
Long Beach, WA (11/21/17) - The public comment period for a proposed biosolids land application site in Pacific County, Washington was open until November 28. 

LETTER: The Woes of Biosolids in Ellis County
Ellis County, TX (11/16/17) - Anti-biosolids activist Craig Monk shares his standard rant in this Letter to the Editor. The Trinity River Authority responded to Monk’s letter in LETTER: In response to Craig Monk.

Village of Los Lunas to Invest in New Composting Project
Los Lunas, NM (11/22/17) - The Los Lunas village council recently approved the exploration and development of an industrial compost facility. The recycling facility will take sewage sludge and yard waste and produce a soil amendment. Currently, the city’s wastewater facility is capable of producing a Class B biosolids. The new facility will produce a higher quality product.

Canada-Based Waste-to-Energy Project Receives EPIC Backing
Santa Barbara, CA (11/24/17) - Lystek International was recently awarded a $1.5 million grant from the California Energy Commission's Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC). Lystek is expected to partner with Goleta Sanitary District and the University of California in Santa Barbara to deploy an organics to energy system. Lystek will construct and operate the unit, Goleta will be the host site and the university will provide the feedstock and potential volunteer participation from students and faculty. 

Albany, Millersburg to Sue CH2M Hill
Albany, OR (12/2/17) - The Albany and Millersburg city councils recently “agreed to take legal action against engineering firm CH2M Hill, seeking a remedy for damages caused by what they claim is defective work on their wastewater reclamation facility and the Talking Water Gardens wetlands.” CH2M Hill recommended a technology from Siemens that was expected to reduce the volume of biosolids and allow for land application. Both cities believe the technology has failed, requiring them to send their biosolids to landfill. 

News from Abroad

EBRD-Financed New Biogas Plant in Belarus to Turn Waste into Energy
Baranovichi, Belarus (12/1/17) - “The first biogas plant under a framework agreement between the government of Belarus and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in the municipal and environmental infrastructure sector has started operation in Baranovichi, a city in western Belarus with a population of more than 170,000 people.” 

Seeking for Opportunities with Yara Finland to Utilise Nutrients from Sludge in Fertilizers
Finland (11/23/17) - UPM, a company focused on creating sustainable solutions within the bio and forest industries are “working with crop nutrition company Yara to research possibilities for agricultural reuse of nutrients retrieved from the sludge originating from the pulp and paper mills’ production processes.” In the research project by UPM and Yara they used sludge from paper mills’ production processes as a fertilizer. The presented their findings at the “Feeding the Future” seminar in Helsinki.

Biosolids Newsclips 11-17-17

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Plan to Treat Sludge From Palo Alto at Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District Site Advances
Palo Alto, CA (10/25/17) - Progress has been made in the partnership to process Palo Alto’s sludge at a facility on property of the Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District. The addition of Palo Alto’s sludge will help increase methane production for the facility, reducing electricity costs.

Feeling Dumped On: Mason Residents Upset By Biosolids Near Their Homes
Mason, MI (10/25/17) - Residents in Mason are considering purchasing land that the Portage Lake Water and Sewage Authority uses to apply biosolids. The authority applied biosolids to the site for 20 years starting in 1973 and renewed a 20 year lease to apply biosolids to the area in 2013. Residents have started to become concerned about the potential health effects and risks for contaminating groundwater and a nearby lake. Neil Hutzler, chair of the authority board, said testing over the past 25 years had not found groundwater contamination. A report from White Water Associates found that local sites had metals to be within the limits.
Biosolids Experts Answer Mason Residents Concerns

Continuing Scourge of Microplastics in Water to Be Gauged by New Research
University of Kansas (10/25/17) - Belinda Sturm, associate professor of civil, environmental & architectural engineering at the University of Kansas is leading a three-year $300,000 effort supported by the National Science Foundation to identify how plastics are transported into waters. The study will have several components including; engaging facilities through a sampling campaign to develop a publically accessible database, conducting experiments at the KU Biological Field Station to discover how microplastics in biosolids make their way into water through runoff and exploring how extracellular polymeric substances or EPS could help to clean water of more microplastics at wastewater plants.

Flat Rock Community Fights Against Biosolids
Chattanooga, TN (10/26/17) - At the recent Jackson County Commission work session, several Jackson County residents gathered to voice their concerns about the land application of biosolids in their community. They were linking land applied biosolids to local health problems.

Flagstaff City Council To Conduct A Light Work Session Tuesday Afternoon
Flagstaff, AZ (10/30/17) - The Flagstaff City Council held a working session to discuss the water service’s plan to conduct a Biosolids Master Plan. The plan will define a roadmap on how the city wants to treat, manage and dispose of wastewater biosolids from the Wildcat Hill Water Reclamation Plant.

Ketchikan Landfill Aims to Offer One-Stop Disposal Service
Ketchikan, AK (11/1/17) - Ketchikan’s city run landfill has an extensive recycling program. Among other initiatives, the facility composts yard waste with sludge from the city’s wastewater plant to use as soil for capping parts of the landfill.

Walbridge Opposes Sludge Application
Walbridge, OH (11/6/17) - “A resolution opposing the application of sewage sludge on local fields has been approved by Walbridge Village Council.” The township resolution requests that the EPA cease allowing the application of biosolids on farmland in the township because of potential runoff into local waterways.

Amid Policy Disputes, Austin Waste Contract Might Pose Lobbying Test
Austin, TX (11/7/17) - Political disputes over how Austin’s city waste contracts and lobbying restrictions were handled have halted the issuing of new contracts and spurred a stakeholder process to change the rules. The company most recognized for opposing the lobbying process is Texas Disposal Systems. They refused to operate within the current lobbying restrictions, which prompted the review. The council needs to move forward with a new biosolids contract and is now looking to do so free of any lobbying restrictions at this point in time.
Alter: Council is Letting Garbage Company Rewrite Lobbying Rules

City Races Winter to Empty Sewage Tanks
Port Huron, MI (11/16/17) - Biosolids appliers are racing to land apply their stored biosolids before the winter months. Port Huron has land applied about 6 million gallons of biosolids, so far.

News from Abroad

Immobilization of Heavy Metals in Sewage Sludge During Land Application Process in China: A Review
University of Shandong and Qilu University of Technology, China (11/7/17) - This article presents the environmental risks of heavy metals in biosolids, the common immobilization mechanism and speciation transformation occurring during the composting process and the problems that arise during the immobilization process. A link to the full report is here.

The Impact of Sewage Sludge and Compost on Winter Triticale
Tunisia (11/3/17) - “The present study was carried out to evaluate the effects of sewage sludge, and green waste compost application, on a forage crop, triticale “X Triticosecale Wittmack” compared to unfertilized control.” To read the full abstract follow the link in the title.

Composite Biomass Energy Helps Generate Renewable Energy in Japan
Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan (11/3/17) - A public private partnership has led to the construction and operation of a combined biomass energy facility receiving treated sewage sludge, garbage and human waste from residents in Toyohashi City.

Yorkshire Water Embraces the Sludge Treatment Market
Bradford, UK (10/31/17) - Yorkshire Water is looking to offer more opportunities for third-party companies to enhance how it transports, treats and recycles sludge.

Thames Water Draws up New Smell-Control Measure for Oxford Sewage Treatment Works in Littlemore
Oxford, UK (10/31/17) - A consortium of landowners, including Oxford City Council, Magdalen College and Thames Water, are hoping to sell off land immediately south of a treatment plant, for a 3,500-homes estate.The company had specialists from Odournet run an official Odor Impact Assessment and decided to increase their smell-control methods. The proposed changes include installing a new cover for their digested sludge holding tank, new walls for the open-sided 'cake barn' and a new odor control unit. They are also planning a new 15m high stack to 'disperse emissions from the cake barn.

Severn Trent Invests £60m in Biogas Upgrade
Sutton Coldfield, UK (11/1/17) - Severn Trent has invested in a thermal hydrolysis plant at the Minworth Sewage Treatment Works that is expected to be fully operational by 2018. As a company, Severn Trent hopes to generate about 50% of their energy by 2020 and the thermal hydrolysis process will be influential in reaching that goal.

Stench from Biosolids in Rural B.C. Community Raises Concerns
Barnhartvale, BC, Canada (11/1/17) - The smell coming from biosolids applied at a nearby farm has residents in Barnhartvale concerned that the odor may impact the community’s health.

Company Ordered to Stop Sludge Works
Adamstown, Wexford, Ireland (10/28/17) - Enva Organics is part of a group that was issued an enforcement notice to cease the unauthorized change of use of land for the storage of biosolids for use as an organic fertilizer by the planning enforcement department at Wexford County Council. The enforcement notice came after residents issued complaints about odors coming from stored biosolids. Enva is working to comply with the planning enforcement notice and has ceased all use of the facility pending a decision by the planning authority. They have
applied for planning permission to use a shed on the land for storage.
Planning Denied for Controversial Wexford Sludge Site Over ‘Risk to Public Health’
Adamstown Sludge Plant Refused Planning

Manure, Biosolids Management Program Launched in Ontario
Ontario, BC, Canada (11/7/17) - The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) is offering a funding program by helping invest in nutrient application equipment. The Manure and Biosolids Management Program is offering 60 percent cost-share support, up to a maximum of $25,000 per business for Ontario’s nutrient applicators. Funding is available on a first-come first-served basis.

Summerland Says No to Biosolid Compost Site
Summerland, BC, Canada (10/24/17) - Summerland councilors voted against a proposal by the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) to build a biosolids composting facility at the local landfill.
Compost Decision Needed Further Study, Waterman Says

Biosolids Newsclips 10-24-17

News from Within the MABA Region

State Legislators Taking Closer Look At Biosolids
VA (10/18/2017) -- Virginia Farmer, David Hudnall, is interviewed to discuss the use of biosolids on his 3,000 acre farm. This article references the VA JLARC Report.

Sludge Treatment Plant Developers Revise Plans for Slate Belt Site
Slate Belt, PA (10/10/17) -- Synagro has submitted a revised application to Plainfield Township. The application has eliminated the contentious plan to discharge water into local creeks and has addressed other small concerns from the original application.
Big Crowd Expected for Sludge-to-Fertilizer Meeting

News from Beyond the MABA Region

San Francisco PUC selected for major EPA water infrastructure loan
San Francisco, CA (10/17/17) -- San Francisco was selected as a recipient of an Environmental Protection Agency WIFIA (Water Infrastructure and Financing Innovation Act) loan that will fund half of the city’s biosolids facility upgrades.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Rover
Cadillac, MI (10/21/17) Pumpkins are being grown at the Cadillac Wastewater Treatment Plant to show the difference in plant growth between soils with biosolids fertilizer and regular soils. They are considering growing sunflowers as another demonstration of how biosolids helps crops.

Mason Residents Concerned About Biosolid Spreading
Mason, MI (10/17/17) -- Mason residents are concerned about the health and environmental impacts for biosolids application on a brownfield site near Mason. The site received biosolids from 1968 to 2012 and resumed in the past year. Residents are discussing whether they will purchase the land for community recreational use.

Complaints in Hill County About Foul Smelling Fertilizer
Itasca, TX (10/18/17) -- Residents in Hill County are complaining about strong odors coming from biosolids applied by a contractor with Trinity River Authority. The facility is looking into technologies that reduce odors.

Palo Alto Sludge May Come to Fairfield-Suisun Plant
Palo Alto, CA (10/22/17) -- Palo Alto has decommissioned its sludge incinerators and is seeking a five-year solution for processing the material starting next fiscal year. They are interested in transporting biosolids to a Lystek facility in Fairfield, but will need additional partners to digest and haul the solids before they enter the Lystek facility.

WSU, PNNL Convert Biofuel Waste Into Commodity, Now Targeting Sewage Sludge
Richland, WA (10/6/17) -- The process of converting algae into a biofuel is a two-step process. In the first step, hydrothermal liquefaction, a portion of carbon and nutrients are left behind. A team of researchers from the Washington State University have found a way to adapt anaerobic microbes to break down those nutrients into a bionatural gas or fertilizer. The research team is now partnering with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to research how to convert sewage sludge into fuel. This research article is saved in the MABA Members Site or can be purchased “Anaerobic digestion of organic fraction from hydrothermal liquefied algae wastewater byproduct”.
Algae Biofuel Waste Converted to ‘Valuable’ Commodity

Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Watertown, SD (10/6/17) -- The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) received an application for the renewal of a Biosolids Management permit from the City of Watertown. The permit will allow the city of Watertown’s wastewater treatment facility to land apply or landfill treated biosolids at the Watertown Municipal Landfill.

Phosphorus Availability of Sewage Sludge-Based Fertilizers Determined by the Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films (DGT) Technique
Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science (9/10/17) -- Researchers used “diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) technique to quantify the plant P availability of various types of P fertilizers with a novel focus on sewage sludge-based P fertilizers.” This experiment was done as a way to explore alternative ways to measure plant available P outside of pot and field experiments. You can view the abstract and purchase the article by following the link in the title.

Waterworld Weekly Newscast
Waterworld (10/9/17) -- Waterworld brings us news reports on: Crow water treatment plant getting vandalized, North Las Vegas implementing a wastewater pretreatment program under settlement, Rice scientists developing a 'super filter' to clean frack water for reuse and Australian farms reaping benefits of human biosolids.

Cities Seek Advice on $7 Million Sludge Plant
Long Beach and Ilwaco, WA (10/10/17) -- Long Beach and Ilwaco leaders are planning to construct a facility that will produce a mulch using treated sludge from each city’s wastewater treatment facility.

Hickory-Area Middle School Students Set Sights on Saving Environment
Hickory, NC (10/13/17) -- Eighth-Grade students “are beginning a project with the Town of Valdese Lake Rhodhiss Wastewater Treatment Plant to develop a solution that will alleviate the plants surplus of biosolids compost created during the filtration process.”

MSD is Giving Away Treated Sewage Sludge Fertilizer - But You Need a Really Big Truck
Louisville, KY (10/13/17) -- Louisville Green is giving away its biosolids fertilizer in free 15 ton loads. This comes after a drop in fertilizer prices prompted a change in contract between MSD and Mannco of Arkansas. Compost will be given away until a new agreement is created.

News from Abroad

GWC Works Toward Sludge Solutions
Glasgow, Scotland (10/12/17) -- Glasgow Water Company is looking to land apply biosolids as a solution to their current sewage management challenges. They will need to look into additional permitting applications and testing.
Researchers Take the 'Stink' Out of Wastewater Treatment
Okanagan, BC, Canada (10/10/17) -- Researchers from University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus have experimented with adding various metal salts during the anaerobic digestion process in wastewater treatment plants to reduce odors. By adding the metal salts during the fermentation process of the treatment, the researchers saw a reduction in sulfuric gases produced, a decrease in pathogenic fecal coliforms, and found it easier to extract water from the treated sludge.The research article mentioned in this news item is available on the Members Site and can be purchased “Assessing iron and aluminum-based coagulants for odour and pathogen reductions in sludge digesters and enhanced digestate dewaterability

Reduction on Environment
Montagu, Tasmania (10/6/17) -- TasWater will be using treated wastewater traditionally discharged into Kemps Bay at Montagu to irrigate neighboring agricultural land. The water will be coming from Smithton Sewage Treatment Plant at Pelican Point. In addition to irrigation, the wastewater treatment plant has found local farms to land apply biosolids coming from their sewerage ponds.

Gold and Silver Worth Millions Found in Swiss Sewage
Ticino, Switzerland (10/10/17) -- A study has shown that concentrations of gold and silver in wastewater from Ticino are sufficiently high for recovery to be potentially worthwhile”, according to a federal science report. The same study also found traces of rare earth elements in the wastewater.
Scientists Say 43 Kilos of Gold is Flushed Through Swiss Sewers Each Year
Switzerland Wastewater Worth $3.4 Million In Gold, Silver

Biosolids Newsclips 10-5-17

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Biosolids Stench Dissipates From Glen Ellyn After Wastewater Plant Takes Action
Glen Ellyn, IL (10/2/17) -- In our last Newsclips we heard about the initial discovery of odors from digesters in Glen Ellyn being in an “upset condition” in the article Overwhelming Odor in Glen Ellyn: Wastewater Authority Presents Game Plan. Since then, the facility took action and recently a third-party testing facility found that "none of the organic compounds detected in the area around the wastewater treatment plant exceeded the acceptable levels according to the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety Standards."

Study: Rain and Snow Can Transport Chemicals to Minnesota’s Lakes, Rivers
MN, State (9/29/17) -- Biosolids may be one of many sources of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals found in remote Minnesota lakes.

Soil Amendments for Healthier Spinach
Salinas Valley, CA (10/4/17) -- Soils in Salinas, California are naturally rich in cadmium and as a result, spinach grown in the area can sometimes contain levels of cadmium beyond the amount determined safe. To address high levels of cadmium in otherwise fertile soils, researchers from the Sustainable Mineral Institute in Brisbane, Australia are testing zinc and manganese salts, limestone and biosolids compost as soil amendments. Research found that a combination of compost, zinc and limestone brought the levels of cadmium found in spinach down to nontoxic levels. They hope to extend the study to determine the ideal combination of amendments and to study vegetables besides spinach. Purchase the full research article Spinach from a Cd-Mineralized Soil, Journal of Environment Quality.

Making a Stink
Spokane, WA (9/21/17) - This is another story coming from Spokane about the proposed biosolids permit for land at Rosman Farms. Community members formed the group, Protect Mill Canyon Watershed, that opposes the permit and is calling for the Department of Ecology to “halt all biosolids permits in the state  until further research is completed”. Their effort is supported by the local Sierra Club, the Columbia Institute for Water Policy and other environmental groups and nonprofits. For more information, you can check out the article included in the last Newsclips “Mill Canyon Farm Applies to use Fertilizer Derived from Municipal Sewage” or another article we found this week “Lincoln County Residents Fight Biosolids on Nearby Farm

News from Abroad

Bio-solid Composter Plant to Close
Waikato, New Zealand (9/26/17) -- The biosolids composter unit in Waikato, New Zealand will be shut down because the operating costs exceeds the savings.
Whitianga Bio-solid Composter Unit Closed

Achieving Stable Mainstream Nitrogen Removal Via the Nitrite Pathway by Sludge Treatment Using Free Ammonia
The University of Queensland, Australia (9/26/17) -- Researchers at the University of Queensland have published this piece on Nitrogen Removal. “This study demonstrates an innovative approach for attaining the nitrite pathway based on sludge treatment using free ammonia (FA, i.e., NH3)”.

Australian Farmers Are Using Human Waste as Fertilizer. And it's Working
Sydney, Australia (9/27/17) -- More happy farmers using biosolids in Australia. This time with a short video!
Hawkesbury Poo Helping Farmers in Central West and Hunter

Sludge Facility Project Gets Moving
Hanover, ON, Canada (9/27/17) -- The construction cost of a biosolids storage facility in Hanover has doubled because additional work needs to be done in order to fall within government regulations. The town has decided not to apply for additional funding and will need to pull more from their sewer reserve funds to cover the extra costs.

Nawassco Ventures Into Producing Fertilizer Out of Human Waste
Nakuru, Kenya (9/28/17) -- Nakuru Water and Sanitation Service Company, NAWASSCO, is producing a struvite and biochar from their sludge. Right now they are facing challenges with funding and are experiencing high production costs because they need to source magnesium oxide.

Ladysmith Expects Costs Overruns on Construction of New Biosolids Facility
Ladysmith, BC, Canada (9/28/17) -- Ladysmith’s new biosolids facility will be slightly over budget due to unforeseen costs in the geotechnical works as well as additional work needed for the building code analysis and for coordinating registered professionals.


Biosolids Newsclips 9-21-17

News From Within the MABA Region

From Waste to Garden Riches
Washington, D.C. (9/15/17) -- Dr. Francis Gouin carries an impressive resume, having dedicated 20 years to compost research. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Maryland, founder of the Master Gardener program in Maryland and writes columns on gardening for The Bay Weekly, Annapolis Horticultural Society and other nursery and landscape publications. Dr. Gouin is now speaking up to share his excitement about DC Water’s Bloom. He blends bloom with other soil amendments and is testing the mix with broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, onions, peppers and spinach. So far, tests have shown Bloom providing outstanding results for plant growth and health.


News From Beyond the MABA Region

Residents Frustrated By Treated Human Waste Fertilizer
Webb City, MO (9/6/17) -- Residents in Webb city are upset about not receiving advance notice of treated human waste being spread near their homes.


Leaders Make Their Case at Hub City Tour
Williston, ND (9/7/17) -- The new Williston Water Resource Recovery Facility has been criticized by some citizens who say the facility is too costly. City officials have responded saying the facility was built with consideration of new regulatory requirements on the horizon that would require the facility to retrofit the plant with additional parts down the line if foresight was not used.

23 Years, 80,075 Tons of Yard Debris, 100 Batches of Compost
Port Townsend, WA (9/6/17) -- The City of Port Townsend recently celebrated the sale of its 100th batch of city compost. This article shares information about city’s compost facility, which is able to accept three waste streams to produce its compost; biosolids, septage solids from the pumping of septic tanks in Jefferson County and yard debris from the community.

WA group Starts Campaign to Stop Use of Biosolids on Ag Land
Davenport, WA (9/7/17) -- “Members of the Protect Mill Canyon Watershed citizen committee in Eastern Washington are launching a letter-writing campaign asking the state to deny a permit to a company to apply biosolids to a Davenport, Wash., farm, and stop approving permits for applications to agricultural lands until existing science is reviewed.”

Award-Winning BIosolids Facility Offer Free Drop-Off This Saturday
Fort Wayne, IN (9/8/17) -- Fort Wayne City Utilities’ Biosolids and Composting Facility was honored with the 2017 Residuals & Resource Recovery Award for Excellence in Operation by the Indiana Water Environment Association. The facility held a day where residents of Allen County could dispose of yard and garden waste, tree branches, brush and grass clippings free of charge.
Verbatim: City Biosolids Facility to Offer Free Drop-off Saturday to County Residents

Trinity River Authority of Texas Awards MWH Constructors $196M Contract
Arlington, TX (9/8/17) -- MWH Constructors has been awarded a $196 million contract by the Trinity River Authority of Texas to provide construction and start-up/commissioning support for the Phase III-B Solids Management Improvement Project for the Central Regional Wastewater System CRWS. The plan will replace the lime stabilization process, provide a significant reduction of biosolids produced and diversify the potential end uses for the biosolids. The project is the third in the United States to use the Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process.

Lake Twp.: Trustees Ask for End to Sludge Application
Lake Township, OH (9/8/17) -- “A resolution asking the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to cease allowing the application of Class B biosolids on farmland in Lake Township has been approved by the township trustees.” The vote came about after a township administrator was contacted by a resident claiming they were not aware that biosolids would be applied to land near their property and were worried about the biosolids being applied near a creek.

Energy, Cost Savings Expected from New $32M Water, Waste Treatment Facilities
Pontiac, MI (9/12/17) -- Representatives from the Oakland County Water Resources Commission broke ground on the site where the new biosolids handling building facility will be built. For more about this project check out the article linked above or the article from the last biosolids NEWSCLIPS.
Michigan Waste Treatment Facility Gets $32M Update

Brandon Sewer Lagoons Offer Fertilizer to Sioux Falls-area Farmers
Sioux Falls, SD (9/15/17) -- The City of Brandon is pumping sewage out of its lagoons and sending it to Sioux Falls where it will be processed into biosolids and land applied.

Overwhelming Odor in Glen Ellyn: Wastewater Authority Presents Game Plan
Glen Ellyn, IL (9/15/17) -- The Glenbard Wastewater Authority recently announced it had put an indefinite moratorium on its oil, fat, and grease intake program. The facility traced an odor issue back to two of the plant’s digesters being in an “upset condition”. The plant had been receiving an inconsistent volume of biosolids the past year, but over the summer the deliveries increased and cause the digesters to get overloaded. The biosolids ferment and cause high pH levels.

Alliance Council OKs Biosolids Conversion Project
Alliance, OH (9/18/17) -- Members of Alliance’s city council unanimously authorized city Safety-Service Director Michael Dreger to contract for the design and construction of a Class A biosolids facility with Quasar Energy Group for a cost not to exceed $1,969,518.


News from Abroad

Northside Site Chosen for Biosolids Storage Facility
Newtown/Kilshane, Ireland (9/7/17) -- More coverage on the new biosolids storage facility. IRISH Water has chosen a site at Newtown/Kilshane, in Dublin 11 for a new facility to store biosolids from the upgraded Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant and at the Greater Dublin Drainage project.
Fingal site for biosolid store

Central Okanagan Communities Buy Their Way Out of Sewage Sludge Controversy
West Kelowna, BC, Canada (9/13/17) -- The Central Okanagan Regional District, on behalf of three communities, awarded two, three-year contracts for Class B sewage sludge transportation and disposal.

Residents Raise Concerns About Biosolids
Lucan Biddulph, ON, Canada (9/13/17) - Lucan Biddulph denied an application for rezoning that would allow for biosolid storage at an old livestock waste storage facility at Knip Farms Inc. in Lucan Biddulph. Residents raised concerns with biosolids transportation issues and the sources of the material. Although the application was denied, Knip Farms Inc. and Frank A Dietrich Farms Ltd., have been approved to spread biosolids on their land until the end of 2021.

Rocket Fuel: Sydney Solids the Country’s Golden Manure
Sydney, Australia (Sydney Water is producing about 180,000 metric tons of biosolids fertilizer. Sheep farmer Stuart Kelly is ecstatic about the results he is seeing on his grazing fields and in the size of his sheep and the volume of wool they grow.
How Human Waste is Helping Aussie Farmers Get the Best out of Their Land

Biosolids Newsclips 9-7-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Humans Have Been Using Their Waste As Fertilizer for Centuries. Now it Might Be Marketable
Washington, D.C. (8/23/17) -- DC Water’s Bloom fertilizer is the focus of this Washington Post article. The article sheds light on some of the concerns people have over land applying biosolids and also explains the extensive testing DC Water goes through to ensure a safe product.

Biosolids Alternative Would Use AWA Equipment, Land Method Could Also Generate Revenue
Altoona, PA (8/27/17) -- Several months ago, the Altoona board hear a presentation about sludge blow-drying equipment that could replace their existing centrifuge and help the authority generate revenue from producing a fertilizer product. Recently, the board heard another management alternative called “ deep row hybrid poplar biosolids recycling”. The biosolids would be put in trenches or land applied in forests to help mitigate environmental damage from strip mines. The method would remove the regulatory challenges of land applying biosolids on farmland.


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Biosolids Supervisor
Portland, OR (8/24/17) -- Veolia North America Seeks a Biosolids Supervisor in Portland, Oregon. Read more about the position description and job requirements in the job posting.

Jackson County Residents Petition Against the Use of Biosolids on Farms
Flat Rock, AL (8/25/17) -- Residents in Flat Rock are speaking out against the use of biosolids in Jackson County. The biosolids, produced at Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant and distributed by Denali Water Solutions, created a stir in the community because of their odor.

Upgrades Continue at Water Protection Facility
St. Josephs, MO (8/26/17) -- The St. Joseph’s water protection facility is going through a series of upgrades. The plant just received a new inductively coupled plasma spectrometer and is making adjustments to their biosolids dryer to improve its efficiency. The dryer belt has been in operation for a year and the city hopes to produce a pelletized fertilizer once the equipment has been commissioned. For now, the biosolids produced are being landfilled.

Notice of Biosolids Management Recommendation and Application
City of Hot Springs, SD (8/29/17) -- The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) received an application for the renewal of a Biosolids Management permit from the City of Hot Springs. The permit “will allow the facility to landfill treated biosolids produced at Hot Springs’s wastewater treatment facility at the Rapid City Municipal Landfill. It also allows the facility to compost and distribute to the public Class A biosolids or the land application of biosolids to the 520 acres of agricultural land near the airport.”

Michigan Waste Treatment Facility Gets $32M Update
Pontiac, MI (8/29/17) -- The Oakland County Water Resources Commission is planning a new biosolids treatment facility at its Clinton River Water Resource Recovery Facility in Pontiac. The update will include a process called thermal hydrolysis pretreatment to treat the sewage sludge.
WRC to Invest $32M into High-Tech Waste Treatment

Mill Canyon Farm Applies to use Fertilizer Derived from Municipal Sewage
Spokane, WA (8/28/17) -- Residents are concerned over Rosman Farm’s permit request to land apply biosolids. The Department of Ecology expects to sign off on the certification in the next two months.

Mountains of Rich Compost Free at Treatment Plant
Ruidoso and Ruidoso Downs, NM (8/29/17) -- The wastewater treatment plant serving Ruidoso and Ruidoso Downs has accumulated a huge quantity of Class A biosolids that they have not been able to give away. They are looking at landfilling as a disposal option, but would prefer to find a way to put it to beneficial use.

Biosolids Analysis and In-depth Research on Market Size, Trends, Emerging Growth Factors and Forecasts 2017-2021
Absolute Reports (9/1/17) -- “The Biosolids Market research report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global Biosolids industry for 2017-2021. The Biosolids report enlists several important factors, starting from the basics to advanced market intelligence which play a crucial part in strategizing.”

Zellwood fertilizer Co. Uses Central Florida Human Waste, Disney Food Scraps in New ProductOrlando, FL (8/29/17) -- Zellwood fertilizer company Anuvia is preparing to launch a new fertilizer product, Anugreen, which is composed of biosolids and food waste from the region.

 News from Abroad


Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant Operation in Ctg Starts in September
Chittagong, Bangladesh (8/25/17) -- Dustha Shasthya Kendra (DSK), an NGO is implementing a project funded by WaterAid Bangladesh to build a faecal sludge treatment plant. According to a report prepared by the Department of Environment, the city currently produces 760 tons of solid waste daily which is openly dumped in two different areas within the city which resulted in a fall in water quality in nearby rivers. The solid waste is expected to be added to other solid wastes and included in the manufacturing of a fertilizer produced at a manufacturing plant that is already in operation.

Irish Water Identifies Site for Storing Treated Sewage Sludge
Dublin, Ireland (8/29/17) -- Irish Water announced its “preferred site” for a biosolids storage facility, at Newtown/Kilshane, Co Dublin. The site will “undergo further environmental studies and assessments in preparation of a planning application for the project. The six-week consultation runs until October 10th.”
Site Identified To Store Treated Sewage Sludge

Biosolids Newsclips 8-24-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Rehoboth Updates Wastewater Agreement with Sussex County
Rehoboth, DE (8/7/17) -- Rehoboth and Sussex County are entering into a new agreement to manage their biosolids. Rehoboth currently takes the sludge or biosolids from Sussex and dewaters it until they transport it to farmland. Now, Sussex County will take the dewatered biosolids and transport it to a larger facility where it can be treated further. Rehoboth Approves New County Agreement

Would You Use Human Waste in Your Garden?
Washington, D.C. (8/23/17) -- DC Water’s Bloom product is the focus of this article.

Letters: Biosolids; Reputation; Lincoln weeps; Misquoted; Taney statue
Maryland (8/22/17) -- This letter, authored by anti-biosolids activist Caroline Snyder is a response to a different letter published, titled “Recycling triangle”.

Landfill Open House Gives Madison County Residents Up - Close Look at ARE Park
Madison County, NY (8/5/17) -- Madison County is considering bringing a biosolids processing plant to their community in response to the potential for New York state to ban organics from going into landfills.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

We Fought This as Best We Could.' County Supervisors to Settle Decade-Long Sludge Lawsuit
Kern County, CA (8/8/17) -- “Kern County has decided to end its decade-long legal battle to defend a voter-approved ban on the land application of treated sewage sludge, settling with the City of Los Angeles.”

Controversial Haines City Composting Facility to Stay Closed
Haines City, FL, (8/6/17) -- Haines City Commission voted 3-0 for a settlement agreement that will close a BCR Environmental composting plant. “City Manager Rick Sloan said the city will look for another company that specializes in environmental or energy-saving products to lease the facility to.”

Lake Twp. resident concerned about sludge application
Toledo, OH (8/4/17) -- Residents adjacent to a field where biosolids were being applied raised concern because they were not informed the biosolids was being applied.

San Francisco’s Largest Wastewater Treatment Facility Awarded $939M Contract For Upgrades
San Francisco, CA (8/4/17) -- “MWH Constructors and Webcor Builders, a construction joint venture, was awarded a $939 million contract by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to serve as construction manager/general contractor (CM/GC) for the Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant Biosolids Digester Facilities Project.” The project is one of the first in the U.S. to use the Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process (CambiTHP).Broomfield firm will help upgrade San Francisco water plant in $939M deal
Sludge problem for Kensett
Kensett, AR (8/22/17) -- Kensett has about 200,000 pounds of wastewater sludge that is not breaking down properly. After making a few attempts to break down the sludge they are now planning to pump the sludge into an old wastewater pond and start the process over.

Lystek Contract to Divert Class B Biowaste from Landfill in California
Petaluma, CA (8/18/17) -- Lystegro has entered into a multi year contract, with the City of Petaluma, to accept their Class B Biosolids. Lystek will convert the Class B biosolids into Lystegro, their Class A EQ biofertilizer.
City of Petaluma Awards Lystek with Biosolids Management Contract

Kenansville Residents Fight Landowner's Plan to Turn Raw Sewage into Fertilizer
Kenansville, FL (8/16/17) -- A Kenansville landowner is looking to use his property to process sludge into a fertilizer and is being met with resistance from the town board. After being encouraged by a board member to find another use for the land, the landowner, Bill Folsom, decided to move forward, starting the permitting process at the state level with the Environmental Protection Agency.
Potential Kenansville biosolids plant meets resistance

Biosolids Sales Market 2017 - Recyc Systems Inc., New England Fertilizer Company, Englobe, Merrell Bros., Inc.
Apex Research (8/15/17) --  “Apex Research, recently published a detailed market research study focused on the "Biosolids Sales Market" across the global, regional and country level.” One feature of the study is to share the Biosolids Sales Market performance in terms of volume and revenue.

Ecology: No Threat in Biosolid Use on Ag Lands
Onalaska, WA (8/14/17) --  Fire Mountain Farms is seeking a permit to land apply biosolids and a group of residents formed the group - Protect Mill Canyon Watershed - to work to protest the requested permit. The Washington State Department of Ecology says there’s no risk to applying biosolids to an agricultural field in Eastern Washington despite the concerns. They are currently developing a response to the group’s comments and will make a determination on Fire Mountain Farms’ application in the next 2 months.

St. Pete Officials Defend Safety of Waste-to-Energy Project
ST. PETERSBURG, FL (8/10/17) -- A city biosolids processing plan have been criticized in “Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report that said the city's biosolids project at the Southwest plant was risky because it would produce and store methane gas next to the campus of Eckerd College.” The school hired an independent sewer consultant to look into the issue and eventually the consultant declared it safe.

Austin Waste Contract Recommendations in, But Political Disputes Go On
Austin, TX (8/6/17) -- An updated contract to process Austin’s biosolids has been on hold since December because board members have turned down all proposed options. A new contract is expected to move forward with stricter requirements for producing only compost from the biosolids.
Austin to Receive Recommendations for New Waste Collection Contract

News from Abroad

Stithians Farmer Defends New Storage Tanks and Use of Septic Tank 'Sludge' On Field
Stithian, UK (8/9/17) -- Residents of the hamlet of Carn and the surrounding area have accused the owners of a farm and septic tank service company Aquarod, of installing sludge treatment tanks without planning permission, and of planning to run a new human waste disposal and fertilizer business out of the site without the appropriate consent.

Coffee, Crops and Doughnuts Workshop Upcoming
Dundalk, ON, Canada (8/9/17) -- Over the past year and a half, staff at Saugeen Conservation have started delivering Coffee, Crops & Doughnuts events that offer continuing education units for Crop Advisors. Lystek will host the next event at its facility in Dundalk. The event will include a tour of the facilities so farmers can learn about the benefits of biosolids to soil structure. There will also be a tour of the Lystek demonstration plots.

Water industry researches new biosolids use hazards in agriculture
Energy & Environment Management (8/17/17) -- A new UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) project aims to establish a robust, evidence-based response to concerns about the discovery of various emerging hazards being found in biosolids. “The strategic UKWIR-funded project, SL01, is being led by environmental consultancy ADAS, working with a consortium of research bodies, including Cranfield University, the James Hutton Institute and the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), as well as environmental consultancy Aqua Enviro, which has direct experience in biosolids’ production and quality control.”

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News from Within the MABA Region

BOS Urges Inspections for Farm Use Vehicles that Haul Sludge
Goochland, VA (7/21/17) -- County leaders are pushing state legislators to require all vehicles transporting biosolids to undergo state inspection. District 1 representatives are concerned about vehicles designated “farm use” that are not required to be registered or inspected, but still transport biosolids to farms.

City of Watertown Selects Company to Haul Sludge
Watertown, NY (7/24/17) -- Casella Organics won a contract to market and haul sludge from the Watertown's wastewater treatment plant. Casella will haul 1,000 to 5,000 tons of sludge from the plant and will be paid $744,500 during the duration of the contract, which will expire in 2022.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

ESB Members Get The Dirt On Compost
Los Alamos, NM (7/25/17) -- Members of the county Environmental Sustainability Board were given a tour of the wastewater treatment plant in Pueblo Canyon. The plant used to send its sludge to landfills, but now treats its sludge to be used in compost.

Compost in City Parks and Golf Courses Saves the Money on Fertilizer, Reduces Water Usage
Kingman, AZ (7/25/17) -- The Hilltop Wastewater Treatment Plant in Arizona produces a biosolids compost. In 2016, two treatment plants produced 2,214 dry tons of biosolids. Approximately 380 of those were spread amongst grass and plants within the 100 acres of city parks and 90 acres of Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course. There are about 4,300 dry tons of biosolids and compost stored at hilltop facility right now. The city saves on fertilizers, has improved turf quality at several city sites, and saved on landfill fees.

Les Liman: Twin Enviro Still Composting
Milner, CO (7/26/17) -- This Letter to the Editor addresses statements made in a previous article titled “Organics Recycling - It’s Not One Size Fits All” that claimed “Twin Enviro Services is suspending its commercial and residential composting”. Les Liman, owner of Twin Enviro Services explains the logistical and financial challenges of implementing a compost collection programs with residential and commercial customers. The organization still runs a composting facility using biosolids as their main ingredient.

EPA Selects San Francisco Biosolids Digester Facility to Apply for $625 Million Loan
San Francisco, CA (7/28/17) -- “The US Environmental Protection Agency has invited the San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SFPUC) to apply for a $625 million Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) loan.” San Francisco’s wastewater treatment system was one of 12 prospective projects selected to submit applications for loans.

Loans OK’d for Oregon, Lindsey
Oregon, OH (7/31/17) - The City of Oregon has been approved for financing from the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund to construct a new biosolids dewatering system that will allow material to be sent to a landfill rather than applying it to fields. This decision was made in order to reduce the amount of phosphorus entering the environment and potentially causing algal blooms in waterways.

Biofertilizer Operation ‘Gro-ing’ at Fairfield-Suisun Sewer Plant
Fairfield, CA (8/2/17) -- The Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District facility partnered with Lystek to help manage the biosolids leaving their plant. The sewer district is experiencing predicted growth and the project is expected to be a financial plus by next year.

Boise, Idaho, Anaerobic Digester to Process Multiple Streams to Increase Efficiency
Boise, ID (8/1/17) -- “Idaho-based developer Boise Biogas is working with two tech companies to install an anaerobic digestion (AD) system that will be fed by various feedstocks to produce pipeline gas for local distributors and fertilizer for local farmers.

Marysville to Spend More to Recycle Biosolids from Wastewater Treatment Plant
Marysville, MI(8/3/17) -- The Marysville City Council voted to award a five-year contract to Michigan AgriBusiness Solutions LLC, to transport and land apply its biosolids. This contract will follow the completion of a five year contract with Synagro that will not continue because Synagro is pulling its operations out of Michigan.

AUB Wastewater Rate Increase is a Small Price to Pay for Strong System
Athena, TN (8/2/17) -- Athens Utilities Board (AUB) will be starting to increase their rates in order to cover the cost of loan payments from upgrading the Oostanaula Wastewater Treatment Plant and expanding services to new areas. The operational investment has paid off in some regards with AUB WWTPs receiving Operational Excellence Awards and plant operators earning the Beneficial Use of Biosolids Award from the Kentucky-Tennessee Environment Association. AUB has also been recognized for its biosolids product AthenaGro.

News from Abroad

Human Waste Can Fuel Agriculture
Bengaluru,Karnataka, India (7/20/17) -- A faecal sludge treatment plant (FSTP), started in Devanahalli in 2015 handles waste from 20,000 residences, and treats waste so it is safe for agricultural uses. This small scale project is seen as a model for other similar project and is a prefered option as opposed to farmers using untreated sludge for agriculture. “The project, implemented by the local administration with the help of Bengaluru-based firm Consortium for DEWATSTM Dissemination (CDD), was among the sustainable processes discussed at the Future Earth South Asia Regional Workshop held at the Divecha Centre for Climate Change (DCCC), Indian Institute of Science”.

Disposal Situation of Sewage Sludge from Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) and Assessment of the Ecological Risk of Heavy Metals for Its Land Use in Shanxi, China
Shanxi, China (7/21/17) -- Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) published this research piece in its ‘Environmental Engineering and Public Health’ section. “The preliminary results indicated that the potential risk of land exposure to heavy metals in sewage sludge was relatively low, with Zn and Cd as the main contributor to the ecological risk for the applying of sewage sludge on land.”

Consultancies Team Up to Investigate Threats of Recycling Biosolids to Ground
Europe (7/21/17) -- Environmental consultants, Aqua Enviro, have joined a consortium led by ADAS to develop a project looking at threats from recycling biosolids to land. The project is funded by research program UKWIR and includes a variety of educational organizations and public health agencies. This review will build on existing information available from international scientific literature and will identify and prioritise key focus areas for further investigation.

PHOTOS: Concrete Poured for Ladysmith’s New Biosolids Facility
Ladysmith, B.C., Canada (7/21/17) -- Ladysmith is constructing a biosolids facility that will produce a Class A topsoil. This article has a collection of photos from the initial construction

Sink or Source? Anaerobic Digestion May Reduce Microplastics in Sewage Sludge
European Commission’s DG Environment/ University of the West of England(7/28/17) -- Micoplastics that remain in treated sewage have been identified as a concern when land applying biosolids. This article points to research that suggests different processing techniques may vary in effectiveness for reducing the amount of microplastics in biosolids. “In the context of the upcoming EU Strategy on Plastics in a Circular Economy, due to be presented in late 2017, further studies on microplastics are being undertake; thus further studies of microplastics on land would be useful to monitor for changes in levels as a result of policy”.

Market Feasibility of Faecal Sludge and Municipal Solid Waste-Based Compost as Measured by Farmers’ Willingness-to-Pay for Product Attributes: Evidence from Kampala, Uganda
Kampala, Uganda (7/21/17) -- This willingness to pay (WTP) experiment was used to estimate farmers’ willingness-to-pay for faecal sludge and municipal solid waste-based (FSM) compost in Kampala, Uganda and considered three attributes—fortification, pelletization and certification. The full report can viewed for free or downloaded from the web page.