Biosolids in the News 6-15-17

News from the MABA Region

Two More Towns Oppose Slate Belt Sludge Drying Program
Plainfield Township, PA (6/8/17) -- The Plainfield Township Planning Commission is expected to hear Synagro Technologies Inc.'s application for a $26 million plant at a meeting to be held this week. “Jammed House Greets Slate Belt Sludge Plant Planners” details the events of the meeting

Watertown sludge project proceeding
Watertown, NY (6/7/17) -- The city of Watertown is looking for a company to haul their class B biosolids from the wastewater treatment plant to area farmland. The city will landfill the material until they are able to find a cost effective way to land apply the material.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Regional Biosolids Drying with Power Oxidation
Napa, CA (5/31/17) -- Andritz, RealEnergy and Dresser Rand, a Siemens Company has developed a Power Oxidation process that utilizes a uniquely designed power island and cogeneration system to produce a Class A biosolids. This article links to their white paper titled “Regional Biosolids Drying with Negative Carbon Oxidation

Harvesting Agricultural Fertilizers from Wastewater Sludge
Kenosha, WI (6/1/17) -- You heard about Nutrient Recovery and Upcycling’s product Brushite product in the article “CNP Acquires Pre-Digestion Phosphorus Recover Technology” from our March newsclips. In May 2017, Nutrient Recovery and Upcycling LLC started up an optimized version of its pilot plant in a new partnership with CNP/Centirsys. “NRU is also set to pilot a membrane-based, nitrogen-recovery process that works by using electric fields to separate ammonium compounds.”

Perennial Wheat on Agenda for Lind Field Day
Lind, WA (6/8/17) -- The annual field day June 15 at Washington State University’s dryland research station will host a variety of presentations. Bill Schillinger, the station director will provide an update on his project studying the use of biosolids as fertilizer. The station applies 2.8 dry tons once every four years to produce two winter wheat crops and is comparing biosolids with other fertilizers.

Biosolid Removal Begins in Brandon
Brandon, SD (6/12/17) -- Biosolids are being removed from Brandon’s storage lagoons and are being land applied or pressed and dewater in order to be delivered to fields at a later date. The facility is getting more requests from farmers to land apply than they can fulfill currently.  

Emergency Meeting Held in SLC Over Biosolids
St. Lucie, FL (6/12/17) --  Leaders in St. Lucie County are holding an emergency meeting to get public input on Sunbreak Farm’s proposal to use biosolids fertilizer. Commissioners are most concerned about drainage and runoff on the site and how it might impact the Indian River Lagoon.

MagneGas Awarded a $432,000 USDA Grant
Tampa, FL (6/14/17) -- “MagneGas Corp., Tampa, has announced it has been awarded a $431,874 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The grant will be used to accelerate the commercialization of MagneGas' plasma arc Venturi sterilization system for the treatment of pathogens and nutrients found in animal biosolid wastes.”

Got Compost?
Carpinteria, CA (6/14/17) -- Carpinteria Sanitary District is producing a biosolids that they send to Engel & Gray composting facility in Santa Maria to further incorporate into compost. The final product, Harvest Blend Compost, is marketed throughout central California for use by gardeners, farmers and landscapers.


News from Abroad

Mayor Balks at Biosolids Bill
Barrie, ON, Canada (6/1/17) -- The town of Barrie is looking to replace the storage tank mixers at their biosolids plant in Oro-Medonte Township, but officials are questioning a dramatic increase in the projects costs. The price tag to replace the mixers nearly doubled to address costs for electrical updates, additional interconnecting piping and an estimate for a low pump system.

Sludge & Sewage Treatment Tender Opportunity
Yorkshire, England (6/9/17) -- Yorkshire will be holding four OJEU tender opportunities for two upcoming projects in the region. A new regional sludge treatment facility with a treatment capacity of 16,500tds/annum is proposed in Huddersfield and a new flow to full treatment wastewater inlet works, with a peak flow capacity of 2,000l/s is proposed in Hull. Yorkshire Water is holding two call-for-competition supplier engagement days where a maximum of 2 colleagues from your company will receive an explanation of the opportunities as well as a walk around the proposed location of the new works. Details for how to request to attend these events are included in the article.

Biosolids in the News 5-18-17

News from the MABA Region

Ag. and Markets Orders Wheatfield to Allow Use of Biosolids on Town Land
Wheatfield, NY (5/23/17) -- Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets of the State of New York, Richard A. Ball, has required Wheatfield to allow the land application of Equate to Milleville Brothers Farms. Ball stated “Although given the opportunity to do so, the Town of Wheatfield did not provide the Department with any correspondence, documentation or other information showing any public health or safety threat relating to the land application of biosolids by the farm operation. The town submitted articles referencing studies evaluating impacts under dissimilar circumstances (e.g., impacts to animals grazing on land where biosolids were surface-applied)."

State Board Approves Spreading biosolids on Nelson sites
Nelson, VA (5/25/17) -- The VA State Water Control Board has approved a permit modification for Synagro to land apply biosolids across more than 100 fields in Nelson County.

AWA Considering Biosolids Options
Altoona, PA (5/21/17) -- Altoona Water Authority currently uses a centrifuge to dewater sludge to create a class B biosolids. Due to a reduction in farmland available for spreading and increasing regulations making application logistics more difficult, the authority is considering investing in a dryer to produces a class A product.

City Considers Adding Sludge Drier to Wastewater Plant
Lockport, NY (5/19/17) -- The Lockport Common Council voted recently to hire Nussbaumer & Clarke, Inc. to conduct a cost-to-benefit analysis on installing a sludge dryer at their wastewater facility for a fee of $26,500. The city’s current composting facility is reaching the end of its life and the sludge dryer would be its replacement for producing biosolids.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

GLWA Confident in Technology at Biosolids Facility
Detroit, MI (5/19/17) --  Sue McCormick, CEO of the Great Lakes Water Authority
wrote this article in response to a previous article shared in our News Clippings titled “New Waste Plant Piles on Pollution in SW Detroit”. Sue affirms the GLWA’s commitment to ensuring NEFCO comes into compliance with all regulations. The authority recently entered into an Administrative Consent Order with the Michigan Department of Environmental quality “which contains a prescribed schedule for the facility to attain compliance with MDEQ air quality regulations by the end of 2017.”
Detroit Biosolids Reuse Plant Blamed for Air Pollution

Treated Waste Fertilizes Crops, but Can Fuel Algae Blooms
Florida (5/20/17) -- Activists in Florida are critical of the lack of regulation around land applying Class AA biosolids. This piece walks through the various stakeholders involved in biosolids regulation in the state.

Sunbreak Farm Would Spread Biosolids Near C-25 Canal, Taylor Creek
TCPalm, Florida (5/24/17) -- TCPalm continues coverage on the use of biosolids in Florida. Sunbreak Farms is looking to land apply 80,000 tons of compost containing biosolids on its land that stretches across two counties. Both counties are considering contesting the permit and have requested the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to extend the public comment period.

News from Abroad

Farm-Bound Sludge Teems with Tiny Plastic Fibres
Brunel University, London, England (5/22/17) -- “The team behind BBC’s Countryfile, one of the nation’s most popular TV programmes, turned to Brunel ecotoxicologist Dr Chris Green to investigate whether microplastics – microfibres and other small plastic pieces – are present in biosolids: sludge from wastewater treatment that’s been pasteurised so it can be spread onto farmland as a fertiliser and soil improver.” The Countryfile episode which aired recently confirmed that microplastics are making it to farmland.

From Toilet to Field: Barrie Poop Becomes Agricultural Fertilizer
Barrie, ON, Canada (5/39/17) -- Wessuc Inc. waste management service transports and land applies biosolids from the City of Barrie’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Use of Biosolids in Enhanced Fired Clay Bricks
RMIT University, Australia (5/18/17) -- “This thesis presents and discusses the possible reuse of biosolids in fired clay bricks and the effect of incorporating biosolids on the compressive strength, density, and other physical and mechanical properties of bricks. In this study, biosolids from the stockpiles of the Eastern Treatment Plant (ETP) and Western Treatment Plant (WTP) in Melbourne were used to assess their suitability as a partial replacement material for clay in the formulation of fired clay bricks.”

Turning Sewage Sludge into Fuels and Hydrogen
Oberhausen, Germany (5/17/17) -- “Twelve SME, industrial, and scientific partners, coordinated by Fraunhofer UMSICHT, are participating in a new ambitious research project named TO-SYN-FUEL which will build up, operate and demonstrate the production of Synthetic Fuels and Green Hydrogen from waste biomass.” In the project, sewage sludge will be used to produce green diesel. There will be a four year period where the team will build-up, operate and demonstrate the technology. By the end of the project they hope to have a business case for green fuels in order to support future targets of the European Commission’s Renewable Energy Directive.
To-Syn-Fuel Turns Sewage Sludge into Fuels and Hydrogen

Biosolids in the News 5-18-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Emergy Analysis for the Sustainable Utilization of Biosolids Generated in a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
EPA (5/6/17) -- This emergy analysis provides a sustainability assessment of comparing the use of biosolids as a soil fertilizer and the recovery of energy from the biosolid gasification process. This work is meant to help decision-makers identify opportunities for improvement in the current process of biosolid management.


Slate Belt Sludge Forum Doesn't Include Processing Company
Slate Belt, PA (5/6/17) -- Elected leaders in Slate Belt held a panel discussion last week about sewage sludge application on farms. The event featured experts in a variety of fields to speak about the potential dangers of sewage sludge and alternative uses for the material. Phil Durgin, the executive director of the Pennsylvania House Legislative, Budget and Finance Committee was in attendance, while Synagro was not invited.


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Planning Commission Votes Down Measure Prohibiting Application of Biosolids
Mat-Su, AK (5/3/17) -- Resolution 17-15, prohibiting the land application of biosolids within the borough was voted down 6 - 1. This decision was made at the recent Mat-Su Planning Commission meeting after being tabled at last month’s meeting.


'Upcycling' Sewage: Silicon Valley Company Converts Human Waste to Fertilizer Without Using Energy
Redwood City, CA (5/5/17) -- More publicity for Bioforcetech, a Silicon Valley based company using technology to produce biochar. Here is an article about the company from a previous News Clips.
Getting Rid of Waste the Clean Way: Redwood City Company Finds a Way to Turn Biosolids Into Fertilizer with No Energy


Waste-to-Energy Plant Still a Possibility in Willmar
Willmar, MN (5/8/17) -- A company representative for Energy & Organic Systems spoke with Willmar Council Members about purchasing or leasing land near the Willmar Wastewater Treatment Plant. The company is interested in building a facility to take biosolids and other organic material and convert the waste into compressed natural gas and organic fertilizer.

County Tries More Maneuvers to Stop Sludge Dumping
Victoria County, TX (5/17/17) -- This news follows a previous News Clips piece “Sewer Sludge Permit Renewal Contested Hearing Date Set”. This local issue is causing confusion on appropriate ways to manage grease and grit trap waste.

Lystek at the Center of MoU between Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
San Francisco, CA (5/9/17) -- “The Fairfield Suisun Sewer District (FSSD) and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) have executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to undertake a two-year, pilot project for treatment of the City's biosolids.”


New Waste Plant Piles on Pollution in SW Detroit
Detroit, MI (5/18/17) -- A biosolids dryer facility near South Detroit has exceeded the one-hour emission standard for sulfur dioxide more than 2,500 times from April 5, 2016, through Feb. 28 2017. Residents and community organizations are up in arms about the pollution, while wastewater officials and MDEQ consider this a natural part of getting this large facility up and running and are working to address the issue.
Waste Plant Polluting Southwest Detroit Neighborhoods


Two Meath Sites in Shortlist for Regional Biosolids Facility
Meath, Ireland (5/11/17) -- Irish water is looking into additional storage facilities for their biosolids. Growing population and an increasing number of wastewater treatment facilities are pushing the storage limit of the greater Dublin area.

The Business Turning Sewage Sludge into Fuel
Paris, France (5/11/17) -- Cryo Pur, a French company has been looking to turn biogas into liquefied natural gas (LNG), or bio-LNG. This piece gives some explanation of their three step process taking biogas from anaerobically digested organic waste and producing a liquid fuel.

Liquid and Solid Waste to be Processed into Organic Fertilizer in Tema
Tema, Ghana (5/13/17) -- “Jekora Ventures Limited (JVL) has opened a fortifier production composite plant at Borteyman in the Tema Metropolis to process liquid and solid waste into organic fertilizer.”

Fraser-Nicola Election Issues: Biosolids
Nicola Valley, BC, Canada (5/4/17) -- The 4 candidates running to become Nicola Valleys MLA have given their stance on the use of biosolids. Green Party Candidate Arthur Green does not support land application and promotes pyrolysis or gasification, DP candidate Harry Lali and Social Credit candidate Michael Henshall were also against the spreading of biosolids. Liberal MLA Jackie Tegart was part of the group that invited the Minister of Environment and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs to work with the five Chiefs of the Nicola Valley, who had imposed a moratorium on biosolids entering the valley.

Biosolids in the News 5-4-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Slate Belt Sludge Conversion Plant Hearing Put on Hold Again
Plainfield, PA (4/28/17) -- An early-round municipal meeting scheduled for mid-May on Synagro’s proposed Slate Belt plant has again been postponed. “Synagro said recently that it agreed to push back its request to locate the facility, a move that must first clear the Plainfield planning commission.”


Kingston Ready To Transfer $70,000 for Continued Disposal of Sewage Sludge
Kingston, NY (5/2/17) -- Kingston is preparing to pay another $70,000 to continue shipping sludge to the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency. Kingston has equipment to process their sludge into pelleted fertilizer, but the equipment the city leased from Aslan Environmental Services broke down. There is currently a lawsuit between the city and Aslan.


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Planning Commission Tables Steamy Issue on Biosolids
Palmer, AK (4/19/17) -- The Matanuska Susitna board has put the decision of whether to allow the land application of biosolids within its jurisdiction on hold. The planning commission tabled a resolution to ban land application at a recent meeting.


Palo Alto: Construction Starts Next Month on Sludge Dewatering Facility
Palo Alto, CA (4/25/17) -- Construction on a dewatering facility is expected to start in the next month. The facility will be part of a project to retire two sludge incinerators. Sewage will be dried and transported to other facilities “to be harnessed for energy to create compost”.


Human Waste Dumped Near Florida Springs | Video
Palm, FL (4/26/17) -- This is the second article in an investigative piece on the land application of biosolids in Florida. The first piece can be found here. This second piece explores where land application has been approved for different classes of biosolids. It  sheds light on the complicated politics around the topic.

Environmentalist Slams Proposed “Sludge Farm” Along Little Manatee River
Tampa, FL (5/2/17) -- Environmental activist Mariella Smith is fighting an application by Chris’s Plumbing Services for a special use permit to spread 600 tons of biosolids and sludge on agricultural land near the Little Manatee River wetlands system.


Crowd Complains of Waste Fertilizer at Hearing
Roseburg, OR (4/20/17) -- Heard Farms receives grease and other waste that is stored in a double-pond lagoon on their facility where it settles and breaks down. They have been applying the material as fertilizer to their land but oversaturation has caused runoff into waterways. The facility is now requesting to land apply the fertilizer to four additional farm fields in Douglas County and to store waste in two large military fuel bladders. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality held a meeting to consider the project and heard concerns from the community. The agency was accepting comments until April 24th.


News from Abroad

Israeli Firm Helping Brazil Turn Sewage Sludge Into Farm Fertilizer
Brazil (4/21/17) -- “Sixty percent of the 6.8 million liters of daily sewage sludge generated in Brazil gets dumped back into nature untreated.” A group of Brazilian companies established a new company, Lodologic, in partnership with Paulee CleanTec in Israel. Paulee CleanTec has a process to oxidize organic residue, turning it into a fertilizer. They hope to bring that technology to facilities throughout Brazil.


Biowaste a Growing Concern in Jasper
Jasper, AB, Canada (4/26/17) -- The Town of Jasper is searching for a place to land apply or dispose of its biosolids. Their original plan was for Parks Canada to apply the Class B material on land, but a test of the compost showed the presence of “viable non-native weed seeds.”

Pilot Demonstration Activity: Fecal Sludge Business Plan
Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines (4/27/17) -- The Asian Development Bank is conducting a pilot study to potentially market sludge as a soil conditioner. The university’s participation focuses on the “characterization of sludge from 2 municipal sources, ecotoxicological assessment of sludge and treated wastewater, characterization of biosolids and assessment of the effectiveness of various types of biosolids.” The project head, Dr. Aileen Guzman and his team of graduate students have presented at conferences sharing their findings and have held workshops.


Project Aims To Turn Wastewater Treatment Facilities Into Revenue Generators
Guelph, ON, Canada (5/1/17) -- GE Water and Process Technologies has partnered with universities and received funding from the federal and provincial governments and the Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) to explore a new anaerobic digestion process. The new technology separates the hydrolysis and acidogenesis processes from the acetogenesis and methanogenesis processes. Testing of the new tech is happening at the SOWC wastewater pilot facility.

Biosolids in the News 4-17-17

News within the MABA Regions

Residents Raise a Stink Over Sludge Plant Proposal

Plainfield, PA (4/1/17) -- More than 100 people attended a community meeting about Synagro’s proposed biosolids processing plant.

Revised Plan Makes Sludge Plant a Permitted Use, Developer Says
Slate Belt Residents Grill Sludge Treatment Plant Developers

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Executive Constantine Kick Off Earth Week by Honoring 13 Environmental Leaders with Green Globe Awards

King County, WA (4/17/17) -- In celebration of Earth Week, King County Executive Dow Constantine honored 13 businesses, cities, organizations and groups for the work they do to protect and improve the local environment. Northwest Biosolids was awarded ‘Leader in supporting waste to resources’.

Beneficial Biosolids: Farmers, Regulators Like Biosolids for Cost, Soil Advantages

Lenawee County, MI (4/16/17) -- Residents are complaining about the odor and linking negative health impacts to biosolids farmers are using on agricultural land. The is article is split into three parts: How are biosolids made to be safe, a watchdog’s take on it, and a farmer’s perspective.

City Moves Forward on Biosolid Digester

Chiefland, FL (3/30/17) -- The Chiefland City Commissioners approved an agreement with the Suwannee River Management District to move forward with updating and reconstructing the city’s existing biosolids digester treatment plant. 

We’re Denton Dammit

Denton, TX (4/13/17) -- A Denton resident skipped yard-work recently due to the odor spread from Dyno Dirt on a nearby lot. But others swear by it.


News from Abroad

City Signs Deal For Biosolids Treatment

Hamilton, ON, Canada (3/29/17) -- The City of Hamilton is moving ahead with a plan for a new biosolids treatment facility in agreement with a consortium that will build and manage the project for 30 years. Harbour City Solutions will design, oversee construction and manage the facility. The facility will produce a pelletized product from sludge coming from the Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant. The president of Terratec Environment, the company currently responsible for the city’s land application, claims the $106 million project will involve needless spending.



Pioneering Treatment Method Turns Sewage Sludge Farm-Safe Fertilizer

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates (29/3/17) -- Researchers from Masdar Institute have developed an energy-efficient, low-cost, method for removing heavy metals from biosolids. The process has demonstrated the ability to remove over 90% of zinc and over 60% of copper from sewage sludge. The three-step process, developed by Dr. Shadi Wajih Hasan, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at Masdar Institute, combines chemical conditioning, electrokinetic remediation and a post-treatment washing. View the paper describing the process that was published in Nature’s Scientific Reports:

Talking About Sewage

Winnipeg, MB, Canada (4/4/17) -- The City of Winnipeg has approved its plan to spread biosolids on farmland and is looking for input on best practices for land application. “The city hopes the public engagement process will help pinpoint where and when biosolids should be spread in rural Manitoba, as well as where the matter should be stored before


NUI Galway Study Raises Questions About Application of Wastewater Sludge to Land

NUI Galway, Ireland (4/5/17) -- Dr. Mark Healy, Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering at the College of Engineering and Informatics at NUI Galway has led a project raising questions about the safety of land applying biosolids. The results of this study have been published by the Environmental Protection Agency Research Report 200 entitled, ‘Health and Water Quality Impacts Arising from Land Spreading of Biosolids’.

City of Greater Sudbury Pleased with Biosolids Partnership 2 Years In

Greater Sudbury, ON, Canada (4/10/17) -- The city of Greater Sudbury entered into a public-private partnership with Walker Environmental to build and operate a biosolids plant 2 years ago. The city is happy with the results of the P3. The biosolids are sold to local mining companies for the re-greening of tailings. Walker Environmental hopes to market the biosolids to northern Ontario farms in the future.

Bustline Kelowna Churning Out Too Much Biosolids-Based Fertilizer
Kelowna, BC, Canada (4/12/17) -- In Feb of 2016, the Kelowna Metro area was found to be the fastest-growing metro area in Canada. The City of Kelowna produces a compost made of biosolids and wood waste called OgoGrow. The city sells the composts, but this year they are producing more than they are able to sell. The city of Kelowna and Vernon are working together to launch a survey on possible waste management options for their growing population.

Biosolids in the News 3-17-17

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Don’t Trust ‘Alternative Facts’ About Biosolids Letter

Plainfield Township, PA (3/1/17) -- Caroline Snyder argues against the recent guest column “Get the Facts on Synagro/ Green Knight Plan”. More letters follow.

Biosolids Have Been Used as Fertilizer for Years Letter

Agencies, Courts Have Upheld Use of Biosolids Letter

Long-Term Effect of Drugs in Biosolids is Unknown Letter


News From Beyond The MABA Region

Lawmakers Consider On-Farm Treatment of Sewage Sludge

Salem, OR (3/2/17) -- Oregon legislators have proposed a bill that would allow processing waste within farm zones.

Should Anuvia Pay to Remove the Excess Sludge from Apopka’s Wastewater Treatment Plant

Apopka, FL (3/5/17) -- In 2014, Anuvia Plant Nutrients’ fertilizer production facility was given a permit to discharge wastewater with an unlimited COD level and a high BOD level. After the city experienced issues with quick accumulations of biosolids at the plant the city traced some of the the cause of the problem to the high COD and BOD levels coming from Anuvia. The city now wants to charge the fertilizer producer to absorb some portion of the costs of extracting the built up biosolids.

Ottawa Can Help Bail Out Tonica’s Sludge Problem

Tonica, IL (3/4/17) -- The village of Tonica will be installing new equipment and needs to get rid of 110,000 gallons of sludge before construction begins. Their original plan was to fertilize neighboring farms with the sludge, but due to the project being ahead of schedule that is no longer possible. The city of Ottawa has agreed to receive Tonica’s sludge at their wastewater treatment plant. Action is pending on some decisions by the local governmental boards.

Webb Hill Facility to Construct Storage Lagoon

Webb Hill, WA (3/14/17) -- BioRecycling plans to construct a double lined lagoon to store biosolids during the winter months. This is in an effort to bring down elevated levels of nitrates in groundwater and soils tested within the area. The company was the center of local controversy and the company is now subject to a list of requirements and restrictions.


News from Abroad

Regional District of Nanaimo Extends Biosolids Deal
Vancouver, BC, Canada (3/2/17) -- The Regional District of Nanaimo has Extended a biosolids management deal with Vancouver Island University and Sylvis Environmental Inc. until May.

Wexford Residents in Battle Over ‘Obnoxious’ Sewage Sludge Odour
Wexford, Dublin, Ireland (3/8/17) -- Residents living near a local sewage sludge facility have been fighting for action to be taken about an odour produced from the facility. The waste service company, Enva, was granted a certificate for the treatment and storage of sludge in 2015 and odor issues began shortly after.

HELCOM Adopts New Recommendation to Promote Sustainable Sewage Sludge Handling
HELCOM, European Union (3/14/17) -- The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, usually referred to as HELCOM, has developed a Recommendation on sewage sludge handling. The document is said to guide the safe handling of sewage sludge to prevent leaching of nutrients; primarily nitrogen and phosphorus, hazardous substances and pathogens into the environment.

Kamloops Looks for Ways to Dispose of Biosolids
Kamloops, BC, Canada (3/1/17) -- The city of Kamloops is hiring a consultant to determine what to do, long-term, with their biosolids that are currently in storage. Composting the biosolids at a local facility is being considered.

Stink Raised About Bio Solid Fertilizer Fires
Dawn-Euphemia ON, Canada (3/2/17) -- The fire department in Dawn-Euphemia is responding to an increasing number of calls about biosolids fertilizers self-combusting. The township now has a new bylaw in effect that has penalties associated with improper storage of biosolids.

Biosolids in the News 3-3-17

News from Within the MABA Region

EPA Destroyed the Career of Its Own Environmental Scientist for Blowing the Whistle on Biosolids… New “Biosludged” Documentary To Be Released This Year
Natural News, National (2/16/17) -- Dr. David Lewis is releasing a documentary that is said to “expose [the] massive environmental crimes” associated with land applying biosolids. BioSludged, the film will be presented for free by Mike Adams, director of CWC Labs and lead editor of View the BioSludged Trailer Here.

Everything You Flush Down the Toilet Ends Up In Your Food: “Biosludged” Film to Expose the “Greatest Environmental Crime” of Biosolids


Sludge Plan Deserves Scientific, Not Knee-Jerk, Analysis
Plainfield Township, PA (2/21/17) -- This letter is in response to a guest column attacking the possibility of Synagro’s proposed project at the Green Knight Economic Development Corp facility. The author, Charles A. Cole -- environmental engineer and scientist -- argues that the project should be given a chance to prove its safety and benefit to the community. Other local commentary on project is below and is not as warm to the idea.


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Ag Advisory Board Recommends Moratorium on Biosolids
AK, Palmer (2/16/17) -- The Agriculture Advisory Board recently recommended a moratorium on soil application of sewage, sludge and domestic septage on borough-owned land. During discussion, board members expressed concerns about heavy metals, persistent pollutants, pharmaceuticals and viruses that could come into contact with food crops. Disposing of biosolids for energy generation instead of land application has been suggested as an alternative plan.

Taking Back Mining’s Land
Minnesota (2/21/17) -- This article is a call for mining companies to be conscious of the requirements and potential for land reclamation of old mining sites. The Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB) and the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) have been involved with reclamation projects and the land application of biosolids to facilitate revegetation and other benefits.


Conneaut Looking for Limited Sludge Contract
Conneaut, OH (2/22/17) -- Conneaut is looking for a company to periodically haul sludge from its wastewater treatment plant. Synagro of Chicago was the previous hauler and after ceasing operations the city has looked to Agri-Sludge for a proposal. The city is also discussing the construction and operation of its own sludge pressing facility to produce a cake that could be land applied. According to City Manager James Hockaday, Conneaut is the only city in Ashtabula County in Ohio that does not have a pressing operation at its treatment plant.


Neenah Spread Lime Sludge on Farm Fields
Neenah, WI (2/25/17) -- THe Neenah water utility pays to land apply their biosolids on agricultural fields. The utility director Kent Taylor is searching for a group to pay for the sludge to be land applied.


News from Abroad

Metro Vancouver Looks for ‘Novel’ Uses for Recycled Sewage
Vancouver, BC, Canada (2/23/17) -- Metro Vancouver is conducting a feasibility study for dried biosolids that would be used in a variety of ways, including as fuel. In addition to exploring biosolids fuels, Metro Vancouver has provided some project funding to design and construct a pilot hydothemal processing facility at the Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. The facility would convert sewage into biocrude instead of biosolids. Biocrude could then be sold to oil refineries.
Metro Vancouver Helps Fund Research Into Using Treated Sewage Sludge as Fertilizer


Union Ministry to Market Faecal Sludge as Manure
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India(2/21/17) -- The Ministry of Urban Development in the Tamil Nadu state of India will market treated sewage sludge as a compost to farmers near sewage treatment plants. 

Biosolids in the New 2-16-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Continuing a great Valentine's Day tradition

Tour Brooklyn’s ‘Iconic’ Sewage Treatment Plant This Valentine’s Day, City Suggests

New York, NY (1/31/17) -- Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant will be holding plant tours this Valentine's Day.


Changing with the regulations

Howard County Starts Biosolids Elimination Project

Howard County, MD (2/20/17) -- Construction of a biosolids processing facility will begin February at the Little Patuxent Wastewater Reclamation Plant. The new facility will allow the plant to meet new Maryland Department of Environment biosolids storage and disposal regulations.


Seems like a Win-Win, but public support is still hard to

Get the Facts About Slate Belt Sludge Plant | Letter

Pen Argyl, PA (2/10/17) -- Synagro Project Developer, Jim Hecht, responds to a letter to the editor discussing the proposed Slate Belt Heat Recovery Center Project . The original letter to the editor is “Build sewage-sludge processing plants near the source”.

Sewage Sludge Plant Doesn’t Belong in Slate Belt

Sludge Treatment Plant Isn’t Welcome in Slate Belt


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Good result from new incinerator regulations-facility u

Synagro Secures 5 Year Contract Extension to Provide Waterbury, CT and Surrounding Communities with State of the Art Biosolids Management Services

Waterbury, CT (2/8/17) -- Synagro has secured a new five-year contract, with the option for 3 extension years, with the City of Waterbury, CT for the management of biosolids using thermal reduction (fluidized bed incineration) technology.


Public outreach does not end with Class A thermal drying technology....

Riga Township Officials to Discuss Concerns About Biosolids

Riga Township, MI (1/30/17) - After receiving some complaints about biosolids application, Riga Township officials have scheduled a meeting to discuss biosolids. Greg Merricle, the Michigan DEQ’s biosolids coordinator, will give a presentation and answer questions. The biosolids used in Michigan come from a New England Fertilizer Company plant located in Detroit.

MDEQ Representative: Biosolids Smelly, But Legal

Letter: Biosolids Are Worse Than Bad Smelling


Regulatory oversight doesn't end with Class A thermal drying technology

Investigation: Human Waste Fertilizes Farms, but Fuels Toxic Algae Blooms

Stuart, Florida (2/8/17) -- TCPalm has been tracking maps, databases and wastewater treatment plant shipping records to determine where biosolids are being land applied in Florida. The tracking began three years after the Legislature deregulated Class AA biosolids as fertilizer. They recently released a report of some extreme examples of irresponsible application of Class AA biosolids. Environmentalists are encouraging the state to monitor, track and regulate all waste and dispose of it differently.


Addressing excessive nitrogen and pathways of release

Hearing Set for Bio Recycling Corp. Permit

Union, WA (2/8/17) -- BioRecycling Corporation, a septage and sewage treatment facility, submitted an application to the Washington Department of Ecology to continue coverage under the General Permit for Biosolids Management for its septage and biosolids treatment facility in Union. After being linked to excess nitrogen found in local waterways a few years ago, BioRecycling took a number of steps to resolve the issue.


News from Abroad

Let’s learn from the UK,where 90% of biosolids goes to farms

Sewage Sludge on Farmland: Code of Practice

United Kingdom (2/9/17) -- The UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs published a Sewage Sludge on Farmland: Code of Practice. The document is intended for anyone who produces, supplies or uses sewage sludge and anyone who owns or manages farmland where it is used.


Great read and a complement to the code of practice from the UK

Using Sewage to Make Europe’s Economy Truly Circular

European Commission (2/10/17) -- Sewage sludge is not mentioned as a source of recyclable nutrients in the European Commission’s draft revision of the Fertiliser Regulation. Arne Haarr, chair of the EurEau Working Group on Waste Water Resource, is critical of the commission's emission and discusses the benefits of including sewage sludge as a fertilizer when properly regulated.


Scottish Water’s public outreach

Farmers Urged to Use ‘Land Improving’ Biosolids

Scottish Water, Scotland (2/12/17) -- Scottish Water is currently looking to engage with farmers and landowners encouraging them to use biosolids on agricultural land.

Congratulations to the Harbour City Solutions consortium


A PPP with a thermal dryer moves forward

Bird Construction Inc. Announces that it is Part of a Consortium Selected as Preferred Proponent to Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Maintain the Hamilton Biosolids Project

Toronto, ON, Canada (1/30/17) -- Bird Construction Inc. is part of the Harbour City Solutions consortium. The group was selected as the preferred proponents to design, build, finance, operate and maintain, a biosolids management project for the City of Hamilton, Ontario.

Bird’s Harbour City Solutions Team Announced as Preference for Hamilton Biosolids Project

Winning Consortium Announced for Hamilton P3 Biosolids Project

Biosolids in the News 2-1-17

News from Within the MABA Region

If you haven’t heard the news!

Court Upholds Virginia Biosolids Regulations

Richmond, VA (1/28/17) -- A Virginia Circuit Court has upheld the regulations that control the application of biosolids on Virginia’s farms and determined biosolids protect the environment and public health.


An old, never ending story coming from New York

Biosolids Protesters Sound Off on Local Project

North Tonawanda, NY (1/21/17) -- Several protesters attended North Tonawanda’s recent common council meeting to voice opposition to the land application of biosolids. Although environmental activists applaud the effort to keep biosolids out of landfills, they are arguing to find alternatives to land application. Other news in North Tonawanda was featured in the last Biosolids in the news NT Considers Biosolids Processing Plan.


Not the ideal direction for a 15 year contract to go...

Kingston Still Suing to Sever Sludge-to-Fertilizer Pact

Kingston, NY (1/21/17) -- Kingston and Aslan Environmental Services created a leasing agreement in 2004 that was eventually extended to 2020. The city paid to lease equipment from Aslan in order to turn sewage sludge into fertilizer pellets. In 2016 the city claimed Aslan breached the contract. The city filed a lawsuit in state Supreme Court in 2016 and is seeking to terminate the contract it has with Aslan. In related news, Kingston Sludge Total Puts Ulster County Trash Agency Near Limit.


More news from NY, ending on a good note!

Watertown Proceeds with Sludge Project

Watertown, NY (1/19/17) -- Watertown has retained Casella Waste Systems and GHD Consulting Engineers, LLC., Cazenovia, to market the nearly 5,000 tons of biosolids produced at the wastewater treatment plant each year. The biosolids will be marketed as a Class B product.


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Good they are reintroducing their land application program, but might need more processing technology

City to Resume Shipping Sludge to Local Farmers

Washington, MO (1/19/17) -- The city of Washington used to land apply biosolids, but switched to using sewage sludge as landfill cover. After some time, the the sludge began to create an odor when mixed with soil in the landfill, due to moisture content. The city is now contracting with local farmers and rebuilding hauling equipment in order to return to land applying the sludge.

An new joint development coming from Vulcan and Mannico

Vulcan® Systems and Mannco Wastewater & Soil Solutions Announce New Biosolids Drying Technology and Total Biosolids Management Service

Moberly, MO (1/24/17) -- Mannco Wastewater & Soil Solutions and Vulcan® Systems have announced their joint development of a biosolids drying technology that will be available in the USA, Mexico and Cuba. The drying system said to be mobile, scalable, low cost and energy efficient at producing a EQ biosolids product.


Good read for someone new to the process

How to Value Biosolids

Tualatin, OR (1/26/17) -- This article reviews the challenges of sewage management, as well as, the opportunities to create revenue from a biosolids product. The article features a continuous THP process system called TurboTec, patented by Sustec who is part of DMT Group.


News from Abroad

Finding the short and long term solution...

Ladysmith Spending $2.14M on New Biosolids Composting Facility

Ladysmith, BC, Canada (1/19/17) -- The last Biosolids in the News featured the article “Ladysmith Buys Land for New Biosolids Composting Facility”. This article continues following the town of Ladysmith. The town has currently agreed to ship its biosolids to Comox composting facility for the next five weeks. The town will construct a new composting facility which is expected to be in operation by the end of 2017.

Biosolids in the News 1-19-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Lystek looking to continue its growth into the USA

NT Considers Biosolids Processing Plan

North Tonawanda, NY (1/10/17) -- Lystek business development manager, Jim Belcastro, presented three potential options to the North Tonawanda council for updating their wastewater treatment plant. All three upgrades will enable the facility to process biosolids. The options open the possibility for the plant to accept outside liquid or solid wastes to increase their biosolids production.

City of NT Weighs Offer to Turn Its Wastewater SLudge into Fertilizer


Two articles from different newspapers, same tone...

Slate Belt Sludge Treatment Plant Pitched to Wary Public

Residents Wary of Plainfield Sludge Conversion Facility

Plainfield, NY (1/11/17) -- We continue to follow the story of Synagro’s potential biosolids facility in Plainfield. A collection of public meetings were held recently with mixed reception.


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Any tips for a facility new to receiving coal ash leachate?

County Will Treat Coal Ash Water

Harnett County, NC (1/4/17) --  Harnett County Public Utilities will begin treating coal ash leachate at its South Harnett Wastewater Treatment Plant. “We will treat that at the wastewater treatment plant at that time and we will dispose of the biosolids like we do everything else,” commented Harnett County Public Utilities Director Steve Ward.


A new Class A product to come out of South Carolina

City Moves Forward with Biosolids Dryer

Kinston, SC (1/5/17) -- The City of Kinston will purchase a dryer to install at its wastewater facility and expects to produce a Class A Biosolids. Officials have decided to contract with SUEZ, which the city has used for other projects.


News from Abroad

Germany continues its reputation as cutting edge and an environmental leader

German Sludge P-Recycling Ordinance Notified to Europe

Germany (1/17/17) -- The new draft of the German sewage sludge ordinance (AbfKlärV), which will make phosphorus recovery obligatory for most of Germany's sewage, has been sent by the Federal Ministry of Environment to the European Commission.


Start 2017 with a new job!

Products Advisor BIosolids

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England (1/9/17) -- An opportunity has arisen for a 12 month contract as Products Advisor based from the Anglian Water Cambridge office. Job description and requirements can be found in the job posting.


Taking small steps towards biosolids production

From Table to Farm: Winnipeg Moving Closer to Spreading Sewage Byproduct on Fields

Winnipeg, MB, Canada (1/9/17) -- Winnipeg is constructing a biosolids digestion facility at its North End Water Pollution Control Centre. In December they awarded a contract to two consulting firms tasked with conducting a public-relations campaign about biosolids, as well as, a pilot project applying biosolids on land.


Residents are unforgiving, stay on top of odor issues or there will be more than one stink made

Ladysmith Buys Land for New Biosolids Composting Facility

Ladysmith, BC, Canada (1/13/17) - Citizens in Ladysmith were recently seen protesting the odor coming from the wastewater treatment plant. The facility had doubled its volume of biosolids at the plant which exacerbated odor issue. Officials took action and announced they would build a new biosolids composting facility in South Ladysmith after purchasing land in an industrial zoned area.

Angry Ladysmith Residents Slam City for Lingering Biosolids Stench


Pushing for accurate scientific evaluations with help educate the public and keep people safe

Application of Biosolids on Farmland Successfully Defended

Burgessville, ON, Canada (1/11/17) -- A resident living next to farmland where biosolids was applied filed a suit claiming the biosolids had contaminated her well water. The court found the evidence provided by the engineering consultant supporting the claims that the well water was contaminated with E. coli was inconsistent and flawed. It was ruled that the biosolids application was completed with the necessary protective measures to ensure well water was not affected.


Biosolids in the News 1-4-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Do public Q&A meetings lay all the worries to rest?

Public Comments on King & Queen Sludge Proposal

King & Queen County, VA (12/13/16) -- Area residents are skeptical of the safety efforts involved with a proposal to apply biosolids in King & Queen County. Representatives of the Department of Environmental Quality, the Virginia Department of Health and Synagro answered questions from about 20 area residents attending a recent meeting.


More from the Ogdensburg Councilors Table Plan to Outsource Sludge Disposal Story

Ogdensburg to Sell Wastewater Sludge to Casella Organics

Ogdensburg, NY (12/21/16) -- Continuing the story in Ogdensburg, the city has now entered into a three-year deal with Casella Waste Inc. to haul sludge from the municipal wastewater treatment plant to a site where it will be composted into a fertilizer.


Community polling is being used to hear the public opinion on the creation of this plant

Heat’s on for Proposed Slate Belt Processed Waste Plant

Plainfield Township, PA (12/19/16) -- The Plainfield Slate Best Heart Recovery Center has drawn scrutiny from nearby residents and environmentalists. Some homes will sit less than 1,000 feet from the proposed site of the plant and people are worried about the contaminants found in the sludge being processed. Synagro and Waste Management officials plan to hold community open houses in January so residents can learn more about the project.

Is Building a Plant to Convert Sewage Sludge into Farm Fertilizer or Fuel a Positive Development for the Slate Belt


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Open house to show off a Class A compost

Sewerage District Showcases New Composting Facility

Sanford, NH (12/8/16) -- The Sanford Sewerage District held an open house at its new composting operation at their treatment plant. The facility combines biosolids, wood ash from a paper mill and materials that have already been through the treatment process to create a Class A compost that will be used at the treatment facility and will soon be available to residents.


This company is adding biosoilds content to its website, what is next for them?

Ecolocap Biosolids

Ecolocap (1/3/16) -- While Ecolocap was incorporated in 2004, it appears to be a relatively new entrant to the biosolids industry. Check out their website here.


News from Abroad

A thorough and positive story of biosolids

Spreading the Good News

Country Guide, Canada (12/28/16) -- This article tells the positive story of biosolids. It sheds light on the companies that produce and distribute biosolids as well as how communities that benefit from the products.


The wonderful blend of biosolids and yard waste

Composter in Whitianga is Hungry for Green Waste

Whitianga, New Zealand (12/20/16) -- The biosolids composter in Whitianga New Zealand is requesting residents bring their yard waste to the facility to increase production. The compost requires a 50/50 mix of biosolids and yard waste. Compost from the facility is being used in parks and reserves and there is hope that compost will be available to residents seeking large volumes.