Biosolids in the New 2-16-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Continuing a great Valentine's Day tradition

Tour Brooklyn’s ‘Iconic’ Sewage Treatment Plant This Valentine’s Day, City Suggests

New York, NY (1/31/17) -- Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant will be holding plant tours this Valentine's Day.


Changing with the regulations

Howard County Starts Biosolids Elimination Project

Howard County, MD (2/20/17) -- Construction of a biosolids processing facility will begin February at the Little Patuxent Wastewater Reclamation Plant. The new facility will allow the plant to meet new Maryland Department of Environment biosolids storage and disposal regulations.


Seems like a Win-Win, but public support is still hard to

Get the Facts About Slate Belt Sludge Plant | Letter

Pen Argyl, PA (2/10/17) -- Synagro Project Developer, Jim Hecht, responds to a letter to the editor discussing the proposed Slate Belt Heat Recovery Center Project . The original letter to the editor is “Build sewage-sludge processing plants near the source”.

Sewage Sludge Plant Doesn’t Belong in Slate Belt

Sludge Treatment Plant Isn’t Welcome in Slate Belt


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Good result from new incinerator regulations-facility u

Synagro Secures 5 Year Contract Extension to Provide Waterbury, CT and Surrounding Communities with State of the Art Biosolids Management Services

Waterbury, CT (2/8/17) -- Synagro has secured a new five-year contract, with the option for 3 extension years, with the City of Waterbury, CT for the management of biosolids using thermal reduction (fluidized bed incineration) technology.


Public outreach does not end with Class A thermal drying technology....

Riga Township Officials to Discuss Concerns About Biosolids

Riga Township, MI (1/30/17) - After receiving some complaints about biosolids application, Riga Township officials have scheduled a meeting to discuss biosolids. Greg Merricle, the Michigan DEQ’s biosolids coordinator, will give a presentation and answer questions. The biosolids used in Michigan come from a New England Fertilizer Company plant located in Detroit.

MDEQ Representative: Biosolids Smelly, But Legal

Letter: Biosolids Are Worse Than Bad Smelling


Regulatory oversight doesn't end with Class A thermal drying technology

Investigation: Human Waste Fertilizes Farms, but Fuels Toxic Algae Blooms

Stuart, Florida (2/8/17) -- TCPalm has been tracking maps, databases and wastewater treatment plant shipping records to determine where biosolids are being land applied in Florida. The tracking began three years after the Legislature deregulated Class AA biosolids as fertilizer. They recently released a report of some extreme examples of irresponsible application of Class AA biosolids. Environmentalists are encouraging the state to monitor, track and regulate all waste and dispose of it differently.


Addressing excessive nitrogen and pathways of release

Hearing Set for Bio Recycling Corp. Permit

Union, WA (2/8/17) -- BioRecycling Corporation, a septage and sewage treatment facility, submitted an application to the Washington Department of Ecology to continue coverage under the General Permit for Biosolids Management for its septage and biosolids treatment facility in Union. After being linked to excess nitrogen found in local waterways a few years ago, BioRecycling took a number of steps to resolve the issue.


News from Abroad

Let’s learn from the UK,where 90% of biosolids goes to farms

Sewage Sludge on Farmland: Code of Practice

United Kingdom (2/9/17) -- The UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs published a Sewage Sludge on Farmland: Code of Practice. The document is intended for anyone who produces, supplies or uses sewage sludge and anyone who owns or manages farmland where it is used.


Great read and a complement to the code of practice from the UK

Using Sewage to Make Europe’s Economy Truly Circular

European Commission (2/10/17) -- Sewage sludge is not mentioned as a source of recyclable nutrients in the European Commission’s draft revision of the Fertiliser Regulation. Arne Haarr, chair of the EurEau Working Group on Waste Water Resource, is critical of the commission's emission and discusses the benefits of including sewage sludge as a fertilizer when properly regulated.


Scottish Water’s public outreach

Farmers Urged to Use ‘Land Improving’ Biosolids

Scottish Water, Scotland (2/12/17) -- Scottish Water is currently looking to engage with farmers and landowners encouraging them to use biosolids on agricultural land.

Congratulations to the Harbour City Solutions consortium


A PPP with a thermal dryer moves forward

Bird Construction Inc. Announces that it is Part of a Consortium Selected as Preferred Proponent to Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Maintain the Hamilton Biosolids Project

Toronto, ON, Canada (1/30/17) -- Bird Construction Inc. is part of the Harbour City Solutions consortium. The group was selected as the preferred proponents to design, build, finance, operate and maintain, a biosolids management project for the City of Hamilton, Ontario.

Bird’s Harbour City Solutions Team Announced as Preference for Hamilton Biosolids Project

Winning Consortium Announced for Hamilton P3 Biosolids Project