Biosolids in the News 1-19-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Lystek looking to continue its growth into the USA

NT Considers Biosolids Processing Plan

North Tonawanda, NY (1/10/17) -- Lystek business development manager, Jim Belcastro, presented three potential options to the North Tonawanda council for updating their wastewater treatment plant. All three upgrades will enable the facility to process biosolids. The options open the possibility for the plant to accept outside liquid or solid wastes to increase their biosolids production.

City of NT Weighs Offer to Turn Its Wastewater SLudge into Fertilizer


Two articles from different newspapers, same tone...

Slate Belt Sludge Treatment Plant Pitched to Wary Public

Residents Wary of Plainfield Sludge Conversion Facility

Plainfield, NY (1/11/17) -- We continue to follow the story of Synagro’s potential biosolids facility in Plainfield. A collection of public meetings were held recently with mixed reception.


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Any tips for a facility new to receiving coal ash leachate?

County Will Treat Coal Ash Water

Harnett County, NC (1/4/17) --  Harnett County Public Utilities will begin treating coal ash leachate at its South Harnett Wastewater Treatment Plant. “We will treat that at the wastewater treatment plant at that time and we will dispose of the biosolids like we do everything else,” commented Harnett County Public Utilities Director Steve Ward.


A new Class A product to come out of South Carolina

City Moves Forward with Biosolids Dryer

Kinston, SC (1/5/17) -- The City of Kinston will purchase a dryer to install at its wastewater facility and expects to produce a Class A Biosolids. Officials have decided to contract with SUEZ, which the city has used for other projects.


News from Abroad

Germany continues its reputation as cutting edge and an environmental leader

German Sludge P-Recycling Ordinance Notified to Europe

Germany (1/17/17) -- The new draft of the German sewage sludge ordinance (AbfKlärV), which will make phosphorus recovery obligatory for most of Germany's sewage, has been sent by the Federal Ministry of Environment to the European Commission.


Start 2017 with a new job!

Products Advisor BIosolids

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England (1/9/17) -- An opportunity has arisen for a 12 month contract as Products Advisor based from the Anglian Water Cambridge office. Job description and requirements can be found in the job posting.


Taking small steps towards biosolids production

From Table to Farm: Winnipeg Moving Closer to Spreading Sewage Byproduct on Fields

Winnipeg, MB, Canada (1/9/17) -- Winnipeg is constructing a biosolids digestion facility at its North End Water Pollution Control Centre. In December they awarded a contract to two consulting firms tasked with conducting a public-relations campaign about biosolids, as well as, a pilot project applying biosolids on land.


Residents are unforgiving, stay on top of odor issues or there will be more than one stink made

Ladysmith Buys Land for New Biosolids Composting Facility

Ladysmith, BC, Canada (1/13/17) - Citizens in Ladysmith were recently seen protesting the odor coming from the wastewater treatment plant. The facility had doubled its volume of biosolids at the plant which exacerbated odor issue. Officials took action and announced they would build a new biosolids composting facility in South Ladysmith after purchasing land in an industrial zoned area.

Angry Ladysmith Residents Slam City for Lingering Biosolids Stench


Pushing for accurate scientific evaluations with help educate the public and keep people safe

Application of Biosolids on Farmland Successfully Defended

Burgessville, ON, Canada (1/11/17) -- A resident living next to farmland where biosolids was applied filed a suit claiming the biosolids had contaminated her well water. The court found the evidence provided by the engineering consultant supporting the claims that the well water was contaminated with E. coli was inconsistent and flawed. It was ruled that the biosolids application was completed with the necessary protective measures to ensure well water was not affected.