Biosolids in the News 1-4-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Do public Q&A meetings lay all the worries to rest?

Public Comments on King & Queen Sludge Proposal

King & Queen County, VA (12/13/16) -- Area residents are skeptical of the safety efforts involved with a proposal to apply biosolids in King & Queen County. Representatives of the Department of Environmental Quality, the Virginia Department of Health and Synagro answered questions from about 20 area residents attending a recent meeting.


More from the Ogdensburg Councilors Table Plan to Outsource Sludge Disposal Story

Ogdensburg to Sell Wastewater Sludge to Casella Organics

Ogdensburg, NY (12/21/16) -- Continuing the story in Ogdensburg, the city has now entered into a three-year deal with Casella Waste Inc. to haul sludge from the municipal wastewater treatment plant to a site where it will be composted into a fertilizer.


Community polling is being used to hear the public opinion on the creation of this plant

Heat’s on for Proposed Slate Belt Processed Waste Plant

Plainfield Township, PA (12/19/16) -- The Plainfield Slate Best Heart Recovery Center has drawn scrutiny from nearby residents and environmentalists. Some homes will sit less than 1,000 feet from the proposed site of the plant and people are worried about the contaminants found in the sludge being processed. Synagro and Waste Management officials plan to hold community open houses in January so residents can learn more about the project.

Is Building a Plant to Convert Sewage Sludge into Farm Fertilizer or Fuel a Positive Development for the Slate Belt


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Open house to show off a Class A compost

Sewerage District Showcases New Composting Facility

Sanford, NH (12/8/16) -- The Sanford Sewerage District held an open house at its new composting operation at their treatment plant. The facility combines biosolids, wood ash from a paper mill and materials that have already been through the treatment process to create a Class A compost that will be used at the treatment facility and will soon be available to residents.


This company is adding biosoilds content to its website, what is next for them?

Ecolocap Biosolids

Ecolocap (1/3/16) -- While Ecolocap was incorporated in 2004, it appears to be a relatively new entrant to the biosolids industry. Check out their website here.


News from Abroad

A thorough and positive story of biosolids

Spreading the Good News

Country Guide, Canada (12/28/16) -- This article tells the positive story of biosolids. It sheds light on the companies that produce and distribute biosolids as well as how communities that benefit from the products.


The wonderful blend of biosolids and yard waste

Composter in Whitianga is Hungry for Green Waste

Whitianga, New Zealand (12/20/16) -- The biosolids composter in Whitianga New Zealand is requesting residents bring their yard waste to the facility to increase production. The compost requires a 50/50 mix of biosolids and yard waste. Compost from the facility is being used in parks and reserves and there is hope that compost will be available to residents seeking large volumes.