Biosolids in the News 3-17-17

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Don’t Trust ‘Alternative Facts’ About Biosolids Letter

Plainfield Township, PA (3/1/17) -- Caroline Snyder argues against the recent guest column “Get the Facts on Synagro/ Green Knight Plan”. More letters follow.

Biosolids Have Been Used as Fertilizer for Years Letter

Agencies, Courts Have Upheld Use of Biosolids Letter

Long-Term Effect of Drugs in Biosolids is Unknown Letter


News From Beyond The MABA Region

Lawmakers Consider On-Farm Treatment of Sewage Sludge

Salem, OR (3/2/17) -- Oregon legislators have proposed a bill that would allow processing waste within farm zones.

Should Anuvia Pay to Remove the Excess Sludge from Apopka’s Wastewater Treatment Plant

Apopka, FL (3/5/17) -- In 2014, Anuvia Plant Nutrients’ fertilizer production facility was given a permit to discharge wastewater with an unlimited COD level and a high BOD level. After the city experienced issues with quick accumulations of biosolids at the plant the city traced some of the the cause of the problem to the high COD and BOD levels coming from Anuvia. The city now wants to charge the fertilizer producer to absorb some portion of the costs of extracting the built up biosolids.

Ottawa Can Help Bail Out Tonica’s Sludge Problem

Tonica, IL (3/4/17) -- The village of Tonica will be installing new equipment and needs to get rid of 110,000 gallons of sludge before construction begins. Their original plan was to fertilize neighboring farms with the sludge, but due to the project being ahead of schedule that is no longer possible. The city of Ottawa has agreed to receive Tonica’s sludge at their wastewater treatment plant. Action is pending on some decisions by the local governmental boards.

Webb Hill Facility to Construct Storage Lagoon

Webb Hill, WA (3/14/17) -- BioRecycling plans to construct a double lined lagoon to store biosolids during the winter months. This is in an effort to bring down elevated levels of nitrates in groundwater and soils tested within the area. The company was the center of local controversy and the company is now subject to a list of requirements and restrictions.


News from Abroad

Regional District of Nanaimo Extends Biosolids Deal
Vancouver, BC, Canada (3/2/17) -- The Regional District of Nanaimo has Extended a biosolids management deal with Vancouver Island University and Sylvis Environmental Inc. until May.

Wexford Residents in Battle Over ‘Obnoxious’ Sewage Sludge Odour
Wexford, Dublin, Ireland (3/8/17) -- Residents living near a local sewage sludge facility have been fighting for action to be taken about an odour produced from the facility. The waste service company, Enva, was granted a certificate for the treatment and storage of sludge in 2015 and odor issues began shortly after.

HELCOM Adopts New Recommendation to Promote Sustainable Sewage Sludge Handling
HELCOM, European Union (3/14/17) -- The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, usually referred to as HELCOM, has developed a Recommendation on sewage sludge handling. The document is said to guide the safe handling of sewage sludge to prevent leaching of nutrients; primarily nitrogen and phosphorus, hazardous substances and pathogens into the environment.

Kamloops Looks for Ways to Dispose of Biosolids
Kamloops, BC, Canada (3/1/17) -- The city of Kamloops is hiring a consultant to determine what to do, long-term, with their biosolids that are currently in storage. Composting the biosolids at a local facility is being considered.

Stink Raised About Bio Solid Fertilizer Fires
Dawn-Euphemia ON, Canada (3/2/17) -- The fire department in Dawn-Euphemia is responding to an increasing number of calls about biosolids fertilizers self-combusting. The township now has a new bylaw in effect that has penalties associated with improper storage of biosolids.