Biosolids in the News 3-3-17

News from Within the MABA Region

EPA Destroyed the Career of Its Own Environmental Scientist for Blowing the Whistle on Biosolids… New “Biosludged” Documentary To Be Released This Year
Natural News, National (2/16/17) -- Dr. David Lewis is releasing a documentary that is said to “expose [the] massive environmental crimes” associated with land applying biosolids. BioSludged, the film will be presented for free by Mike Adams, director of CWC Labs and lead editor of View the BioSludged Trailer Here.

Everything You Flush Down the Toilet Ends Up In Your Food: “Biosludged” Film to Expose the “Greatest Environmental Crime” of Biosolids


Sludge Plan Deserves Scientific, Not Knee-Jerk, Analysis
Plainfield Township, PA (2/21/17) -- This letter is in response to a guest column attacking the possibility of Synagro’s proposed project at the Green Knight Economic Development Corp facility. The author, Charles A. Cole -- environmental engineer and scientist -- argues that the project should be given a chance to prove its safety and benefit to the community. Other local commentary on project is below and is not as warm to the idea.


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Ag Advisory Board Recommends Moratorium on Biosolids
AK, Palmer (2/16/17) -- The Agriculture Advisory Board recently recommended a moratorium on soil application of sewage, sludge and domestic septage on borough-owned land. During discussion, board members expressed concerns about heavy metals, persistent pollutants, pharmaceuticals and viruses that could come into contact with food crops. Disposing of biosolids for energy generation instead of land application has been suggested as an alternative plan.

Taking Back Mining’s Land
Minnesota (2/21/17) -- This article is a call for mining companies to be conscious of the requirements and potential for land reclamation of old mining sites. The Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB) and the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) have been involved with reclamation projects and the land application of biosolids to facilitate revegetation and other benefits.


Conneaut Looking for Limited Sludge Contract
Conneaut, OH (2/22/17) -- Conneaut is looking for a company to periodically haul sludge from its wastewater treatment plant. Synagro of Chicago was the previous hauler and after ceasing operations the city has looked to Agri-Sludge for a proposal. The city is also discussing the construction and operation of its own sludge pressing facility to produce a cake that could be land applied. According to City Manager James Hockaday, Conneaut is the only city in Ashtabula County in Ohio that does not have a pressing operation at its treatment plant.


Neenah Spread Lime Sludge on Farm Fields
Neenah, WI (2/25/17) -- THe Neenah water utility pays to land apply their biosolids on agricultural fields. The utility director Kent Taylor is searching for a group to pay for the sludge to be land applied.


News from Abroad

Metro Vancouver Looks for ‘Novel’ Uses for Recycled Sewage
Vancouver, BC, Canada (2/23/17) -- Metro Vancouver is conducting a feasibility study for dried biosolids that would be used in a variety of ways, including as fuel. In addition to exploring biosolids fuels, Metro Vancouver has provided some project funding to design and construct a pilot hydothemal processing facility at the Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. The facility would convert sewage into biocrude instead of biosolids. Biocrude could then be sold to oil refineries.
Metro Vancouver Helps Fund Research Into Using Treated Sewage Sludge as Fertilizer


Union Ministry to Market Faecal Sludge as Manure
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India(2/21/17) -- The Ministry of Urban Development in the Tamil Nadu state of India will market treated sewage sludge as a compost to farmers near sewage treatment plants.