Biosolids in the News 5-4-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Slate Belt Sludge Conversion Plant Hearing Put on Hold Again
Plainfield, PA (4/28/17) -- An early-round municipal meeting scheduled for mid-May on Synagro’s proposed Slate Belt plant has again been postponed. “Synagro said recently that it agreed to push back its request to locate the facility, a move that must first clear the Plainfield planning commission.”


Kingston Ready To Transfer $70,000 for Continued Disposal of Sewage Sludge
Kingston, NY (5/2/17) -- Kingston is preparing to pay another $70,000 to continue shipping sludge to the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency. Kingston has equipment to process their sludge into pelleted fertilizer, but the equipment the city leased from Aslan Environmental Services broke down. There is currently a lawsuit between the city and Aslan.


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Planning Commission Tables Steamy Issue on Biosolids
Palmer, AK (4/19/17) -- The Matanuska Susitna board has put the decision of whether to allow the land application of biosolids within its jurisdiction on hold. The planning commission tabled a resolution to ban land application at a recent meeting.


Palo Alto: Construction Starts Next Month on Sludge Dewatering Facility
Palo Alto, CA (4/25/17) -- Construction on a dewatering facility is expected to start in the next month. The facility will be part of a project to retire two sludge incinerators. Sewage will be dried and transported to other facilities “to be harnessed for energy to create compost”.


Human Waste Dumped Near Florida Springs | Video
Palm, FL (4/26/17) -- This is the second article in an investigative piece on the land application of biosolids in Florida. The first piece can be found here. This second piece explores where land application has been approved for different classes of biosolids. It  sheds light on the complicated politics around the topic.

Environmentalist Slams Proposed “Sludge Farm” Along Little Manatee River
Tampa, FL (5/2/17) -- Environmental activist Mariella Smith is fighting an application by Chris’s Plumbing Services for a special use permit to spread 600 tons of biosolids and sludge on agricultural land near the Little Manatee River wetlands system.


Crowd Complains of Waste Fertilizer at Hearing
Roseburg, OR (4/20/17) -- Heard Farms receives grease and other waste that is stored in a double-pond lagoon on their facility where it settles and breaks down. They have been applying the material as fertilizer to their land but oversaturation has caused runoff into waterways. The facility is now requesting to land apply the fertilizer to four additional farm fields in Douglas County and to store waste in two large military fuel bladders. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality held a meeting to consider the project and heard concerns from the community. The agency was accepting comments until April 24th.


News from Abroad

Israeli Firm Helping Brazil Turn Sewage Sludge Into Farm Fertilizer
Brazil (4/21/17) -- “Sixty percent of the 6.8 million liters of daily sewage sludge generated in Brazil gets dumped back into nature untreated.” A group of Brazilian companies established a new company, Lodologic, in partnership with Paulee CleanTec in Israel. Paulee CleanTec has a process to oxidize organic residue, turning it into a fertilizer. They hope to bring that technology to facilities throughout Brazil.


Biowaste a Growing Concern in Jasper
Jasper, AB, Canada (4/26/17) -- The Town of Jasper is searching for a place to land apply or dispose of its biosolids. Their original plan was for Parks Canada to apply the Class B material on land, but a test of the compost showed the presence of “viable non-native weed seeds.”

Pilot Demonstration Activity: Fecal Sludge Business Plan
Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines (4/27/17) -- The Asian Development Bank is conducting a pilot study to potentially market sludge as a soil conditioner. The university’s participation focuses on the “characterization of sludge from 2 municipal sources, ecotoxicological assessment of sludge and treated wastewater, characterization of biosolids and assessment of the effectiveness of various types of biosolids.” The project head, Dr. Aileen Guzman and his team of graduate students have presented at conferences sharing their findings and have held workshops.


Project Aims To Turn Wastewater Treatment Facilities Into Revenue Generators
Guelph, ON, Canada (5/1/17) -- GE Water and Process Technologies has partnered with universities and received funding from the federal and provincial governments and the Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) to explore a new anaerobic digestion process. The new technology separates the hydrolysis and acidogenesis processes from the acetogenesis and methanogenesis processes. Testing of the new tech is happening at the SOWC wastewater pilot facility.