Biosolids in the News 5-18-17

News from Within the MABA Region

Emergy Analysis for the Sustainable Utilization of Biosolids Generated in a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
EPA (5/6/17) -- This emergy analysis provides a sustainability assessment of comparing the use of biosolids as a soil fertilizer and the recovery of energy from the biosolid gasification process. This work is meant to help decision-makers identify opportunities for improvement in the current process of biosolid management.


Slate Belt Sludge Forum Doesn't Include Processing Company
Slate Belt, PA (5/6/17) -- Elected leaders in Slate Belt held a panel discussion last week about sewage sludge application on farms. The event featured experts in a variety of fields to speak about the potential dangers of sewage sludge and alternative uses for the material. Phil Durgin, the executive director of the Pennsylvania House Legislative, Budget and Finance Committee was in attendance, while Synagro was not invited.


News from Beyond the MABA Region

Planning Commission Votes Down Measure Prohibiting Application of Biosolids
Mat-Su, AK (5/3/17) -- Resolution 17-15, prohibiting the land application of biosolids within the borough was voted down 6 - 1. This decision was made at the recent Mat-Su Planning Commission meeting after being tabled at last month’s meeting.


'Upcycling' Sewage: Silicon Valley Company Converts Human Waste to Fertilizer Without Using Energy
Redwood City, CA (5/5/17) -- More publicity for Bioforcetech, a Silicon Valley based company using technology to produce biochar. Here is an article about the company from a previous News Clips.
Getting Rid of Waste the Clean Way: Redwood City Company Finds a Way to Turn Biosolids Into Fertilizer with No Energy


Waste-to-Energy Plant Still a Possibility in Willmar
Willmar, MN (5/8/17) -- A company representative for Energy & Organic Systems spoke with Willmar Council Members about purchasing or leasing land near the Willmar Wastewater Treatment Plant. The company is interested in building a facility to take biosolids and other organic material and convert the waste into compressed natural gas and organic fertilizer.

County Tries More Maneuvers to Stop Sludge Dumping
Victoria County, TX (5/17/17) -- This news follows a previous News Clips piece “Sewer Sludge Permit Renewal Contested Hearing Date Set”. This local issue is causing confusion on appropriate ways to manage grease and grit trap waste.

Lystek at the Center of MoU between Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
San Francisco, CA (5/9/17) -- “The Fairfield Suisun Sewer District (FSSD) and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) have executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to undertake a two-year, pilot project for treatment of the City's biosolids.”


New Waste Plant Piles on Pollution in SW Detroit
Detroit, MI (5/18/17) -- A biosolids dryer facility near South Detroit has exceeded the one-hour emission standard for sulfur dioxide more than 2,500 times from April 5, 2016, through Feb. 28 2017. Residents and community organizations are up in arms about the pollution, while wastewater officials and MDEQ consider this a natural part of getting this large facility up and running and are working to address the issue.
Waste Plant Polluting Southwest Detroit Neighborhoods


Two Meath Sites in Shortlist for Regional Biosolids Facility
Meath, Ireland (5/11/17) -- Irish water is looking into additional storage facilities for their biosolids. Growing population and an increasing number of wastewater treatment facilities are pushing the storage limit of the greater Dublin area.

The Business Turning Sewage Sludge into Fuel
Paris, France (5/11/17) -- Cryo Pur, a French company has been looking to turn biogas into liquefied natural gas (LNG), or bio-LNG. This piece gives some explanation of their three step process taking biogas from anaerobically digested organic waste and producing a liquid fuel.

Liquid and Solid Waste to be Processed into Organic Fertilizer in Tema
Tema, Ghana (5/13/17) -- “Jekora Ventures Limited (JVL) has opened a fortifier production composite plant at Borteyman in the Tema Metropolis to process liquid and solid waste into organic fertilizer.”

Fraser-Nicola Election Issues: Biosolids
Nicola Valley, BC, Canada (5/4/17) -- The 4 candidates running to become Nicola Valleys MLA have given their stance on the use of biosolids. Green Party Candidate Arthur Green does not support land application and promotes pyrolysis or gasification, DP candidate Harry Lali and Social Credit candidate Michael Henshall were also against the spreading of biosolids. Liberal MLA Jackie Tegart was part of the group that invited the Minister of Environment and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs to work with the five Chiefs of the Nicola Valley, who had imposed a moratorium on biosolids entering the valley.