Biosolids NewClips 9-13-2018

News from Within the MABA Region

Plainfield Township Reviews Sludge Plant Proposal
Pen Argyl, PA (9/7/18) - The Plainfield Township Planning Commission began reviewing documents and testimony for the proposed Slate Belt Heat Recovery Center.

Wastewater Treatment Challenges in Food Processing and Agriculture
Water Technology (8/31/18) - The variety of processing techniques used in the food industry and the abundance of nutrients leftover makes managing wastewater from food processing plants difficult. The types of treatment technologies for processing fruits and vegetables, fish, meat and poultry, dairy products, and fats and oils are presented in this article. Food and agricultural wastes are idea for biogas production in anaerobic digesters.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Farmer Defends His Spread
Siletz, OR (9/12/18) - This farmerJerry Kosydar, is a proponent of biosolids. Other community members argue that biosolids are harming water quality in the Siletz River, but Kosydar wants to see solid proof that biosolids are the culprit and not various other factors.

News from Abroad

New Research Reports Ability of Sewage Sludge to Form Sustainable Fertilizer
Madagascar (9/10/18) - Pro-biosolids research coming out of University of Antananarivo in Madagascar. Check out the article in the open-access journal Frontiers.

Septic Biosolids the Source of That Putrid Smell in Kamloops
Kamloops, BC, Canada (9/1/18) - The city of Kamloops has been made aware that there had been an unscheduled application of the city’s stockpile of biosolids on local land. The specific odor coming from the applied biosolids created a sturr in the community. To see how the City of Kamloops is acting in response to this issues, read “Kamloops is Looking for a New Contractor to Deal with Your Crap”.
If There's a Smell in The Air, and It's Near the Domtar Mill, it Isn't Always Domtar

Increasing Biogas Yields from Thickened Sludge
Essex, UK (9/6/18) - Anglian Water uses a heating pasteurisation hydrolysis digestion process that pre-conditions a thickened sludge before anaerobic digestion to produce biogas and biosolids. In order to create a thickened sludge suitable for the system, Anglian Water commissioned SEEPEX to supply pump technology to adapt their pump performance to increase the throughput of the heat exchanger.

Whanganui Tannery Pulls Chrome Out of Wastewater
Whanganui, New Zealand (9/7/18) - Whanganui company Tasman Tanning plans to commission a plant to remove chrome from its wastewater going to the Whanganui wastewater treatment plant. The plant had received no pressure from the Whanganui District Council and  has instead taken this initiative with a vision for being more environmentally friendly. This action also improves the quality of the dried sludge produced at the treatment plant and opens the possibility of the plant producing a biosolids fertilizer rather than landfilling the material.