Biosolids News Clips 12-19-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Proposed Sewage Sludge Treatment Plant Reps Call for Vote in Slate Belt
Slate Belt, PA (12/13/18) - Synagro is planning to submit its final response in writing by Jan. 1 for preliminary land development and subdivision approval for the Slate Belt Heat Recovery Center. The response will include reports, studies, commission meeting transcripts, and responses to the township engineers' and zoning officer's review letters. Synagro´s lawyer expects a decision would be presented Feb. 13 to the Township Board of Supervisors, which would vote whether to grant approval.
Poll: Should Plainfield Twp. Planners Approve a Proposed Sludge-Processing Plant

Loudoun to Assemble Sewage Fertilizer Team for Public Outreach
Loudoun, VA (12/13/18) - The Loudoun Board of Supervisors’ finance committee has recommended the creation of a special team to make sure Loudouners know when the state receives an application to spread biosolids and to make sure the state considers the special circumstances of each property when considering permits.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Synagro Awarded 10-Year Contract by City of Austin, Texas for Biosolids Removal and Processing
Austin, Texas (11/27/18) - Synagro has managed Austin’s biosolids since 2008 and was recently awarded a 10 year contract with Austin to continue its management. The city is expected to move to a 100-percent composting solution with the help of Synagro. Dillo Dirt and Synagro´s All Gro will be produced using the city’s biosolids.

Biosolids: Waste to Fertilizer to - Pollution?
Cypress Lake, FL (11/28/18) - The presence of sucralose, an artificial sweetener, and acetaminophen, the drug in Tylenol, have provided evidence that biosolids are connected to the algal blooms in Cypress Lake. Regulations in southern parts of Florida have driven an increase in land application in the Northern parts of the state.
Indian River County May Extend Biosolids Ban Prompted by Blue Cypress Lake Algae Bloom

Hebbardsville Residents Still Concerned About Sludge
Athens, OH (11/28/18) - Residents who live near the Ohio University-owned property in Alexander Township where the city of Athens has been authorized to place biosolids are continuing to raise concerns for their health and property and the environment.

Landfarming Proves Profitable
West Daviess County, KY (12/17/18) - The West Daviess County Landfill is using treated sewage sludge on fields near the landfill to grow complete wheat and sorghum-sudangrass hybrid crops. “Not only is the farming technique padding the landfill's budget, but it has opened up more responsible ways to dispose of sludge, which can cause problems inside the landfill itself.”

News from Abroad

Kamloops Sewer Rates Planned to Increase as Cost of Biosolids Management Rises
Kamloops, BC, Canada (11/27/18) - Kamloops is currently in the middle of negotiating a new contract for managing their biosolids. The city isn’t certain about long-term solutions so for short-term management, contractors will likely have to look at land application. The uncertainty of biosolids management and the public’s opposition to biosolids have resulted in the increased cost in management.
City of Kamloops Awards Nearly $4.5 Million Contract for Biosolids Management
Arrow to Haul Biosolids
Get that Crap Outta Here: Kamloops Awards Two-Year Biosolids Management Contract to Arrow
City of Kamloops Searching for Long-Term Solution to Biosolids

Lystek Wins Multi-Year Tender Contract with Long-Term Customer, City of Guelph, to Manage Biosolids Requirements
Guelph, ON, Canada (11/28/18) - Lystek International recently announced a multi-year (up to ten) contract was formally executed between Lystek and its long-term customer, the City of Guelph, Ontario (City).