Biosolids Newsclips 2-16-18

New from Within the MABA Region

Glen Resident Challenge Biosolids Representatives
Glen, NY (1/22/18) - Lystek International gave a presentation on their company and answered questions about the company’s proposal to build a biosolids plant in the Glen Canal View Business Park during a planning board meeting held recently. Lystek also submitted a full application for their proposed biosolids plant. More on that story can be found at “Lystek Submits Full Application to Glen Planning Board for Facility”.
Lystek Truck Traffic Would Be a Danger
Sewage Sludge Processing Plant a Bad Deal for Glen
Lystek schedules public information meeting on biosolids plant
Area Residents Voice More Concerns About Lystek at Glen Meeting
Activist Group Reforms to Fight Biosolids Activity

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Lystek Wins Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) for Sustainable Biosolids Management in California
Sacramento, CA (1/17/18) - The California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) presented Lystek International Ltd. with a Governor’s Environmental and Economic Award (GEELA) at a special award ceremony held at EPA’s headquarters in Sacramento, California. “The GEELA is California’s highest environmental honor. It is given to individuals, organizations, and businesses that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made notable, voluntary contributions in conserving California’s precious resources, protecting and enhancing the environment, building public-private partnerships and strengthening the state’s economy.”

How Bi-County Landfill Could Turn Wood Waste into Gas Energy
Bi-County, TN (1/19/18) - Bi-County is looking for ways to reduce their costs from leachate and sludge management at their landfill. Among the list of potential solutions is constructing a gasification plant at the site that would produce a biochar that could be used as a fertilizer or burned in incinerator.

'Sewage Sludge' Causing Big Stink in Federal Courthouse Showdown
Adamsville, AL (1/19/18) - One of Alabama's largest landfills, Big Sky Environmental, is at the center of a controversy after they accepted biosolids from New York and New Jersey. Sumiton Timber Company sued the Jefferson County Commission after they denied their request for rezoning that would have allowed them to keep dumping waste at Big Sky Environmental's current location.

CEQA Documents for the Biosolids Master Plan
Orange County, CA (2/14/18) - The public and responsible agencies have 45 days to review and comment on the Biosolids Master Plan Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Report for Orange County. The proposed program lays out the upgrades to and construction of new biosolids handling facilities to be implemented over a 20-year planning period.

Mayor’s Corner: Fee Hikes Chip Away at Utility Needs
Long Beach, WA (1/23/18) - Long Beach utility is looking to change their biosolids management plans to follow new mandates from the Department of Ecology (DOE) requiring they change their land application process. After looking into several different short-term and long-term management solution and holding several public meetings, Long Beach will turn their biosolids into a compost that could be used by homeowners, contractors, businesses and schools. The utility is working with the city of Ilwaco and Seaview Sewer District on a plan to share one facility that would process all their biosolids.

Waste Water Biosolid Application Permitted on County Farmland
Columbus, IN (1/23/18) - A permit to land apply biosolids in the counties of Bartholomew, Brown, Decatur, Jackson, Johnson and Jennings was recently renewed.

Biosolids Permit Under Review for Water Reclamation Plant: Public Notice Review
Aberdeen, SD (2/2/18) - The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources is reviewing a renewal application for Aberdeen’s Water Reclamation Plant. “The biosolids management permit allows the land application of biosolids produced at the Water Reclamation Plant. The permit specifies the quantity of biosolids that can be applied.”

City Wins Top State Award for Wastewater Treatment System | News | The Press and Standar
Walterboro, SC (1/24/18) - The City of Walterboro was presented with the Wastewater System of the Year award at the South Carolina Rural Water Association (SCRWA) 2017 Annual Conference. The city has acquired funding for a plant upgrade that will provide additional biosolids storage by converting an existing Flow Equalization (EQ) Basin to a new Aerobic Digestion Basin. A new bio-solids dewatering building has been constructed and will house two screw presses.

Sewage Plant Project Would End Landfill Green Waste Composting
Wailuku-Kahului, HI (1/26/18) - We continue to follow the story out of Wailuku-Kahulu from January’s Newsclips “ Draft EIS Complete for Proposed Energy Conversion Project”. The project calls for the installation of an anaerobic digester to produce methane gas from energy crops grown on former Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. lands. The methane would be used to power the sewage treatment plant with waste heat used to dry biosolids. The project is receiving mixed reactions from residents and public officials.
AD Facility Proposal in Hawaii Could Put Local Compost Operation Out of Business
Anaergia, Maui EKO Open Green Waste Dialogu

Michigan Approves New Rules for Biosolids
Adrian, MI (1/28/18) - The Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA) has approved guidance for local waste water treatment plant operators who spread Class A EQ biosolids. The new guidelines will help resolve issues of dust and runoff and was completed by Michigan DEQ and are expected to provide a clear best-practice method for applying biosolids. The new guidelines will be available on the MWEA website.

St. Lucie County Takes New Tack in Fighting Sunbreak Farms, Spread of Human Waste on Crops
St. Lucie County, FL (2/7/18) - The St. Lucie county commission is at odds with Sunbreak Farms, who is looking to annually fertilize crops with about 80,000 tons of compost mixed with biosolids. The county commission recently decided to change their legal strategy by challenging a water-quality permit Sunbreak needs from the South Florida Water Management District rather than Sunbreak Farms' permit with the state Department of Environmental Protection.

Biosolids workshop scheduled for Feb. 28
West Adams, CO (2/13/18) - “Colorado's West Adams Conservation District and the Brighton field office of the National Resources Conservation District will present an informational workshop about biosolids for boards, public officials and landowners.

Composting of Sewage Sludge with a Simple Aeration Method and its Utilization as a Soil Fertilizer
Springer (2/2/18) - A recently published study on examining sewage sludge composting using a simple aeration method.

Lancaster Wastewater Plant in Need of Millions of Dollars of Updates
Lancaster, OH (2/4/18) - The Water/Water Pollution Control Superintendent, Mike Nixon, is looking to spend between $5 million and $10 million on updates and replacing equipment at the Lawrence Street Water Pollution Control Facility. Their first step is to bring a firm in to evaluate the facility to evaluate the equipment and make recommendations on what's due for replacement and what's not.

New from Abroad

Tomatoes or Tomatos: Changing Biosolids Perceptions in the US
International Water Summit, Abu Dhabi (1/31/18) - Patrick Dube, WEF’s Biosolids Program Manager was interviewed by IWS TV at the International Water Summer. Listen to Dube share how WEF is focusing on promoting biosolids. He touches on microconstituents, biosolids products, how the wastewater industry is re-imaging wastewater treatment facilities as water resource recovery facilities and what other countries can learn from what the USA is doing focused on wastewater.

Marron Valley, Summerland Sites Put to the Curb
Marron Valley, BC, Canada (2/1/18) - The Regional District Okanagan-Similkameen directors voted not to re-engage the idea of locating a regional facility in Marron Valley or Summerland. The staff have been in search of a site, since 2006, to construct a facility that would compost yard waste, food waste (residential and commercial), and biosolids all in one location.

Detecting Emerging Pollutants in Leafy and Root Vegetables
Seville, Spain (2/12/18) - “Researchers from the University of Seville have developed a method for the determination of pollutants in leafy and root vegetables using ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE), dispersive solid-phase extraction (d-SPE), and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS).” These developments are accurate enough to detect household and industrial chemicals, such as per-fluoroalkyl compounds, nonionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, and plasticizers.

Land-based pollution with microplastics an underestimated threat
Berlin, Germany (2/5/18) - Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), in partnership with Freie Universität Berlin are working together to review previous individual studies on the topic of microplastics in relation to the effect of microplastics on terrestrial ecosystems. The article suggests that land application of biosolids contributes to the several thousand tons of microplastics entering terrestrial areas.

BARC develops technology to convert sewage into bio-fertilizer
Mumbai, India (2/8/18) - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) has successfully developed a technology to treat municipal sewage and convert the sludge into bio-fertiliser. The process involves crushing the dried sludge, exposing it to a 10-kGy radiation dose and spraying the sludge with Bio-NPK (Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium) microorganisms to a bio-fertilizer.

Synagro Achieves Financial Close for Residual Treatment Facility in Victoria, British Columbia
Victoria, BC, Canada (2/6/18) - Synago announced that “the Hartland Resource Management Group (HRMG) has executed a contract to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the residuals treatment facility for the Capital Regional District (CRD).” Upon commencement of operations at the facility, Synagro will be the service provider for the project and will partner with the CRD for a 20-year operations-and-maintenance term to produce a thermally dried biosolids product.

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Computational Biosolids
Swansea, UK (1/19/18) - "The College of Engineering at Swansea University is seeking applications from researchers with expertise in Computational Biosolids for summer of 2018. The individual who fills this position will be expected to fulfill the roles of establishing a research program as well as serving as a mentor and teacher for students in the university. More details about the application process and position description can be found in the link in the Title." But read further:  "The application areas of interest include arterial wall, aortic and mitral valves, heart wall, clinical applications and any other complimentary area that is relevant to the computational biomedical engineering group within the Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering."