Biosolids NewsClips 1-10-19

News from Within the MABA Region

EDITORIAL: Recycle Sludge, Extend Landfill’s Life
Fredericksburg, VA (1/3/19) - In 2017 Fredericksburg stopped sending its wastewater residuals to the Spotsylvania composting facility and began landfilling them. In fiscal 2018, Fredericksburg and Stafford County dumped a total of 16,452 tons of biosolids into the regional landfill, according to the Rappahannock Regional Landfill Solid Waste Management Board’s 2018 annual report.” As people begin to explore ways to extend the life of the landfill, Spotsylvania remains open to receiving more residuals.

This Product is Fertilizing Local Farms, but Report Claims EPA Can’t Say for Sure it’s Safe
Lehigh Valley, PA (12/19/18) - This article shows two sides of the contentious OIG’s biosolids report. It shares parts of the report that raise alarm for the safety of biosolids while pointing out that EPA representatives of the claim the report biased and that professionals in the biosolids industry have supported continued research biosolids while the EPA has not continued to develop its regulations in accordance with the continued research.

Anaergia’s 300,000 TPA Food Waste & Biosolids to Energy Plant in California
Rialto, CA (1/7/19) - Anaergia, Inc., is to the start construction at the Rialto Bioenergy Facility which will produce energy and fertiliser from biosolids and food waste in Southern California. ”According to Anaergia, when construction is completed in 2020, it will be the largest food waste diversion and energy recovery facility in North America. It will produce renewable natural gas, renewable electricity, and Class A organic fertiliser.”

News from Beyond the MABA Region

SFWMD to Decide Soon if Sunbreak Farms Would Pollute Indian River Lagoon with Biosolids
St. Lucie, FL (12/31/18) - The South Florida Water Management District is evaluating Sunbreak Farms farm's “request for a permit to fertilize its crops each year with 80,000 tons of compost made by mixing 20,000 tons of biosolids with 60,000 tons of yard and agricultural waste.” Granting the permit could hinge on whether water district engineers think runoff from the 6,580-acre operation will run into the adjacent C-25 Canal, which could threaten the Indian River Lagoon with higher levels of phosphorus and nitrogen.
Indian River County extends biosolid moratorium, will seek ban from Legislature

Rome Seeking to Add Acreage to Sludge Land Application Permit
Rome, GA (12/21/18) - Biosolids from the Rome Water Reclamation Facility is used as a fertilizer on agricultural land in the area. The city recently sent an application to the state to add more farms to the list of 10 or 12 that are already receiving the fertilizer.

News from Abroad

Councillors Question Costs, Approve Biosolids Contract
Sechelt, BC, Canada (12/24/18) - Salish Soils has a new 5 year contract with the district of Sechelt for removing and processing biosolids. The company will continue operating in the location it leases from the district of Sechelt while it sets up a new processing facility in partnership with Coastland Wood Industries.

Advantages of a Class A Quality, High Solids Liquid Biofertilizer Product
Ontario, Canada (12/19/18) - Lystek shares the advantages of its Class A highly concentrated, liquid product.