Biosolids NewsClips 11-29-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Report: EPA Unable to Assess the Impact of Hundreds of Unregulated Pollutants in Land-Applied Biosolids on Human Health and the Environment
EPA, National (11/15/18) - The report from the EPA's Office of Inspector General's review on the EPA’s Biosolids Program has been released. “The EPA identified 352 pollutants in biosolids but cannot yet consider these pollutants for further regulation due to either a lack of data or risk assessment tools. Pollutants found in biosolids can include pharmaceuticals, steroids and flame retardants.” There is a podcast that accompanies the report on the page linked in the title.
EPA Lacks Data for More Than 300 Pollutants in Treated Waste; La Crosse Spreads 12 Million Gallons a Year on Fields
EPA Watchdog Questions Safety of Sewage Used as Fertilizer
LETTER: Canada lags behind on rules for biosolids

EPA Electronic Reporting Training for Biosolids Generators
EPA, National (11/26/18) - We have learned that the EPA has seen many mistakes with public agency electronic submissions of Part 503 Annual Reports. What is more, the system is still under development. The EPA is offering training sessions to to assist biosolid users to electronically report their annual biosolids data.The 2018 Biosolids Electronic Annual Program Report Training will provide participants with an overview of Biosolids Annual Report and background information to the eRule and how it affected the development of the Electronic Biosolids Form. The training will explain access request process as well as provide a demo of how to complete the Electronic Biosolids Form. Find out what all this means in the link in the title or follow this direct link to registration.

EPA Recognizes Wilmington, Delaware’s Renewable Energy and Biosolids Facility for Excellence and Innovation in Clean Water Infrastructure
Wilmington, DE (11/21/18) - “Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it has recognized Wilmington, Delaware’s renewable energy and biosolids facility for excellence and innovation. The Wilmington facility was one of 30 clean water infrastructure projects honored within the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) program.” Read more about the CWSRF PISCES Program.

If Not the Landfill, then Where? Nutrients Take Different Paths Back to the Land in Frederick
Frederick County, MD (11/22/18) - Frederick County has been discussing how they might reclaim nutrients for soil through food waste. This article explores some of the challenges and technicalities of biosolids management in Frederick County and what the city is considering for recycling other organics.

Biosolids Safety Stirs Debate
Harrisburg, PA (11/23/18) - The Pennsylvania State Council of Farm Organizations held a discussion about biosolids during its meeting Monday at the state Ag Department building. Individuals in support of the land application of biosolids as well as people against beneficial spoke at the discussion.

Biosolids Still Center of Debate
Lincoln County, VA (11/6/18) - City and county officials in Newport, despite defending the spreading of biosolids on farmland in areas in the east part of the county, are openly and loudly criticized by locals in the county’s eastern communities who protest against the use of biosolids on rural county lands. The Save Our Siletz River Facebook group is a digital space where community members of Lincoln County communicate and post anti-biosolids information.
County Expecting Biosolid Test Results Any Time

Residents Present Sludge Plant Objections to DEP
Pen Argyl, PA (11/8/18) - Synagro’s proposal to build a biosolids treatment facility in partnership with Green Knight Economic Development Corp. moves forward and continues to attract attention from the community. “The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection held back-to-back events at Wind Gap Middle School lasting more than three hours – a public meeting where residents could ask questions about the project and a separate public hearing for DEP to gather testimony as it reviews four separate permit applications for the facility.”
Large Crowd Expected Tonight for Hearing on Controversial Sewage-Sludge Plant in Slate Belt
Community Says They Don't Want Sludge Processing Plant

Company Applies to Spread Biosolids on Scottsville Farms
Albemarle County, VA (11/12/18) - Synagro is applying to expand an existing permit to spread biosolids on participating farms in Albemarle County, VA. The modification would allow Synagro to deposit the biosolids on 2,447 acres at Nutmeg Farm and Greenmont Farm in Scottsville. Aaron L. Mills, an environmental science professor at the University of Virginia was interviewed for this article to provide some insight into the land application of biosolids.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

NEBRA Seeks New Executive Director
North East Biosolids & Residuals Organization (11/26/18) - NEBRA is seeking a new Executive Director. When the new Executive Director is hired, current ED Ned Beecher will become Projects Lead, focusing on PFAS and other project work through 2019 and, likely, beyond. This is a beneficial, mutually-agreeable succession plan for NEBRA, developed by the Board of Directors. If you have any questions, contact President and Search Committee Chair Tom Schwartz or the NEBRA office. The title links to the job description.

$7m Biosolids, Transportation and Recycling Deal for FCC in Texas
Garland, TX (11/21/18) - FCC Environmental Services, the US subsidiary of the environmental services division of Spanish firm FCC group, has been awarded three new contracts in the state of Texas including one contract for the management of all the biosolids for the City of the Garland’s water treatment system, including transportation to the city landfill.

Newport to Haul Biosolids to Wren
Newport, OR (11/20/18) - “The Newport City Council voted Monday night to haul biosolids to a farm outside the city after receiving word from the state’s Department of Environmental Quality that the city can no longer spread biosolids on airport grounds, which had been a regular practice with the city.” After the Newport City’s pasteurization system broke down, necessitating repairs and a lack of storage facility the facility will now transport biosolids to a farm in Wren where they will be dry stored and land applied.