Biosolids NewsClips 11-8-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Synagro Receives Taft Community Garden’s 2018 Friend of the Garden Award
Baltimore, MD (11/6/18) - Synagro received the Taft Community Garden’s (TCG) 2018 Friend of the Garden Award at the organization’s Fall Into Gardening Event.

Officials: Sludge Dumped on Farm ‘Just Compacted Dirt’
Bradford, PA (10/30/18) - Biosolids application prompted a concerned call to the local newspaper.

Proposed Slate Belt Sludge-Treatment Plant to be Subject of State Hearing
Plainfield Township, PA (10/19/18) - The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection will host a public meeting and take testimony from experts on the Slate Belt Heat Recovery Project on November 7. People will be able to ask questions regarding permit applications for the project.
DEP Hearing Set for Proposed Slate Belt Sludge Processing Plant

Slate Belt Township to Ban Sewage-Based Fertilizer on Municipal Property
Upper Mount Bethel Township, PA (10/23/18) - “Township supervisors voted Monday to support the prohibition of using fertilizer made from sewage treatment plant sludge on township-owned land... A vote for a formal ordinance for the biosolids prohibition on township land is scheduled for the board's Nov. 12 meeting.”

Information on Treated Sewage Fertilizer
Loudoun, VA (10/22/18) - “Members of the Board of Supervisors are still looking for options to address complaints about the use of treated sewage sludge to fertilize farmland.” The Virginia DEQ received an unusually high number of complaints about an application in Lucketts. When it was examined the application matched the general biosolids activity within the state. One supervisor suggested that the high level of complaints is because agricultural land where biosolids is applied is very close to pseudo- or semi-residential or residential neighborhoods.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Council Seems Ready to OK Biosolids Contract
Austin, TX (10/31/18) - “The latest chapter in the city’s quest to sign a new contract for handling biosolids at the Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant appears to be nearing its end after two and half years of struggle.” After three separate rounds requesting contractor proposals it seems as though Synagro has been recommended by the water and wastewater commission every time.
At long last, Council Approves Biosolids Contract

Long Beach Makes Zoning Changes, Moves Ahead on Biosolids Project
Long Beach, WA (11/17/18) - The city of Long Beach is looking to build a biosolids treatment facility. They recently approved Resolution 2018-13, authorizing the receipt of a state revolving-fund loan to help fund the construction of the plant.

What Stinks in Northeast Clovis? Exactly What You Think it is
Kern County, CA (10/17/18) - This report informs residents of the odors they might notice due to a recent land application of Liberty Compost & Recycling.

Paper Factory Sludge Spread on Farms Causes Concerns Decades Later
Otsego, MI (10/19/18) - In the late 1980s the Menasha paper factory started land applying sludge on farmland in Otsego. Testing in 1992 showed dioxin present in the sludge, but according to the DEQ it was at levels below the DEQ and EPA residential criteria level. Decades later, the DEQ is pointing to the sludge as a possible source of dioxin contamination found in nearby drinking wells.
Tests Show PFAS, Dioxin-Like Chemicals in Otsego-Area Wells

Business News Round Up - Oct. 19
Water & Waste Digest (10/19/18) - “The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago received commendation from the National Biosolids Partnership for being a NBP Platinum member for a decade. The achievement was observed at the annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference held this year at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA.”

Two Workers Injured Wednesday Inside Sewage Sludge Dryer at Milorganite Fertilizer Factory on Jones Island
Milwaukee, WI (10/31/18) - Two workers were injured while repairing the inside of a sewage sludge dryer at the Milorganite fertilizer factory. None of the injuries were life threatening, but one worker was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Hagerstown Wastewater Upgrades Entering Final Stage
Hagerstown, MD (10/31/18) - The second half of a modernization project at Hagerstown's wastewater treatment plant is expected to get underway early next year. The Hagerstown City Council agreed to allocate funds to complete the first phase of work that includes a new storage facility and equipment needed to process sludge waste that is then converted into pellets for disposal by a third party.

News from Abroad

Lystek Announces Commercial Scale Mobile Thermal Hydrolysis Processing Unit – A First for Biosolids in North America
Cambridge, ON, Canada (11/1/18) - Lystek International has announced the commercialization of its first, low temperature, low pressure mobile Thermal Hydrolysis Processing unit (Lystek Mobile THP®). This technology was developed in response to growing market demand from smaller scale treatment plant operators for sustainable biosolids management solutions.

Phosphorus Recovery – A Voyage From Sewage Sludge To Johannes Vermeer
Science Trends (10/15/18) - This research project is about the process and benefits of extracting phosphorus from sewage sludge. Researchers found that phosphorus is bound to iron, producing viviante in many treatment processes. They developed a way to collect the viviante and dissolve it to capture the phosphorus. “The process has been patented and will be tested by Wetsus/TU Delft at the pilot scale as part of an EU-funded project (EIT Raw Materials) in the next two years.” To learn more about their research and findings you can access the research article “ Vivianite as The Main Phosphate Mineral in Digested Sewage Sludge and its Role for Phosphate Recovery”.

Voters Fill Grand Hall for KTW Election Forum
Kamloops, BC, Canada (10/15/18) - Kamloops mayoral and council candidates were questioned before an audience of community members. Biosolids were among the topics discussed.
City Has Questions on Biosolids

Salish Soils: Gibsons Biosolids Will No Longer Go Off-Coast
Gibsons, BC, Canada (10/23/18) - The cost of shipping biosolids out of Gibson has been increasing. Recently, Gibson approved a contract with Salish Soils of Sechelt to compost biosolids from the Town’s sewer treatment plant, cutting down costs to the city.
Hamilton Residents Raise a Stink About Sewage Sludge Recycling Pitch

Hamilton, ON, Canada (10/25/18) - Terrapure Environmental is looking to receive permits to start a 12 month pilot program to further processing sludge from the city sewage plant into a fertilizer at an old waste transfer site. Local residents are weary of the plan because of the odors that may come from the plant. Terrapure Environmental has plans to minimize potential odors by directly off-loading trucks into the processing equipment.

CSE Launches Web-Based Tools and Platforms for Wastewater and Faecal Sludge and Septage Management and City-Wide Sanitation Planning
New Delhi, India (10/28/18) - “The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has launched two unique web-based tools and platforms to help cities and individuals in India plan their sanitation interventions and manage wastewater…. SaNi KiT offers a collection of tools to enhance the capability of urban local bodies in India to prepare high quality, city-owned City Sanitation Plans (CSP)....  MOUNT – or Menu on Un-networked Technologies – is an aggregator platform to bring together technological interventions and innovations which can treat wastewater and faecal sludge -- cheaply and energy-efficiently.”

Basingstoke STW Operating Entirely on Energy From Sludge
Basingstoke, UK (10/17/18) - Thames Water recently announced that the Basingstoke Sewage Treatment Works is now producing enough energy from waste to power the whole site. “Energy from sludge, together with wind and solar, generates around a quarter of Thames Water’s energy needs. This has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 66 percent since 2015 and saved the equivalent of £30 million in energy costs last year.”