Biosolids NewsClips 1/31/19

News from Within the MABA Region

Company to Potentially Treat Albemarle County Farms with Biosolids
Scottsville, VA (1/21/19) - Synagro recently applied to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for an expanded permit that allows for treatment of 2,447 acres of land on Nutmeg and Greenmont Farms in Scottsville.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Biosolids a Potential Source of PFAS
Robinson Township, MI (1/9/19) - The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality will begin to search for the source of PFAS contamination in Robinson Township and biosolids is among the possible sources. Biosolids application sites have been discovered close to some wells with contaminated drinking water. “Last month, Michigan’s Science Advisory Panel recommended the DEQ conduct research to find out where the chemicals go when a biosolid is applied to land.” Courtney Carignan, an environmental health scientist at Michigan State University who studies PFAS contamination shares some of her research findings related to PFAS’s movement in soils in this article.
Town Hall Set to Discuss PFAS Contamination
Narrowing the Search

Siletz River Tests Fail to Detect Contaminants
Lincoln County, OR (1/10/19) - “A group of Lincoln County residents from the group Save Our Siletz River sent samples of the river’s sediment to an independent lab in Washington, hoping to find out if there were any dangerous chemicals from biosolids runoff in the river that sustains so much life in the east part of the county.” Lab results show that of the 23 chemicals tested, either the contaminants weren’t present in the samples tested or they were present below detectable limits.

Hearing Jan. 24 For Biosolids Application in Yelm
Lewis County, WA (1/10/19) - Biosolids distributor, Fire Mountain Farms, submitted an application to distribute class B biosolids on a parcel of land owned by Abston Henricksen Timber.

SFWMD Mulls Sunbreak Permit to Spread Human Waste on Farm Connected to Indian River Lagoon
Fort Pierce, FL (1/14/19) - The South Florida Water Management District has more questions about Sunbreak Farm’s permit request to apply class B biosolids on their fields. SFWMD asked Sunbreak engineers for more assurances that heavy rains won't flush polluted storm water into nearby canals and for a better sewage-sludge monitoring system to show "pollution abatement practices proposed in the design are functioning properly.”
Class B biosolids: DEP Discusses Water Pollution From Human Waste Spread on Farmland
Florida Rep. Erin Grall Leader in Cutting Biosolids in Key Environmental Area

Scientists Say Microplastics Are All over Farmlands, but We're Ignoring the Problem
International (1/16/19) - Here is another report raising concern over plastics in oceans and on agricultural lands. Researchers say there is a lack of public awareness and scientific understanding of the issue.

We will have to track the development of this research project
Pellet, Bioenergy Projects in North Carolina Receive Funding
North Carolina State University, NC (1/21/19) - A research project at North Carolina State University’s Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department was among 4 projects that received funding from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services under the Bioenergy Research Initiative. “NCSU’s Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department was awarded funding for a project tilted “Potential for Integrating Swine Lagoon Sludge into the N.C. Bioenergy Sector.” The two-year project will develop and evaluate the performance of sludge removal and drying systems and characterize the removed, dried sludge as a soil amendment and as a combustion feedstock.”

Merrell Bros Plans $7 Million Investment, 25 New Jobs
Howard County, IN (1/23/19) - Merrell Bros plans to invest more than $7 million and create 25 jobs when it expands its current Howard County facility by 58,000-square-feet.
Merrell Bros. Plans $7M Expansion

News from Abroad

Lystek Expands Contract in North Battleford, Saskatchewan
North Battleford, SK, Canada (1/29/19) - Lystek will continue managing the City of North Battleford, Saskatchewan's biosolids for another five years.

From Toilet to Brickyard: Recycling Biosolids to Make Sustainable Bricks
Melbourne, Australia (1/21/19) - “A team at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has demonstrated that fired-clay bricks incorporating biosolids could be a sustainable solution for both the wastewater treatment and brickmaking industries.”
Sewage Sludge Could Fuel Eco-Friendly Production of Biosolids Bricks
Built Like a Brick S***house: Turning Biosolids into Bricks
Bricks Made From Human Waste Could Be The Future of The Construction Industry