Biosolids Newsclips 3-16-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Enforcement and Compliance History Online
National (3/9/18) - Biosolids data collected throughout 2017 will be publicly available through the USEPA Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) website around the end of March. You can review your data there to ensure its accuracy and contact Courtney Tuxbury at to seek corrections. 

Residents Voice Displeasure Over Biosolid Use to Jackson Township Supervisors
Dauphin County, PA (3/7/18) - Residents recently attended a meeting at the Fisherville Fire Hall to ask township supervisors to do something about the use of biosolids on a local farm. With the exception of “minor violations involving the terms of the permit” the DEP has not found issues with the farm.

Waste-to-Energy Project Proposed in City
Schenectady, NY (3/12/18) - The city of Schenectady is looking to work with Florida-based Biowaste Pyrolysis Solutions to host a demonstration project converting the city’s sludge into energy through their pyrolysis system. The company would operate out of the Schenectady’s former composting facility and hopes to save the city money on sludge management and potentially provide discounted energy.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Sewage Sludge Train Cars in Birmingham to be Moved After 'Death Smell' ComplaintsBirmingham, AL (3/6/18) - Rail containers transporting solids from NY and NJ are causing controversy in the community where the containers are being unloaded to trucks. The first location where the trucks unloaded was unincorporated Jefferson. After complaints, Jefferson County zoning authorities determined that the loading operation at the rail yard violated the county's zoning ordinance. Next, the containers were transported to the town of Parrish, where soon after, the Parrish Town Council held a special meeting and determined that Big Sky landfill, the group coordinating the transportation, did not have a business license to operate in the city. Now the solids are in Birmingham where there are issues being raised. The Big Sky landfill's general operating permit is currently up for renewal with Alabama Department of Environmental Management. Transportation is not overseen by ADEM.
Train Cars Carrying Human-Waste Appear in North Birmingham
Alabama Communities Raising a Stink Over Sewage Train
BIG STINK: Alabama Communities Complain of Sewage Train Stench
Alabamians Are Sick of New York’s Crap
New York Stops Sewage Trains to Alabama Landfill
New York Stops Sending Its Poo To Alabama After Residents Complain
Parrish Mayor Threatens Legal Action Over Big Sky Bio Waste

Editorial: Innovative Approach to Costly Sludge Problem Worth Considering
Greenfield, MA (3/7/18) - This article follows previous Newsclips coverage about an anaerobic digester being constructed in Northern Massachusetts - Slaying Sludge: Greenfield DPW Head Proposes Regional Digester.

Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District Confident it Has Authority to Expand Biosolids Intake
Fairfield-Suisun, CA (3/2/18) - Lystek managers at the Fairfield-Suisun facility will be looking to bring industrial organics and pre- and post-processed food waste to their facility in the next few years. Although the Sewer district General Manager, Greg Baatrup, said he believes the district has the authority it needs to allow those wastes to come in, he wants to eliminate any ambiguity by amending the enabling act. The sewer district has faced delays in moving legislation forward to change language in the enabling act.

Wiles Lagoon Stirs debate in Wayne County
Wooster, OH (3/1/18) - Quasar energy has submitted an application to the Ohio EPA for a permit to build a lagoon on property it has leased. The “Wiles Storage Pond” would be located on a farm operated by farmer Jason Wiles and would hold both anaerobically digested biosolids and up to 300,000 gallons of hog manure annually from the landowner’s hog farm, according to the permit application.

BCR Announces Joshua Scott to Permanent CEO Role as the Company Scales the Availability of Its Biosolid Treatment Technology
Jacksonville FL (3/6/18) - BCR recently announced that “Joshua R. Scott has been named CEO on a permanent basis. Previously serving as President and Interim CEO since July of 2017, and COO since joining the company in late 2016… the company also announced that it is scaling the availability of its biosolids treatment technologies throughout North America.”

Allegan City to Test Water for PFAS Contamination
Allegan, MI (3/9/18) - The City of Allegan has approved spending $2,975 for testing of its three drinking water wells for PFAS compounds. In another part of Michigan, the DEQ is investigating whether farms that spread sludge as a fertilizer on fields may also test positive for having PFAS compounds.

Spokane City Council Votes To Study Burning Biosolids
Spokane, WA (3/13/18) - The Spokane City Council has approved a study with HDR Engineering to look at whether burning the biosolids in the regional incinerator would be an appropriate biosolids management option. This comes after the council has heard about complaints from residents relating with odor issues and seeing other communities around the country raise concern about the land application of biosolids.

News from Abroad

Full Steam Ahead for Ladysmith’s New $1.8M Biosolids Facility
Ladysmith, BC, Canada (3/7/18) - The success story of Ladysmith’s Biosolids Facility.

nostrop Energy and Recycling Facility
Leeds, England (3/2/18) - Yorkshire Water is currently constructing a new anaerobic digestion energy and recycling facility within the Knostrop Waste Water Treatment works. The new construction will replace the existing sludge and biosolids incineration and will enable more efficient and effective sludge treatment and energy production.

Kamloops Stakeholder Group to Cultivate New Ideas for Biosolids
Kamloops, BC, Canada (3/3/18) - “Staff at Kamloops city hall are endorsing the creation of a stakeholder group to help direct the handling of biosolids.” The stakeholder group would be made up of city councillors as well as officials from the provincial government, local First Nations and other organizations.
City of Kamloops Eyes Creation of Biosolids Stakeholder Group
Kamloops Hoping for Long-term Solutions to Biosolid Waste
What to Do with All that Poop? Kamloops Approves Working Group to Figure it Out