Biosolids Newsclips 3-2-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Tyrone Consultant Says Digester Need Supported
Tyrone, PA (2/27/2018) - The borough of Tyrone recently heard that there would be strong interest from groups involved in biosolids disposal to bring their biosolids to Tyrone if the borough built a digester. Altoona is also considering constructing a digester and is exploring potential sources for material that could be digested.

Lystek Opponents Eye Vacant Seat on Glen Planning Board
Glen, NY (2/15/18) - An open seat in Glen’s planning board has added to the uncertainty of Lystek’s permit for a facility at the Glen Canal View Business Park. In addition, an activist group known as CALL, Citizens Against Local Landfills, reunited after 20 years of relative inactivity to fight Lystek’s permit.
Lystek Holds Info Session

News from Beyond the MABA Region

City awards contract for bio-solid waste transportation to Iowa firm
Cadillac, MI (3/1/18) - The Cadillac City Council unanimously approved a contract with Midwest Injection for transporting and land applying biosolids from the Cadillac Wastewater Treatment Plant to near by farm fields. According to Cadillac Director of Utilities, Jeffrey Dietlin, “The Cadillac Wastewater Treatment plant is one of five facilities in the state that produce bio-solid waste that is of high enough quality to be spread on crops as fertilizer.”

Slaying Sludge: Greenfield DPW Head Proposes Regional Digester
Greenfield, MA (2/26/18) - The town of Greenfield is looking to build a regional sludge digester, and the idea has already garnered letters of support by other towns, such as, Montague, Deerfield, Sunderland, Northfield and Hadley. Their next step is likely to start working on a feasibility study with regional partners.

Lead and Zinc Stabilization of Soil Using Sewage Sludge Biochar: Optimization through Response Surface Methodology
Journal, CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water (2/26/18) - This study investigates the effect of biochar produced from municipal sewage sludge on the stabilization of potentially toxic elements (PTEs), including lead (Pb), and zinc (Zn) in a mining polluted soil. Follow the link in the title to view the abstract.

Sewage Sludge Import Operation Moves to Walker County After Backlash
Walker County, AL (2/20/18) - Rail cars filled with biosolids being shipped from New York and New Jersey to Big Sky Landfill have been stopped in their tracks before reaching the landfill. Big Sky had been using a small rail spur in Jefferson County to transfer the containers of sludge from the train cars to trucks and drive them to the landfill. However, after numerous complaints from nearby residents, Jefferson County determined the operation violated the county's zoning laws and now Big Sky is needing to find an alternative place to transfer the carts from train to truck.
Mayor Works to Get Sewage Sludge Containers Gone
Some Parrish Residents Want Sewage Sludge Moved Out of Town
Parrish Tells Sewer Sludge Hauler to Get Out of Town
'It's a Horrible Smell:' Parrish Town Council to Meet Over Big Sky's Biosolid Storage

Council Increases Rates at City's Biosolids Facility
Fort Wayne, IN (2/20/2018) - Fort Wayne City Council approved an increase in rates for residents and businesses using the city's Biosolids Handling Facility.
New Biosolids Contract Will Save Fort Wayne Big Money

‘Biodigester’ Farm in Bath Twp. Raises Stink Among Neighbors
Bath Township, OH (2/24/18) - Neighbors around Pitstick Farms are filing complaints about odors caused by the land application of biosolids on Pitstick’s agricultural land. The Ohio EPA investigated the complaint and found no issues.

News from Abroad

Smithton Sewage De-Sludging Benefits Farms and Sea Water Quality
Smithton, Tasmania, Australia (2/21/18) - Smithton Sewage Treatment Plant is spreading biosolids on paddocks around Smithton as part of their de-sludging process. Although there were concerns that recent heavy rains washed the biosolids into the Smithton water supply, TasWater confirmed this was not happening.

Waste Water Treatment Design Tool Available on The Water Network
Zurich, Switzerland (2/27/18) - AquaSPE AG from Zurich Switzerland recently announced access to an open source Wastewater Treatment Plant design tool and WWTP knowledge sharing community on The Water Network. The tool generates preliminary engineering design documents for conventional Activated Sludge WWTPs that includes an equipment list, process flow and site plan within hours instead of weeks.