Biosolids Newsclips 3-29-18

News from Within the MABA Region

The Public Startup Charting Bold New Waters
Washington, D.C. (3/26/18) - Blue Drop LLC, a nonprofit consulting enterprise, launched in late 2016 with a nearly $3 million investment in cash and resources from DC Water. The start-up separates itself from other consulting companies because it is an extension of DC Water and therefore can pull from the experience and expertise that has helped make DC Water a success.

Council to Advance Capital Projects
Lockport, NY (3/19/18) - Lockport city council is planning to add a new UV disinfection system to the wastewater treatment plant and they are considering adding a sludge dryer to the plant. The technologies would help with biosolids production and would eliminate the need for the city to add wood chips to produce a compost. The project is expected to pay for itself, as the city spends about $100,000 annually on woodchips.

Slate Belt Sludge-Treatment Facility Subject of Updated Hearing
Slate Belt, PA (3/16/18) - Slate Belt’s planning commission will hold a meeting to review the latest plan by Synagro Technologies Inc. for the Slate Belt Heat Recovery Project. Synagro has revised their original plans of discharging wastewater into nearby creeks and now will truck away wastewater. They have also revised the location of the plant to move it closer to the Green Knight’s plant. The move allows the facility to be built on one lot rather than two. Synagro hopes to break ground by the end of the year or early 2019, with the plant taking about 18 months to build.

Glen Rejects Lystek Project
Glen, NY (3/16/18) - The town of Glen Planning Board carried a motion to reject the Lystek application during a recent meeting. “The motion was carried following an announcement made by an attorney, Robert J. Kruger... of a 1998 waste management facilities law which prohibits secondary processing of solid or liquid waste. This means Lystek International Inc. — the Canadian based biosolids company — legally is not allowed to move into the Glen Canal View Business Park.”
Town, Lystek Reps Respond to Crewell’s Comments
Lystek Disputes Glen Board Vote
We gave Lystek a Chance and We Don’t Want Them

Florida Company Pitches Schenectady on Sewer Sludge
Schenectady, NY (3/15/18) - The mayor of Schenectady is in support of Biowaste Pyrolysis Solutions’ treatment facility plans. Checkout more of the story in “Waste-to-Energy Project Proposed in City” from last NewsClips.

Saratoga County Agrees to Fund ‘Biosolids’ Facility
Saratoga County, NY (3/22/18) - “The Saratoga County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution… authorizing a formal agreement with Albany County to jointly finance, build and operate a regional biosolids handling facility.” Currently, Saratoga County contracts with Casella Organics to ship biosolids to an incinerator in Connecticut and other locations, but in the new agreement Saratoga intends to share costs with Albany County and to possibly generate revenue in the future.

Grow Bigger, Stronger Plants
Washington, DC (3/23/18) - Dr. Francis Gouin gives a glowing review of DC Water’s Bloom product. Bloom has consistent nutrient content and availability of nutrients and is rich in Iron and other essential trace elements that are often lacking in soils.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Gilmanton Voters Ban Biosolids, Fund Year-Round Library
Gilmanton, NH (3/15/18) - Although local farmers had pleaded to have permission to continue using biosolids on their land, residents voted overwhelmingly to ban the spreading of biosolids on agricultural land. Some farmers claim this new ban may put them out of business

Reek on River Road Has Been Rectified
Stowe, VT (3/15/18) - Stowe’s sewage treatment plant has been producing Class A biosolids spreading them on agricultural land, but due to a recent string of odor complaints the town has decided to change its management strategy. The town has changed its biosolids production from Class A to Class B and will be sending the biosolids to landfill. The change has made a positive difference in addressing odor issues and officials are waiting to see how the costs of this management method compare to producing Class A biosolids.

EPA Hosting Public Hearing for Township Farm
Xenia OH (3/15/18) - The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is hosting a public hearing regarding a permit application to expand operations at a Bath Township farm where Renergy Inc. leases land for the Dovetail Energy LLC Anaerobic Digestion Facility. Renergy Inc. is looking to implement pasteurization, material separation technology, energy generation upgrades and advanced odor control technology. The EPA has already reviewed all of the engineering, construction and operating plans and after advertising a comment period about the permit to install they received enough comments to merit a hearing. Some local residents have issue with the facility because they did not feel they were informed what the facility was when it was first constructed.
Township Citizens Concerned Over Use of Biosolids
Bath Twp. Residents Voice Concerns on Potential Expansion of Waste Treatment Facility
Citizens Attend Open House at Biodigester Facility

Wayne County Residents Oppose Waste Lagoon
Creston, OH (3/15/18) - This is the first article in a three part series of articles linked below. Canaan Residents Against Pollution organized a town hall meeting so residents could voice their opposition to the construction of the Wiles Storage Pond. The earthen-lined storage structure would hold both anaerobically digested biosolids and up to 300,000 gallons of hog manure annually from the landowner’s hog farm, according to permit applications filed with the Ohio EPA. We heard about this project in the previous Newsclips in the article “Wiles Lagoon Stirs debate in Wayne County”.
Second Part: Township Residents Concerned About Farm Operations
What Are Biosolids and Are They Safe?

Greenfield DPW Head Admits His Sludge Disposal Numbers Were Off, but Says the Story Remains the Same
Greenfield, MA, (3/22/18) - The town of Greenfield can no longer take its waste to a recently closed disposal site in Montague and instead will have to haul sewage sludge to Lowell, Millbury and Cranston, Rhode Island. Public Works Director Donald Ouellette used a PowerPoint presentation to show the sharply rising costs for sewage sludge disposal due to the change in the disposal site. His presentation suggested a better option would be for the city to join a regional effort to have its own disposal site, which could build an anaerobic digester in Montague. The numbers the Public Works Direct presented were found to be exaggerated, but his argument remains the same.
Report: Greenfield DPW Chief Exaggerated Data to Justify $6 Million Sludge Digeste

SFPUC Approves New $1.3 Billion Bayview Waste Treatment Plant
San Francisco, CA (3/23/18) - The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has approved a $1.3 billion proposal to replace the Southeast Treatment Plant, the city's largest and oldest wastewater facility. “The commission began a multi-year environmental review process in 2008 to address needed upgrades. The project's most crucial component is the the replacement of the plant's biosolids digesters, which will now move forward.” To gather community input throughout this process, the SFMTA established the Southeast Digesters Task Force made up of  stakeholders who offered feedback and raised concerns about air quality and noise. See the task force findings .
SFPUC OKs Plan to Upgrade Southeast Sewage Plant and Downgrade Odor

New Sludge Facility Saving Erie County Big Bucks
Erie County, OH (3/24/18) - Elected officials recently approved moving forward with a project to build a sludge processing facility at the Huron Basin wastewater treatment plant. The project will allow for drying and sanitization of liquid sludge in-house before workers properly dispose of it.

News From Abroad

Stinking Sludge into Energy and Fertilizer
Melbu, Norway (3/15/18) - A newly started R&D company, AquaGreen, uses Superheated Steam Drying and Pyrolysis as a wastewater sludge treatment and for converting low-grade biomaterial resources into thermal energy and fertiliser. The start-up is currently focusing on the aquaculture industry—with wastewater and bio gasification targeted as the follow-up markets.