Biosolids Newsclips 4-6-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Slate Belt Resident on Proposed $26M Sludge Plant: 'Anybody Who Thinks that’s Acceptable is Sadly Confused'
Slate Belt, PA (4/5/18) - Synagro and local officials held a meeting to answer questions from experts and township planning members about the proposed Slate Belt Heat Recover Project. Synagro’s vice president of project development, Pam Racey, outlined the changes to the original proposal - moving the plant next to the Green Knight energy center and collecting leftover wastewater instead of discharging it into nearby streams. This was the 5th meeting since the project was first announced in November 2016. The planning board must still review another engineering firm’s report and the township zoning officer’s response to Synagro’s application. The project also needs a final vote from the Plainfield supervisors as well as state and regional approvals. The PA DEP has received Synagro’s permit application and is reviewing the application.

DEP says Synagro broke rule by spreading sludge on frozen Lower Mt. Bethel field
Mt. Bethel, PA (3/30/18) - The state DEP notified Synagro in January 2018 of a violation where it is believed Synagro applied biosolids on frozen farmland. Although Synagro has DEP permission to apply Class B biosolids on the land, DEP regulations prevent spreading on frozen, snow-covered or flooded fields. Synagro was not fined and adequately addressed the issue, but has disputed the DEP inspectors findings.

Albany and Saratoga Counties Plan Shared $45M Waste Facility
Albany, NY (3/28/18) - Albany and Saratoga Counties plan to build a biosolids waste facility to recycle biosolids, sewer sludge and food waste into methane gas to produce energy. The facility, which is to be jointly owned and operated by the two counties, is to be built in Menands in Albany County and will produce a Class B biosolids while generating energy for part of its own use.
New York Counties Partner to Build Biosolid Waste Facility
Albany County, Saratoga County Partner On New Joint Waste Facility

News from Beyond the MABA Region

EPA Hosts Hearing in Bath Township
Bath Township, OH (3/27/18) - The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency held a meeting to collect public comment before the agency evaluated a Permit to Install (PTI) application to upgrade the Dovetail Energy LLC Biosolids Treatment Facility. The facility would be converted from a Class B to Class A EQ facility. Many citizens that attended the meeting shared concerns about the facility and project.

Spokane Considers Burning Sewer Sludge After Outcry Over Fertilizer Use
Spokane, WA (3/29/18) - At the wastewater treatment plant along the Spokane River wastewater is treated and returned to the river while the remaining solids are processed in a digester and used as fertilizer. The city recently signed a contract to explore bring sludge to their Waste-to-Energy plant amid concerns over water contamination from biosolids. View the article “Lincoln County Residents Fight Biosolids on Nearby Farm” which outlines residents concerns.

Hall: Plans to Sue Big Sky on Hold
Parrish, AL (3/31/18) - Town leaders in Parrish voted in early March to file an injunction against Big Sky Environmental, its subsidiaries and Norfolk-Southern Railroad if rail carts containing biosolids were not removed by March 21. Since that vote, they decided not to seek an injunction because if they filed a lawsuit the containers may not be moved for even longer. Parrish Mayor Heather Hall has been in touch with the state governor and Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed in Montgomery to resolve the matter. At this point, most of the containers have been emptied.
Why Trainloads of Other People's Poo Have Been Rotting in an Alabama Town for Months
A Train Packed with Jersey Feces is Laying Waste to an Alabama Town
A Train Filled with Human Feces Has Sat for Months in an Alabama Town. And summer is Coming.

News from Abroad

Cambi Awarded Contract For St Marys Water Recycling Plant, Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia (4/4/18) - “Sydney Water has awarded a contract to Cambi for the installation of a CambiTHP B6-3 system at the St. Marys Water Recycling Plant…”. “The CambiTHP B6-3 system will process up to 46 metric ton dry solids a day and is part of Sydney Water’s commitment to greenhouse gas abatement.”