Biosolids NewsClips 8-15-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Persistent Pollutant Broken Down by Sludge Microbe
New Jersey Institute of Technology (8/2/18) - “Mengyan Li and colleagues at New Jersey Institute of Technology have isolated a bactirium that degrades the pollutant 1,4-dioxane… In the current study, Li’s team found that the DD4 bacterium degraded dioxane and 1,1-DCE in both lab media and contaminated groundwater samples over time and continued to reduce their levels to low enough concentration ranges to satisfy the remediation goals set by several U.S. states.”

Ruling OK's Biosolids — for One Wheatfield Farm
Wheatfield, NY (8/12/18) - New York State Supreme Court has determined that Wheatfield’s law, banning the use of biosolids on town farm land, unreasonably restricts the use of biosolids as fertilizer, according to a ruling handed down last month.

Synagro Announced as Winner of the Global Water Award of Distinction for Water Deal of the Year
Baltimore, MD (8/7/18) - Synagro has been named as the winner of the Global Water Award of Distinction for “Water Deal of the Year” for the financing of a biosolids facility in partnership with the City of Hamilton, Ontario.

Proposed House Bill Would Give Municipalities Control on Sludge Use
Harrisburg, PA (8/12/18) - The proposed House Bill 2281 in Pennsylvania will allow municipalities to adopt and enforce ordinances regulating the deposit, testing, disposal or land application of biosolid material. The bill would also allow a municipality to veto a permit approved by the DEP for the land application of this material. “The proposed bill has been referred to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Committee on Environmental Resources and Energy. The committee can either send the bill back to the house for a vote or it can choose not to act, essentially killing the bill.”

New from Beyond the MABA Region

SFPUC Receives Loan To Upgrade Wastewater Facilities
San Francisco, CA (7/31/18) - The EPA will issue its largest loan to date under the EPA’s Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act. San Francisco Public Utilities Commission will receive $699 million in loans that will help fund the SFPUC's Southeast Treatment Plant Biosolids Digester Facilities Project.
WIFIA Program Closes 2 New Load in California
New Federal Water Infrastructure Loans are Rolling Out (WIFIA)
San Francisco Granted $699m for Wastewater Infrastructure Upgrades

Disposal of Sewage From Urban Areas Contributes to Phosphorus Load to Lake
Lake Okeechobee, FL (8/3/18) - Lake Okeechobee’s is experiencing phosphorus overloading that is attributed to biosolids application in the watershed. The Florida Audubon society has reported on the extent to which phosphorus was applied through land application. There have been a few bills passed to reduce and regulate biosolids application in Florida, but in their 2009 report, Audubon Florida called on the State of Florida, wastewater utilities, and landowners to end the practice of land application of biosolids in the Lake Okeechobee watershed.
Simple Fix for the ‘Biosolids’ Problem
Fellsmere Joins Indian River County in Imposing 180-day Biosolids Moratorium

From Trash to Gas in South Yarmouth
Yarmouth, MA (8/2/18) - “Yarmouth has begun a 9-month, no-obligation exploratory period with Genesis Industrial Group, intended to allow the company time to examine the feasibility of installing an anaerobic digestion facility at an industrially-zoned parcel of town-owned land.”

Who’s In Town
Monterey, CA (8/9/18) - “The California Association of Sanitation Agencies is in town for its 63rd annual conference with keynote speaker Chad Pregracke, founder and president of Living Lands and Waters. Pregracke is the 2013 CNN Hero of the Year for his work cleaning up rivers and author of the book "'From the Bottom Up: One Man’s Crusade to Clean America’s Rivers'.”

New Sludge Facility in Los Lunas
Los Lunas, NM (8/8/18) -  Last NewsClips we shared the article “Governor Celebrates New Los Lunas Facility” covering the village of Los Lunas’ groundbreaking event last month for its new sludge management facility at its wastewater treatment plant. There is still excitement around the new facility under construction and there is talk about beneficial use in parks and a marketable biosolids product.

News from Abroad

Biosolids Help Farmers Improve Their Soil for Crops
Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia (8/9/18) - Biosolids supplied by the Bundaberg Regional Council have been effectively incorporated into the soil around a section of a farmers juvenile nut trees with promising results and now he is encouraging other growers to consider doing the same. “The use of biosolids on the orchard has proven so beneficial that he has already worked with council to apply it to 20 hectares of fallow soil ready for the planting of an additional 6500 trees.

Worms Work Their Way Through Sewage Sludge and Lake Weed
Taupō, New Zealand (8/10/18) - Taupō's biggest worm farm accepts about 2000 metric tonnes of sewage sludge, 3500 metric tons of paper pulp and 500 metric tons of milk waste a year. The facility is about to increase the material it can accept, adding organic waste from cafes and restaurants. The goal of the facility is up-cyling, producing a compost to increase soil quality.