Biosolids NewsClips 8-31-18

News from Within the MABA Region

Lockport Sewage Treatment Plant Needs Work
Lockport, NY (8/26/18) - Biosolids at Lockport wastewater treatment plant are pressed and then transported to a composting facility to be further treated and mixed with wood-chips to create a compost. Now the facility is reaching the end of its life and officials are deciding whether to stick with that process or introduce a drying system in the plant that could produce biosolids that would be ready for land application without composting and mixing with wood-chips.

Used on Fauquier Farms for Years, Biosolids Still Raise a Stink
Casanova, VA (8/24/18) - Virginia’s Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission performed a study reviewing research about the risks biosolids pose to the environment and human health and examined the state’s regulations. “The study concluded that state rules for biosolids generally protect human health and water quality.” The study does acknowledge some risks involved with biosolids and recommends that the Virginia Department of Health research the effect on people in close proximity to farms receiving biosolids and to test biosolids to determine their levels of pathogens. This article shares views from the community members in Casanova - a farmer using biosolids, spreader land applying the solids and neighbors unhappy with the practice.

Design-Build Team Selected for Piscataway WRRF Bioenergy Plant
Prince George County, Maryland (8/16/18) - “The design-build team of PC Construction, Stantec, and Hazen and Sawyer recently announced it has been selected to design and construct the first phase of Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s $250 million Piscataway Water Resource Recovery Facility Bio-Energy Project in Prince George’s County, Maryland.” The new technologies will help reduce the facility’s greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent while reducing the quantity of biosolids produced and increasing the quality to a Class A product.

Permits Requested for Slate Belt Sewage Processing Plant
Plainfield, PA (8/18/18) - Synagro has completed all the necessary permit applications with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. This was a necessary step to continue Plainfield Township’s planning development process for the proposed Slate Belt Heat Recovery Center.

News from Beyond the MABA Region

Plastic Pollution: 'Stop Flushing Contact Lenses Down the Loo'
Arizona State University (8/19/18) - Contacts are amongst the plastics entering wastewater treatment plants and reaching agricultural land through land application. Researchers at Arizona State University estimate that about 13,000 kg of plastics from contacts reach our soils. The authors of the study encourage people to recycle lenses when possible or throw them away with other non recyclable wastes.
Don't Throw Those Contact Lenses Down the Drain
How Flushed Contact Lenses Add to Microplastic Pollution in Waterways
Stop Dumping Your Used Contact Lenses in the Sink and Toilet, Report Pleads

Where to Use Human Waste as Fertilizer—and Irrigation
University of Illinois (8/21/18) - Researchers at the University of Illinois are exploring how using water from wastewater treatment plants may address irrigation and nutrient needs on farms near cities. The study looks at cities around the world and the feasibility of transporting wastewater to agricultural fields rather that processed biosolids.
Study: Human Wastewater Valuable to Global Agriculture, Economics

$32,000 Shed Will House City of Oak Harbor’s Biosolids
Oak Harbor, WA (8/28/18) - The new biosolids treatment facility processing biosolids for Oak Harbor’s treatment facility is waiting for approval to build a storage structure for their biosolids. The solids will be sent to Boulder Park Project in Eastern Washington. Thirty-five treatment plants send their biosolids to the Boulder Park Project to be spread on agricultural land. “The operation is jointly operated and managed by King County and Boulder Park, Inc.”

News from Abroad

Push on to Break Down Stinky Stigma of Human Waste as Council Offers Free Biosolids to Growers
Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia (8/13/18) - Bundaberg Regional Council is running a trial program for farmers offering them free biosolids. One farmer producing macadamia nuts used the biosolids to rebuild soils previously depleted from a monoculture of sugarcane. The trees treated with biosolids have grown faster than other trees and the soils where biosolids were applied are more open and capable of higher water retention.

Biosolid Removal from Lagoons Could Generate 'Some Odours'
Orillia, ON, Canada (8/27/18) - The city of Orillia created a news release giving a heads up that they will be removing biosolids from the Wastewater Treatment Centre’s storage lagoons. There may be odors!