Biosolids Newsclips 9-21-17

News From Within the MABA Region

From Waste to Garden Riches
Washington, D.C. (9/15/17) -- Dr. Francis Gouin carries an impressive resume, having dedicated 20 years to compost research. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Maryland, founder of the Master Gardener program in Maryland and writes columns on gardening for The Bay Weekly, Annapolis Horticultural Society and other nursery and landscape publications. Dr. Gouin is now speaking up to share his excitement about DC Water’s Bloom. He blends bloom with other soil amendments and is testing the mix with broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, onions, peppers and spinach. So far, tests have shown Bloom providing outstanding results for plant growth and health.


News From Beyond the MABA Region

Residents Frustrated By Treated Human Waste Fertilizer
Webb City, MO (9/6/17) -- Residents in Webb city are upset about not receiving advance notice of treated human waste being spread near their homes.


Leaders Make Their Case at Hub City Tour
Williston, ND (9/7/17) -- The new Williston Water Resource Recovery Facility has been criticized by some citizens who say the facility is too costly. City officials have responded saying the facility was built with consideration of new regulatory requirements on the horizon that would require the facility to retrofit the plant with additional parts down the line if foresight was not used.

23 Years, 80,075 Tons of Yard Debris, 100 Batches of Compost
Port Townsend, WA (9/6/17) -- The City of Port Townsend recently celebrated the sale of its 100th batch of city compost. This article shares information about city’s compost facility, which is able to accept three waste streams to produce its compost; biosolids, septage solids from the pumping of septic tanks in Jefferson County and yard debris from the community.

WA group Starts Campaign to Stop Use of Biosolids on Ag Land
Davenport, WA (9/7/17) -- “Members of the Protect Mill Canyon Watershed citizen committee in Eastern Washington are launching a letter-writing campaign asking the state to deny a permit to a company to apply biosolids to a Davenport, Wash., farm, and stop approving permits for applications to agricultural lands until existing science is reviewed.”

Award-Winning BIosolids Facility Offer Free Drop-Off This Saturday
Fort Wayne, IN (9/8/17) -- Fort Wayne City Utilities’ Biosolids and Composting Facility was honored with the 2017 Residuals & Resource Recovery Award for Excellence in Operation by the Indiana Water Environment Association. The facility held a day where residents of Allen County could dispose of yard and garden waste, tree branches, brush and grass clippings free of charge.
Verbatim: City Biosolids Facility to Offer Free Drop-off Saturday to County Residents

Trinity River Authority of Texas Awards MWH Constructors $196M Contract
Arlington, TX (9/8/17) -- MWH Constructors has been awarded a $196 million contract by the Trinity River Authority of Texas to provide construction and start-up/commissioning support for the Phase III-B Solids Management Improvement Project for the Central Regional Wastewater System CRWS. The plan will replace the lime stabilization process, provide a significant reduction of biosolids produced and diversify the potential end uses for the biosolids. The project is the third in the United States to use the Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process.

Lake Twp.: Trustees Ask for End to Sludge Application
Lake Township, OH (9/8/17) -- “A resolution asking the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to cease allowing the application of Class B biosolids on farmland in Lake Township has been approved by the township trustees.” The vote came about after a township administrator was contacted by a resident claiming they were not aware that biosolids would be applied to land near their property and were worried about the biosolids being applied near a creek.

Energy, Cost Savings Expected from New $32M Water, Waste Treatment Facilities
Pontiac, MI (9/12/17) -- Representatives from the Oakland County Water Resources Commission broke ground on the site where the new biosolids handling building facility will be built. For more about this project check out the article linked above or the article from the last biosolids NEWSCLIPS.
Michigan Waste Treatment Facility Gets $32M Update

Brandon Sewer Lagoons Offer Fertilizer to Sioux Falls-area Farmers
Sioux Falls, SD (9/15/17) -- The City of Brandon is pumping sewage out of its lagoons and sending it to Sioux Falls where it will be processed into biosolids and land applied.

Overwhelming Odor in Glen Ellyn: Wastewater Authority Presents Game Plan
Glen Ellyn, IL (9/15/17) -- The Glenbard Wastewater Authority recently announced it had put an indefinite moratorium on its oil, fat, and grease intake program. The facility traced an odor issue back to two of the plant’s digesters being in an “upset condition”. The plant had been receiving an inconsistent volume of biosolids the past year, but over the summer the deliveries increased and cause the digesters to get overloaded. The biosolids ferment and cause high pH levels.

Alliance Council OKs Biosolids Conversion Project
Alliance, OH (9/18/17) -- Members of Alliance’s city council unanimously authorized city Safety-Service Director Michael Dreger to contract for the design and construction of a Class A biosolids facility with Quasar Energy Group for a cost not to exceed $1,969,518.


News from Abroad

Northside Site Chosen for Biosolids Storage Facility
Newtown/Kilshane, Ireland (9/7/17) -- More coverage on the new biosolids storage facility. IRISH Water has chosen a site at Newtown/Kilshane, in Dublin 11 for a new facility to store biosolids from the upgraded Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant and at the Greater Dublin Drainage project.
Fingal site for biosolid store

Central Okanagan Communities Buy Their Way Out of Sewage Sludge Controversy
West Kelowna, BC, Canada (9/13/17) -- The Central Okanagan Regional District, on behalf of three communities, awarded two, three-year contracts for Class B sewage sludge transportation and disposal.

Residents Raise Concerns About Biosolids
Lucan Biddulph, ON, Canada (9/13/17) - Lucan Biddulph denied an application for rezoning that would allow for biosolid storage at an old livestock waste storage facility at Knip Farms Inc. in Lucan Biddulph. Residents raised concerns with biosolids transportation issues and the sources of the material. Although the application was denied, Knip Farms Inc. and Frank A Dietrich Farms Ltd., have been approved to spread biosolids on their land until the end of 2021.

Rocket Fuel: Sydney Solids the Country’s Golden Manure
Sydney, Australia (Sydney Water is producing about 180,000 metric tons of biosolids fertilizer. Sheep farmer Stuart Kelly is ecstatic about the results he is seeing on his grazing fields and in the size of his sheep and the volume of wool they grow.
How Human Waste is Helping Aussie Farmers Get the Best out of Their Land