A Recent Report by Regional Biosolids Associations

The Biosolids Land Application and Food Crop Quality Assurance Scheme is a document supported by several regional biosolids associations (including the Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association) with the help of Dr. Jorge Tarchirzky and Dr. Yossi Inbard from Israeli composting plants “Compost Or” and “Compost Shluhot”. It explores several topics: 1) what is biosolids and their composition, 2) outlets for disposal and beneficial use, and 3) the benefits and risks associated with land application in comparison to other exposure sources. The piece also explores preventative measures to mitigate risks of biosolids. It reviews conclusions of current risk assessment studies, and it explores the potential of quality assurance schemes to achieve confidence in beneficial biosolids reuse. This document draws from international research projects and is insightful and thorough in its exploration or biosolids. An entertaining read for anyone interested in the use of biosolids.