Soil Sage: Chef-Turned-Professor Digs into a New Crop-Turning Recycled Waste into Better Soil, Better Food, Better Health

University of Washington – This article is about the success of Sally Brown’s and Chuck Henry’s careers working with human waste. Brown’s first profession as a chef was the start to a blooming interest in food. She began graduate school with the aspiration to connect farms with cities by way of poop. While in graduate school she got involved in projects amending soil at superfund sites and is now a major advocate for the use of biosolids.  Brown is married Chuck Henry who lead a project designing a composting toilet while working as a research professor. After successfully installing a composting toilet in Costa Rica it was clear the project was commercially viable so the project team put resources into finding a way to form the company Critical Practices, LLC. Henry and Brown are have had incredible impacts on how people look at the valuable resource, human waste.