Public Trust in Utilities in an Era of Fake News

Fake news and low trust in public institutions are unfortunate realities of today. Alan Heymann, President of Blue Drop and Chief Marketing Officer of DC Water looks at ways wastewater utilities can regain and maintain trust in the public eye. Here are some of the lessons from his recent post on DC Water's Blog titled "Retaining Customer Trust in an Era of Fake News".

  • Meet the audience where they are.

  • Tell your own story.

  • Narrow the message and be specific.

  • Be real.

Post-Truth is the opening theme of a MABA Topics blog for the. In the blog BIll Toffey reviews the biosolids truths that can be pulled out of presentations from the MABA 2017 annual symposium. Using scientific research in our decision making will always direct us towards the path of truth. View Toffey’s blog here.