Glen Resident Challenge Biosolids Representatives

Glen, NY (1/22/18) - Lystek International gave a presentation on their company and answered questions about the company’s proposal to build a biosolids plant in the Glen Canal View Business Park during a planning board meeting held recently. Lystek also submitted a full application for their proposed biosolids plant. More on that story can be found at “Lystek Submits Full Application to Glen Planning Board for Facility”.
Lystek Truck Traffic Would Be a Danger
Sewage Sludge Processing Plant a Bad Deal for Glen
Lystek schedules public information meeting on biosolids plant
Area Residents Voice More Concerns About Lystek at Glen Meeting
Activist Group Reforms to Fight Biosolids Activity


Area Residents Speak Out Against Proposed Lystek Facility in Glen

Glen, NY (12/21/17) - Residents recently spoke out against a Lystek facility proposed to go into the Glen Canal View Business Park. Lystek officials will speak at a Jan 18th meeting where the company will submit a formal application for the plant. Residents brought to question the possible job growth from the facility and the environmental impact the facility will have on the community.
Glen Waiting on More Feedback Before Acting on Lystek

Glen Board Approves Zoning Changes; Lystek Focus of Public Hearing

Glen, NY(12/11/17) - The town of Glen is considering approving a proposed project to allow Lystek to build in their industrial park. At a recent town hearing Glen Town Board unanimously voted to approve a resolution amending zoning regulations that are related to the proposed facility.
Biosolids Processor Eyes Montgomery County Site