Turning Sewage Sludge into Fuels and Hydrogen

Oberhausen, Germany (5/17/17) -- “Twelve SME, industrial, and scientific partners, coordinated by Fraunhofer UMSICHT, are participating in a new ambitious research project named TO-SYN-FUEL which will build up, operate and demonstrate the production of Synthetic Fuels and Green Hydrogen from waste biomass.” In the project, sewage sludge will be used to produce green diesel. There will be a four year period where the team will build-up, operate and demonstrate the technology. By the end of the project they hope to have a business case for green fuels in order to support future targets of the European Commission’s Renewable Energy Directive.
To-Syn-Fuel Turns Sewage Sludge into Fuels and Hydrogen

Source: https://www.recycling-magazine.com/2017/05...