This Product is Fertilizing Local Farms, but Report Claims EPA Can’t Say for Sure it’s Safe

Lehigh Valley, PA (12/19/18) - This article shows two sides of the contentious OIG’s biosolids report. It shares parts of the report that raise alarm for the safety of biosolids while pointing out that EPA representatives of the claim the report biased and that professionals in the biosolids industry have supported continued research biosolids while the EPA has not continued to develop its regulations in accordance with the continued research.


Proposed Sewage Sludge Treatment Plant Reps Call for Vote in Slate Belt

Slate Belt, PA (12/13/18) - Synagro is planning to submit its final response in writing by Jan. 1 for preliminary land development and subdivision approval for the Slate Belt Heat Recovery Center. The response will include reports, studies, commission meeting transcripts, and responses to the township engineers' and zoning officer's review letters. Synagro´s lawyer expects a decision would be presented Feb. 13 to the Township Board of Supervisors, which would vote whether to grant approval.
Poll: Should Plainfield Twp. Planners Approve a Proposed Sludge-Processing Plant


Plainfield Township Appeals DEP's Ruling on Proposed Sludge Treatment Plant

Plainfield Township, PA (9/14/18) - “Plainfield Township officials say they disagree with the state's decision to waive permits for a former quarry collecting stormwater near a proposed sewage treatment facility.” The quarry is currently used as a sedimentation basin for the landfill and will continue to be used in that manner. Those that are in objection are worried that continued use of the basin and adding fill to the quarry will cause contamination of the water.


Permits Requested for Slate Belt Sewage Processing Plant

Plainfield, PA (8/18/18) - Synagro has completed all the necessary permit applications with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. This was a necessary step to continue Plainfield Township’s planning development process for the proposed Slate Belt Heat Recovery Center.


Proposed House Bill Would Give Municipalities Control on Sludge Use

Harrisburg, PA (8/12/18) - The proposed House Bill 2281 in Pennsylvania will allow municipalities to adopt and enforce ordinances regulating the deposit, testing, disposal or land application of biosolid material. The bill would also allow a municipality to veto a permit approved by the DEP for the land application of this material. “The proposed bill has been referred to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Committee on Environmental Resources and Energy. The committee can either send the bill back to the house for a vote or it can choose not to act, essentially killing the bill.”


Why a Proposed Sludge Treatment Plant May Have Hit a Bump in the Road

Plainfield Township, PA (12/1/17) - Synagro’s proposed heat recovery center at the Grand Central Sanitary Landfill in Plainfield Township has come across another hurdle. The facility would not follow a township zoning ordinance that requires buildings be built on property that has frontage on a public street or private street.


Sludge Treatment Plant Developers Revise Plans for Slate Belt Site

Sludge Treatment Plant Developers Revise Plans for Slate Belt Site
Slate Belt, PA (10/10/17) -- Synagro has submitted a revised application to Plainfield Township. The application has eliminated the contentious plan to discharge water into local creeks and has addressed other small concerns from the original application.
Big Crowd Expected for Sludge-to-Fertilizer Meeting


Biosolids Alternative Would Use AWA Equipment, Land Method Could Also Generate Revenue

Altoona, PA (8/27/17) -- Several months ago, the Altoona board hear a presentation about sludge blow-drying equipment that could replace their existing centrifuge and help the authority generate revenue from producing a fertilizer product. Recently, the board heard another management alternative called “ deep row hybrid poplar biosolids recycling”. The biosolids would be put in trenches or land applied in forests to help mitigate environmental damage from strip mines. The method would remove the regulatory challenges of land applying biosolids on farmland.


PA Legislative Finance Committee Biosolids Land Application Review Findings and Recommendation

The PA Legislative Finance Committee completed the report requested in the House Resolution 60 on Biosolids land application in Pennsylvania. Review the findings, recommendation and the full report. 

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Slate Belt Sludge Plant Hearing on Hold

Plainfield Township, PA (7/19/17) --  Synagro Technologies Inc. has requested a postponement of a special meeting set before the township Planning Commission. The first meeting June 12 drew questions regarding odor, noise levels and wastewater discharge and other technical questions that are typically not answered until the company goes through the state permitting process. The company hopes to continue responding to questions and concerns.

Biomass Production Study of Hybrid Poplar Grown on Deep Trenched Municipal Biosolids
University of Maryland (7/2/17) -- “Hybrid poplar trees 2-6 years old were grown on a gravel mine spoil in southern Maryland that had biosolids applied using deer row application. The trees were harvested and processed to determine their biomass on a dry weight basis. The data was analyzed and regression analysis was used to create equations that could predict biomass from tree diameter at breast height. The equations developed would allow less intensive data collection and growth assessment of other plantations.”

AWA Considering Biosolids Options

Altoona, PA (5/21/17) -- Altoona Water Authority currently uses a centrifuge to dewater sludge to create a class B biosolids. Due to a reduction in farmland available for spreading and increasing regulations making application logistics more difficult, the authority is considering investing in a dryer to produces a class A product.


Slate Belt Sludge Forum Doesn't Include Processing Company

Slate Belt, PA (5/6/17) -- Elected leaders in Slate Belt held a panel discussion last week about sewage sludge application on farms. The event featured experts in a variety of fields to speak about the potential dangers of sewage sludge and alternative uses for the material. Phil Durgin, the executive director of the Pennsylvania House Legislative, Budget and Finance Committee was in attendance, while Synagro was not invited.


Slate Belt Sludge Conversion Plant Hearing Put on Hold Again

Plainfield, PA (4/28/17) -- An early-round municipal meeting scheduled for mid-May on Synagro’s proposed Slate Belt plant has again been postponed. “Synagro said recently that it agreed to push back its request to locate the facility, a move that must first clear the Plainfield planning commission.”


Company Behind Proposed Sludge-Conversion Plant in Slate Belt Hosting Tour, Forum

Slate Belt, PA (3/17/17) -- Synagro held a public tour of its Philadelphia plant on March 25th and and will schedule a question-and-answer session in April to help gain public support from the Slate Belt community.

Sewage Sludge Regulation, Testing is Inadequate

Sludge Plant Opponents to Meet in Wind Gap This Weekend

Pen Argyl First Municipality to Oppose Proposed Slate Belt Sludge-Conversion Plant