Plainfield Township Appeals DEP's Ruling on Proposed Sludge Treatment Plant

Plainfield Township, PA (9/14/18) - “Plainfield Township officials say they disagree with the state's decision to waive permits for a former quarry collecting stormwater near a proposed sewage treatment facility.” The quarry is currently used as a sedimentation basin for the landfill and will continue to be used in that manner. Those that are in objection are worried that continued use of the basin and adding fill to the quarry will cause contamination of the water.


Slate Belt Sludge Plant Hearing on Hold

Plainfield Township, PA (7/19/17) --  Synagro Technologies Inc. has requested a postponement of a special meeting set before the township Planning Commission. The first meeting June 12 drew questions regarding odor, noise levels and wastewater discharge and other technical questions that are typically not answered until the company goes through the state permitting process. The company hopes to continue responding to questions and concerns.

Biomass Production Study of Hybrid Poplar Grown on Deep Trenched Municipal Biosolids
University of Maryland (7/2/17) -- “Hybrid poplar trees 2-6 years old were grown on a gravel mine spoil in southern Maryland that had biosolids applied using deer row application. The trees were harvested and processed to determine their biomass on a dry weight basis. The data was analyzed and regression analysis was used to create equations that could predict biomass from tree diameter at breast height. The equations developed would allow less intensive data collection and growth assessment of other plantations.”

Slate Belt Sludge Conversion Plant Hearing Put on Hold Again

Plainfield, PA (4/28/17) -- An early-round municipal meeting scheduled for mid-May on Synagro’s proposed Slate Belt plant has again been postponed. “Synagro said recently that it agreed to push back its request to locate the facility, a move that must first clear the Plainfield planning commission.”


Heat’s on for Proposed Slate Belt Processed Waste Plant

Plainfield Township, PA (12/19/16) -- The Plainfield Slate Best Heart Recovery Center has drawn scrutiny from nearby residents and environmentalists. Some homes will sit less than 1,000 feet from the proposed site of the plant and people are worried about the contaminants found in the sludge being processed. Synagro and Waste Management officials plan to hold community open houses in January so residents can learn more about the project.

Is Building a Plant to Convert Sewage Sludge into Farm Fertilizer or Fuel a Positive Development for the Slate Belt