Loudoun to Assemble Sewage Fertilizer Team for Public Outreach

Loudoun, VA (12/13/18) - The Loudoun Board of Supervisors’ finance committee has recommended the creation of a special team to make sure Loudouners know when the state receives an application to spread biosolids and to make sure the state considers the special circumstances of each property when considering permits.

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Stench of Sewer Sludge Raises Concerns in Loudoun Co.

Leesburg, VA (10/3/18) - Neighbors of a farm that recently applied biosolids on its fields in Loudoun County are complaining about odors and an drastic increase in flies lured to the application site. Members of the county board of supervisors expressed interest in developing legislation that would enable more local control over the application of Class B biosolids.
County Board Summons Virginia DEQ About Biosolids Sites
'It A Smell of Human Feces:' Loudoun County Residents Raise a Stink Over Bio-solid Fertilizer
Concerns Over Biosolids in Loudoun Feels Like a ‘Science Experiment’
Farm Neighbors Renew Objections to Use of Biosolid Fertilizer

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Used on Fauquier Farms for Years, Biosolids Still Raise a Stink

Casanova, VA (8/24/18) - Virginia’s Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission performed a study reviewing research about the risks biosolids pose to the environment and human health and examined the state’s regulations. “The study concluded that state rules for biosolids generally protect human health and water quality.” The study does acknowledge some risks involved with biosolids and recommends that the Virginia Department of Health research the effect on people in close proximity to farms receiving biosolids and to test biosolids to determine their levels of pathogens. This article shares views from the community members in Casanova - a farmer using biosolids, spreader land applying the solids and neighbors unhappy with the practice.

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WOYM: Readers React to Recent Columns on Sludge, Bumpy Roads, Old TVs and Black Walnuts

Roanoke, VA (12/31/17) - Western Virginia Water Authority and Virginia Tech have collaborated on research into the use of biosolids as a building material for flower pots. “According to a Virginia Tech master’s degree thesis in environmental engineering, published in February by candidate Peyton Stone, a variety of mixes of biosolids, polymer, natural glue, fiber and starch were tried in order to find the optimum blend for containers.”

WOYM: Sewage Sludge by Any Other Name Would Smell as ... Sweet Profits for Region's Farmers

Roanoke, VA (11/19/17) - Western Virginia Water Authority’s wastewater treatment plant treats an average of 37 million gallons of wastewater daily. The facility offers their biosolids to local farmers for free and currently has a three year waiting list for farms looking to receive the solids. 

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BOS Urges Inspections for Farm Use Vehicles that Haul Sludge

Goochland, VA (7/21/17) -- County leaders are pushing state legislators to require all vehicles transporting biosolids to undergo state inspection. District 1 representatives are concerned about vehicles designated “farm use” that are not required to be registered or inspected, but still transport biosolids to farms.


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Virginia Court Upholds VA DEQ Regulations Against Riverkeeper Challenges

The Virginia Biosolids Council reports that the Richmond Circuit Court has upheld the new DEQ Biosolids Regulations against the Potomac/Shenandoah Riverkeeper’s legal challenge. The Court Finding can be downloaded here. The Court found that there was substantial evidence to support the Board's decision to approve the amendments and that its regulations properly managed land application of biosolids. Its Expert Panel, supported by a Technical Advisory Committee, had concluded that land application is a viable reuse of biosolids that has been shown to be protective of the environment when applicable law and regulations are followed.

Public Comments on King & Queen Sludge Proposal

King & Queen County, VA (12/13/16) -- Area residents are skeptical of the safety efforts involved with a proposal to apply biosolids in King & Queen County. Representatives of the Department of Environmental Quality, the Virginia Department of Health and Synagro answered questions from about 20 area residents attending a recent meeting.

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