Land Applications Symposium

Lancaster Host, Lancaster, PA, July 16 & 17, 2013

Biosolids Phosphate: Bioavailable But Not Water Extractable

Rufus Chaney, Ursula Kukier and Eton Codling USDA-ARS-AMBUL

Biosolids-P Nutrient Management, P-Index Standardization and Emerging No-Till Land Application Technologies

Dr. Robin Brandt, Penn State University

Understanding Regional Nutrient Balances to Achieve More Efficient Use of Nutrients in Organic Residuals

Dr. Amy Shober, University of Delaware

Biosolids Regulatory and Program Guidances in the MABA Region

Robert Pepperman, Synagro

The National Biosolids Program: Enabling the Future

Barry Liner, Water Environment Federation

Conforming Biosolids Use with Nutrient Management Planning Practices in Pennsylvania

Diane Garvey, Garvey Resources

Using Biosolids and Composts to Revegetate Barren and Contaminated Soils

Dr. Rufus Chaney, PhD, USDA Agriculture Research Service

Forecasting Future Issues for Land Applied Biosolids

Robert Bastian, Office of Water, US EPA

Overview of Innovative Class A Land Application Technologies at Work in MABA Region

Arthur W. Auchenbach III, P.E., Riordan Materials Corporation