MABA 2016 Annual Meeting and Fall Symposium

Biosolids: Strategies for Optimizing Resource Recovery

Optimizing existing conventional anaerobic digester performance for capacity recovery, cost effectiveness and biosolids stability

Maralena Hatzigeorgiou, CH2M

Exploring new approaches to measuring biosolids stability

Malcolm Taylor, Penn State University

Startup of Virginia’s Newest Organics Co-Digestion Facility

Dennis Clough, Energy Systems Group New Scientific Insights

Agroforestry System Combining Deep-Row Applications of Biosolids, Short Rotation Wood Crops, and Reclamation of Mine Spoils

Jonathan Kays, University of MD

Results of the National Sewage Sludge Repository at Arizona State University: Contaminant Prioritization, Human Health Implications and Opportunities for Resource Recovery

Arjun Venkatesan, Arizona State University

Will phosphorus scuttle biosolids land application?

Herschell Elliot, Penn State University

Innovative Compliance Monitoring Practices for Biosolids Land Application Programs

Al Razik, Senior Engineer, Maryland Environmental Services.

The role of microbes on soil health and questions for biosolids research


Update on DC Water’s introduction of “Bloom” and the development of a new biosolids brand and market

Bill Brower, DC Water

Nutrient Availability and Quality Assessment of Exceptional Quality Biosolids

Odiney Alvarez, Virginia Tech

The past, present and future of organic residuals marketing in the eastern U.S., the nexus of regulations and marketplace

Ron Alexander, R. Alexander Associates LLC

SKYPE Panel with Regulators (Churchill, Marong, Zahradka, Churchill, Laur)

Trudy Johnston, Material Matters, Presentation by Neil Zahrdaka

Maximizing the value of biogas through consideration of alternative uses – electrical generation, use in biosolids dryers, vehicle fuel, pipeline injection

Matt Van Horne, Hazen and Sawyer

An agronomic review of phosphorus in biosolids and how it relates to the Chesapeake Bay States of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia

John Uzupis, Synagro

The special challenges of producing and marketing of heat dried biosolids

Lisa Boudeman, Material Matters, Inc.