(Held July 22 & 23, 2014, at Alexander Renew Enterprises)

Innovative Research in Advanced Anaerobic Digestion

Malcolm Taylor, Atkins Global & Ann Arundel County

Digester Overflows โ€“ Are We Pushing the Safety Envelope?

Timothy Shea, Independent Consultant

Report from Austin on Digestion Pretreatment: Thermal Alkaline Hydrolysis, Ozone Lysis, High-pressure Homogenization, Ultrasound/hydrogen peroxide, and More.

Matt Van Horne, Hazen and Sawyer.

Aerobic Digestion on Steroids

Robert Wooldridge, Thermal Process System

Potential Regulatory Changes to Stability Standards

Robert Bastian, U. S. EPA, Office of Wastewater Management


DC Water Biosolids and Energy Process

David Schwartz, CDM Smith

Case Study: Acid/Gas Digestion at Back River WWTP

Baltimore, Robert Andryszak, RK&K.

Nutrient Removal from Anaerobically Digested Sludge by Varying Duration of Post Aeration with Batch or Continuous Feeding

Jongmin Kim, Infilco Degremont Inc.

Some Like It Hot: Case Studies of Agencies Evaluating Technology Option

Larry Hentz, HDR Engineering Inc.

A Changing Mentality: Waste Handling to Product Production

Lorrie Loder, Synagro Inc and US Composting Council

Fertilizing Outside the Box: Evaluating EQ Biosolids for Markets Beyond the Agricultural Industry

Jennifer Callahan & Lisa Boudeman, Material Matters, LLC

DC Water Plans for Digested CAMBI Products

Bill Brower, DC Water

Phosphorus In Biosolids: How to Protect Water Quality While Advancing Biosolids Use

Lisa Boudeman, Material Matters

Digging into Biosolids Standards Setting: Audience Engagement in High Quality Biosolids

Bill Toffey, Mid Atlantic Biosolids Association

Pasteurization Process at Alexandria for Creating Exceptional Class A Biosolids

Hong Yin, Ph.D., Alexandria Renew Enterprises

Technology Company Introductions

Cambi SolidStream

Paul Christy

Biosolids Compost

Noel Lyons, McGill Compost

Lystek Thermal Hydrolysis

Bill Mullin, Lystek

LIFT Program for Innovation

Jeff Moeller, WERF

Thin-Film Dryer

Mike Nicholson, WeCare Organics

Sustainable Biosolids Nutrient Fertilizer

Dana Taylor, Vitag

Schwing Bioset

Eric Wangstrom, Schwing