NJWEA John J. Lagrosa 102nd Conference

Joint MABA/NJWEA Biosolids Workshop

Seeking Sustainable BIosolids Management Solutions Through Triple Bottome Line

Roland Jezek, Black & Veatch

Reliable Management of Wastewater Treatment Plant Solids with Microwate Monitoring

Stefano Antonacci, Valmet

Innovative Water Treatment Technology Reduces Struvite & Lowers Polymer Use

Douglas Miller, Douglas L. Miller Consulting, LLC James Morris, James W. Morris & Associates, Inc

High Quality Biosolids from Wastewater

Trudy Johnston, Material Matters, Inc.

Synagro and Waste Management Drying Facilty Using Biogas

James Hecht, Synagro

Regulatory Update for New Jersey

Tony Pilawski, Bureau of Pretreatment and Residuals, NJDEP

CMCMUA Long-term Comprehensive Biosolids Management Plan

Josh Palombo, Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority

Cambi Solidstream Improving the Capability of Digestion and Dewatering

Bill Barber, CAMBI

Volute Dewatering Press as a New Technology

Bill LaPorter, Envirep, Inc.

Biosolids Tomorrow: What's New & Where We're Going...

Bill Toffey, MABA

Advances in Conditioning Anaerobic Digested Biosolids Prior to Dewatering

Mo Abu-Orf, Hazen and Sawyer