The Science of Biosolids: Current Research and Implications for Management

A protocol for in-house detection and measurement of biosolids odors for guiding management practices

Lisa Boudeman, Scientist, Material Matters, Inc.

Department of Crop & Soil Environmental Science, Virginia Tech -- “Biostimulants released from biosolids have impact on crop stress tolerance and yield

Xunzhong Zhang, Research Assistant Professor

Novel approaches to examine the bioavailability of persistent organic pollutants to earthworms in soils receiving biosolids

Marya Anderson, M.S., Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland

10 years of deep row biosolids application with hybrid poplar: lessons learned

Gary Felton, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, Environmental Science & Technology Department, and Jonathon Kay, Extension Specialist Natural Resources, University of Maryland

Investigation of factors influencing stability of lime-amended biosolids

Jason North, Sales Engineer, Kappe Associates, Inc.

Biosolids dewatering and drying by novel use of a breathable membrane process

Shray Saxena, PhD Candidate in Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware

Influence of phosphorus forms in residuals to plant uptake and environmental releases

Rufus Chaney, PhD, Senior Research Agronomist, USDA-ARS