2020 Summer Webinar Series

The Global and National Context for Biosolids

  • Michael Jacobson, The Pennsylvania Department of Ecosystem Science and Management - Sustainable Agroforestry: The Nexus of Food, Water and Energy in Forestry Management
  • Bill Toffey, Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association - Blockchain Biosolids: How Digital Technology Can Rebolutionize Biosolids Management

PFAS and Biosolids

  • Scott Grieco, Jacobs - PFAS in Wastewater and Biosolids
  • Sudhakar Viswanathan, Veolia - Is Complete Destruction of PFAS in Sludge Possible? Experimentation and Challenges of Combining Thermal Dry and Thermal Oxidation to Treat PFAS Laden Sludge
  • Stephen Zemba, Sanborn, Head & Association - Technology Overview: Methods for Assessing Health and Environmental Risks of Organic Micropollutants in Biosolids

Oxidative Processes for Biosolids Management

  • Donald C. Rhule, Rhule, LLC - Potassium Ferrate: An Environmentally Friendly Strong Oxidant and Disinfectant
  • Ian Piro, Isle Utilities - The Evolving Role of Regional Biosolids Incineration
  • Brian Novak, EcoRemedy LLC - Technology Overview: Update on the Morrisville PA Gastrification Project

Biosolids as a Recyclable End Product

  • Zhongqi (Joshua) Cheng, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York - Characterization of Biosolids Cake from New York City Wastewater Resource Recovery Facilities
  • Ron Alexander, Ron Alexander and Associates - Biosolids End Use - Intersection of Carbon Recycling, Soil Health and Nutrient Addition
  • Chris Flannery, Novozymes - Technology Overview: Novozymes Product for Improved Digestion

Advancing Stabilization Processes

  • Chris Wilson, HRSD - Initialization of THP and Class A Biosolids Production Within an Operating Class B Digestion Facility
  • Bill Barber, Cambi - Influence of Thermal Hydrolysis on the Carbon Footprint of Biosolids Management
  • Tom Darby, Hermitage Food Waste to Energy Facility - Technology Overview: The Hermitage Experience with Food Waste Supplementation

Controlling Biosolids Nuisances and Magnifying Benefits

  • Noel Lyon, McGill Environmental Systems - Carbon Sequestration Potential Through Biosolids Composting
  • Aaron Stephens, Material Matters - Managing the PILE: Meeting VAR and Pathogen when Process Control is Limited
  • Bill Mullin, BioRem - Technology Overview: BioRem's Products for Odor Control

Managing Biosolids Composting for the Long-Term

  • Dan Collins, Retired MWRD Chicago - Strategic Planning and an Environmental Management System Lea Chicago to Composting from High Quality Class A Production
  • Charles Duprey, NaturCycle - Examining Common Composting Testing Challenges and the Need for Performance-based Design
  • Rich Nicoletti, BDP Industries, Inc. - Technology Overview: BDP's Tried and True Agitated-BedComposting System

Innovation in Thermal Processes

  • Kobe Nagar, 374 Water - Compact, Resilient, On-site Waste Treatment Using Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) - Technology
  • Andrew Friedenthal, Char Technologies - Pyrolysis for Biosolids Management
  • Afsary Ahmed, USP Technologies - Technology Overview: Durational Biosolids Odor Control Using Peroxide Regenerated Iron Technology (PRI-Tech)