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The Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association (MABA) is pleased to announce the creation of the Biosolids Advocacy Fund to protect and promote the biosolids sector in the Mid-Atlantic region at the state and local levels. 

The Biosolids Advocacy Fund (BAF) will rely on contributions from organizations and individuals who work within and are associated with the biosolids community. Contributing to the BAF will provide the biosolids community in the mid-atlantic region with the necessary resources for advocacy at the state and local levels. With your financial support, we can work more effectively to promote positive change for public agencies and treatment facilities, and the communities they serve.  The BAF has been created to finance advocacy and issue campaigns on legislative and regulatory issues that affect agencies of all types and sizes. MABA is committed to working with policymakers to develop fair and balanced regulations that benefit both communities and the biosolids sector.

Each time an interest group, regulator or legislator presents or proposes new information, regulations, or laws, there is a potential for impact to the agencies, the partners that serve them, and the communities they serve together. MABA must engage rapidly and effectively, which is why we have created the BAF. 

Currently several areas of focus for the Biosolids Advocacy Fund include:

  • Pennsylvania DEP’s reissuance of the EQ and Class B biosolids general permits
  • PFAS concerns, advisories, and limits 
  • Protect interstate collaboration and solutions from restrictive regulations

MABA board members, as well as the MABA Regulatory/Legislative Committee will continue to devote their time and expertise to strengthen the BAF and the initiatives it will serve to ensure biosolids are recognized everywhere as a valuable community resource.

Contributions to this fund may include corporate and individual member and non-member donations. All funds received will be contributed entirely to the Biosolids Advocacy Fund (BAF), for use on BAF related initiatives only. Donations to the BAF are not tax deductible.

Contribute to this valuable fund today! (Click the "donate" button below to donate online now!)

If you have any questions regarding the Biosolids Advocacy Fund, or would like to set-up a specific donation amount via invoice or by phone, please contact Mary Firestone at 845-901-7905 or [email protected].