Join a Committee

MABA's committees give biosolids professionals a way to connect with their community and represent their organization by providing programming, outreach and countless other benefits to our region. 



The communications committee decides how we share content with our members and non-members.  If you have skills communicating on various social media platforms then we would want to hear form you!  The finance committee oversees MABA's finances to make sure we are following sustainable financial models. Great for anyone interested in helping guide and provide expertise to help a non-profit achieve its financial goals.   The membership committee is the driving force behind how we achieve membership goals. Anyone involved in this committee is integral in deciding how we benefit our current members grow our membership base.   The programming committee helps organize the various events we offer around the Mid-Atlantic region. If you want to get involved with both virtual and physical event organizing we recommend you contact your programming committee.


Board of Directors

We are grateful to have the passion, talent, and commitment our Board provides to support the Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association.


Terry Goss - President
Board Member Since 2016

Ned  Lang
Lang Industries, Inc, EnviroVentures

Jennifer McDonnell - Vice President
NYC DEP Bureau of Wastewater Treatment
Board Member Since 2018

Jeffrey LeBlanc
Denali Water Solutions, LLC

Al Razik - Treasurer
Maryland Environmental Services
Board Member Since 2012

Kevin Litwiller
Lystek International
Micah Blate
Hazen & Sawyer
Board Member Since 2018

Anne Marek, Secretary
Kershner Environmental Technologies, LLC

Jeff Brinck
Casella Organics

Howard Matteson
CDM Smith 
Carolyn Christy
RDP Technologies, Inc.

Jennifer McDonnell
New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Lindsay D'Anna
Waste Management Organic Technical Services

Mark Ramirez
DC Water
Sean Fallon
McGill Environmental Systems

Stephanie Spalding
HDR Engineering, Inc.
Gerber Kristina
Suez Water Technologies & Solutions

Malcolm Taylor
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission 

Duane Hunt
Patapsco WWTP

John Uzupis 

Synagro, Inc.

Trudy Johnston
Material Matters, Inc.

 DJ Wacker
Rummel Klepper & Kahl, LLP

Christopher Komline 
Komline-Sanderson Engineering Corporations