About MABF


MABF Vision: Biosolids are widely recognized and accepted as a valuable resource; with the responsible management and increased beneficial use of biosolids resources toward a resilient and sustainable environment for generations to come.

MABF Mission: Advance sustainable solutions in the management of biosolids, and cultivate public understanding and acceptance through education, research, and collaboration, fostering environmental stewardship and public health across the Mid-Atlantic region.

MABA is proud to announce the creation of the Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Foundation

The Foundation was incorporated in 2023 and received tax exempt status this year as well. Beginning in 2024, the Foundation will begin to take shape through leadership development and operational and strategic planning.  Stay tuned for additional information, and reach out to Mary Firestone at [email protected] or 845-901-7905, if you or your organization are interested in getting involved with this awesome new organization.

MABF is a 501(c)3 organization and will work to:

  • Educate the community and the biosolids sector on the biosolids industry and topics related
  • Fund, manage, and publish research on treatment technologies, operational best practices, and effective management of this resource to improve its quality and value
  • Share research findings to support an increase in biosolids beneficial use in the region and beyond

Contribute to the Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Foundation today!  (click on the icon below)

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Contributions to MABF may include corporate and individual member and non-member donations. All funds received will be contributed entirely to MABF, for use on MABF related initiatives only. Donations to MABF are tax deductible.

If you have any questions regarding MABF, or would like to get involved, please contact Mary Firestone at 845-901-7905 or [email protected].