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MABA March 14, 2023 Webinar - Innovative Solutions for Smaller Utilities
Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST
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March 14 webinar collage

MABA March 14, 2023 Webinar: Innovative Solutions for Smaller Utilities

Biosolids solutions come in all size packages.  This webinar will cover unique and innovative solutions to meet the needs of smaller utilities.  

COST: Member: $25, Nonmember: $50

Moderator: Logan Jury, Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.

Presentation 1: Truly Sustainable Biosolids Management: The Bioforcetech System

Summary: Increasing tipping fees, new regulation on land application, and landfill bans are forcing the wastewater industry to rethink biosolids management. Join us to learn about Bioforcetech's BioDrying and Pyrolysis system that is proven to remove PFAS/CEC's and results in a sequestered carbon material that can be applied in new innovative ways.

Presenter: Valentino Villa, COO, Bioforcetech

Presentation 2: Operations Changes at Silver Spring Township meet Class B without Capital Investment

Summary: Silver Spring Township Authority (SSTA) is a small utility (0.7 mgd average daily flow) that utilizes aerobic digestion for solids stabilization. Historically, the SSTA has had challenges meeting Vector Attraction Reduction (VAR) standards for beneficial use, requiring the utility to landfill its solids. Due to rising landfill costs and uncertainty, SSTA initiated a feasibility study to determine potential process options available to achieve Class B standards (and allow for beneficial use). With strategic digester operational changes and NO capital investment, the utility was able to achieve SOUR and fecal standards, allowing for the utility to initiate beneficial use - reducing the utility's solids management risk and costs.

Presenter: Wade Yankey, Wastewater and Residuals Scientist III, Material Matters, Inc.

Presentation 3: Beneficial Use Of Thermally Treated and Lime Stabilized Biosolids in NC

Summary: Simple and cost effective biosolids management options that can be sustained through time coupled with the opportunity to utilize biosolids derived products within the community as part of that sustainability ethic and options that do not require inordinate amount of operator time remain the gold standard for utility managers. Utility directors and their staff face continuing challenges to comply with numerous mandates and our challenge is to help assure cost effective and environmentally sound compliance. Innovative biosolids management efforts can help achieve those goals. Production and use of high quality biosolids derived products in Morehead City affords the opportunity to recover and reuse resources within the community.

Morehead City, North Carolina is located in the Coastal Plain region of eastern North Carolina. The area is surrounded by sensitive coastal ecosystems where nutrient and bacterial pollution of the marine waters is a sensitive issue. Biosolids management has historically been through a class B land application program. The City developed an Enhanced Pasteurization Process (EPP) to blend lime and supplemental heat with dewatered biosolid to produce a class “A” product.

Presenter: Albert Robert (Bob) Rubin, Emeritus Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, North Carolina State University

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