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MABA May 2, 2023 Webinar: Innovation and Intensification of Anaerobic Digestion
Tuesday, May 02, 2023, 12:00 AM - 1:30 PM EDT
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MABA May 2, 2023 Webinar: 

Innovation and Intensification of Anaerobic Digestion

The shift for digestion optimization continues to evolve and technologies continue to improve the yields from anaerobic systems.  For our May webinar, we will dive into microbial hydrolysis and how the process improves volatile solids reduction in multiple forms of digestion.  We will then shift gears and focus on recuperative thickening for optimizing existing digester assets. We will finish off with the benefits of using micro-aeration dosing to limit hydrogen sulfide generation in biogas. 

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Moderator: DJ Wacker, Brown and Caldwell

Presentation 1: Enhancing Anaerobic Digestion with Thermal and Biological Hydrolysis

Anaerobic digestion performance was enhanced with the microbial hydrolysis process (MHP) using Caldicellulosiruptor bescii (C. bescii): a hyper-thermophilic bacterium.  The addition of MHP increased the performance of lab- and pilot-scale anaerobic digestion systems at three different water resource recovery facilities (WRRF).   One of the three WRRFs added MHP to THP (thermal hydrolysis process).  MHP was demonstrated to enhance the performance of anaerobic digestion systems to achieve volatile solids reductions of over 75 percent.

Presenter: Dave Parry, Vice President, Senior Fellow Technologist

Presentation 2: High Solids Digestion for Energy Resilience and Revenue

As WRRFs transition from energy consumers to energy producers, there is a need to optimize digestion capacity through the use of existing infrastructure and the low-cost construction of new digesters. This presentation will highlight two case studies of facilities that have implemented high solids digestion and their respective journeys towards resiliency and profitability. The Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority recently added Omnivore™ high solids digestion and combined heat and power to improve the quality of biosolids to enhance resiliency. The Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority expanded upon a successful co-digestion program with a P3 delivery model to convert biogas into high value pipeline renewable natural gas.

Presenter: Ian Piro, Business Development Manager, Anaergia

Presentation 3: Desulfurization in Mesophilic Anaerobic Digesters using Micro-Aeration: Full Scale Pilot

 Micro-Aeration is a technique used to reduce hydrogen sulfide(H2S) concentrations in biogas from an anaerobic digestor. In the past years UOSA’s average H2S concentration was 440 PPM. Since 2019, UOSA saw a 218% increase in H2S with an average of 1400 PPM. In an intent to lower the H2S concentrations back to 400s PPM, UOSA decided to implement the micro-aeration technique.

Presenter: Brenda Arce, Treatment Process Operations Engineer, Upper Occoquan Service Authority (UOSA)

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